Mr. Qu Chengye Dies as a Result of Abuse in Jinzhou Prison

Despite pleas from his family to get him released on medical parole as his health worsened, Mr. Qu, incarcerated since 2008, becomes the second Laizhou City practitioner to die of abuse in Jinzhou Prison.

FDI: Unlike in Tibet, Falun Gong "Self-immolations" a False Set-up

No credible media should take the assertions of the Chinese regime's propaganda and adopt it as fact, especially when such a wealth of third-party evidence demonstrates the contrary.

Thank You, Teacher Li Hongzhi, for Saving My Mother and Family

Grateful for her mother's improved health and the positive changes in her family, a non-practitioner thanks Teacher Li Hongzhi and tells others about the goodness of Dafa, encouraging them not to be deceived by the CCP.

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