(Minghui.org) Amid the ongoing infighting within the Chinese Communist regime, the most evil people involved in the persecution of Dafa disciples are being purged one after another. However, we cannot forget the fact that whoever survives the CCP power struggle is still in great danger as long as they remain part of the regime. Only by quitting the CCP can they have hope for a bright future.

Since the persecution of Falun Gong began in July 1999, there have been many lessons from which cultivators can learn. By now, we should really be able to resist the urge to feel elated seeing certain groups of non-practitioners behave in ways that work in our favor. Their behavior only positions themselves for their future. No matter how positive a role a country or a person may have played in promoting Dafa, they are in no position to move the Fa-rectification process forward. All they can do is be saved by siding with Dafa. In actuality, it is Dafa disciples’ truth-clarification efforts that offered them the opportunity to be saved.

Dafa disciples should be clear that it is Master that is rectifying the Fa and that it is Dafa disciples that are assisting Master with Fa-rectification. Every change in the human world is under Master’s control. We must not develop the mentality of relying on non-practitioners to end the persecution for us; otherwise we will be putting them in harm’s way.

After all, this persecution is not one initiated by humans against humans. No matter how capable non-practitioners are, they are powerless in dealing with issues in other dimensions. At most they can be controlled by higher beings. Master is looking after everything occurring in other dimensions. Many righteous gods are assisting Master in other dimensions, while here in the human world Dafa disciples are clarifying the facts and sending forth righteous thoughts. When evil factors and warped beings are all eliminated in other dimensions, the evil people in the human world will be purged one after another.

In the novel Journey to the West, the Monkey King accompanied his master Xuan Zangon on a journey to retrieve Buddhist sutras from India. Every time they ran into trouble, they never thought about asking for help from human kings or everyday people who had great capabilities. Instead, it was gods and deities in other dimensions that enabled them to pass one tribulation after another. We are Dafa disciples who are gods’ messengers, and we are shouldering great responsibilities. How can we not be even as clearheaded as the Monkey King?

We should always believe in Master and Dafa, especially at critical moments. No matter how Fa-rectification progresses and what is unfolding in the human world, only by following Master unconditionally can we do the right thing. If we have even a slight thought of relying on non-practitioners to end the persecution, we are lowering ourselves to a level even lower than non-practitioners. Master once told us to follow Minghui’s directions on important issues. However, even today some practitioners still refuse to read Minghui. Stirred up by the CCP's power struggle and infighting, some practitioners have held frequent meetings to share news they learned from non-practitioners’ websites. As I see it, they have lost the mindset of cultivators and are interfering with other practitioners.

Everything that is taking place now concerns our cultivation improvement. After cultivating for so many years, we should realize that every event is an opportunity for us to clarify the facts and save sentient beings. They are also opportunities for us to improve as a whole. It is indeed Master that is creating opportunities for us to elevate ourselves and establish even mightier virtue.

The closer we are to the end of the Fa-rectification, the stronger righteous thoughts we should strive to maintain. We should view everyone in the human world from a god’s perspective. No matter how much money or fame they have, they are just poor sentient beings. If they cannot be saved during this Fa-rectification process, their lives will be forever lost.

Master said in “The Ultimate Objective of Clarifying the Truth,”

“In other words, no matter how evil the persecution is, Dafa disciples are still heading towards Consummation amidst the evil’s tests; whereas the world’s people, who have been instilled with the wicked Party’s lies, are the ones who are truly in danger.”

The world’s people are waiting for us Dafa disciples to save them. If we instead are counting on them to turn things around for us, we not only cannot save them, but we may also unwittingly push them to destruction. For people at the highest levels of the CCP regime, we cannot just look at how large a role they play in purging Jiang and his faction. We have to wait until the end to see whether they can be truly saved. We can only send out strong righteous thoughts to eliminate evil factors in other dimensions that block their salvation. We can only strengthen their righteous side and hope they can break free from the CCP and be truly saved.

It is perfectly fine for us to encourage those top CCP officials to punish evil people and to end the persecution, but we cannot put our hopes in them. Any changes in the human world are the inevitable results of Master’s Fa-rectification.

Master taught us in “The Kalpa’s End” (Hong Yin III):

“Celestial bodies are being rearranged
For the cosmos revealed its decay
For the catastrophes were right at hand
For all divine beings were crying
When the Great Lord had the thought:
“Purify them and make them as new”
All lives’ hearts hung on a bead—planet Earth
Would Fa-rectification succeed or fail?
As interference, the Old Force arranged
The Red Beast to rise up on this bead of a world
Once the number to save is fulfilled
The evil shall be destroyed all at once”

In these final moments, we should work even harder to do the three things and treat every sentient being with compassion. The more people that are saved, the harder it is for the CCP to sustain this persecution. We should completely eliminate the evil in other dimensions and send out a strong thought to have all evil people who are beyond salvation receive retribution so as to create opportunities for more sentient beings to be saved.

Please point out anything inappropriate.