(Minghui.org) It is not hard to hand out Shen Yun DVDs. Master has already arranged this path for us, and all that we have to do is to follow through. I would have several DVDs in my pocket for distribution to people who have a predestined relationship with Dafa. Every single DVD I have handed out has a story behind it.

While I was getting on a bus one day, a young lady offered me her seat, which made me think how kind she was, and how she too deserved salvation. I followed her off the bus at a station where I wasn’t planning to get out. I thanked her for giving up her seat and said, “Since you are so kind, I would like to give you a precious gift, a Shen Yun DVD.” Her eyes lit up when she saw the DVD. She accepted the DVD with both hands and thanked me. I thought that in the current China, when morality is so bad and everyone is thinking of money all the time, it could be the first time in a while that she heard praise for her kindness. I realized that compassion is a characteristic of the universe. Compassion could link Dafa practitioners with people who wanted to be saved.

A man brought his three-year-old grandson to play at an upscale residential playground. I attempted to chat with him. I told him how lovely his grandson was and then asked if he lived in this neighborhood. He said he was laid-off and could not afford to live in such upscale housing. He then got angry and criticized the regime's corruption. The more he talked about it, the angrier he got. I tried to calm him down and handed him the Shen Yun DVD, with hopes that the DVD could make him happy. When he appeared to hesitate, his grandson ran over and took the DVD away. He held the DVD tightly to his chest for fear that others might take it. The man felt a little bit embarrassed, saying that his grandson never took stuff from others, and that he behaved strangely today. I told him, “The boy knows that the DVD is good. Go home and watch it and you'll see. The innate nature of the child is surfacing, and he knows that Dafa is good.”

A middle-aged woman danced while walking in a residential area as she emerged from a building. I approached her and gave her a DVD. She saw the flying girl on the cover and gladly took the DVD.

While waiting for a bus, three young girls were speaking in Mongolian. I happen to know some of their language, which I had learned when I lived in a Mongolian ethnic village for a while. I began speaking with them. They were shocked and happy to hear their language in the city far from Inner Mongolia. They were so happy to get the Shen Yun DVD that they almost missed the bus. They ran and waved to me while trying to catch the bus.

Watching the bus depart, I gained great compassion and I no longer looked forward to the end of cultivation. I only felt a desire to have more time to offer more people salvation, because many of them have been waiting.

Once I handed a DVD to a person who originally claimed he was from Anhui Province and later told me that he actually came from Henan. He did not want to be known as a Henan native, because Henan had a bad reputation and had too many liars. I told him that my ancestors came from Henan Province. Henan is the cradle of the Chinese nation and had countless heroes. The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) had badly ruined Henan area. The spread of AIDS in Henan had harmed many generations. The people lost hope under the CCP and were forced to do bad things. He had never heard such positive comments about Henan natives before, and he felt comforted when talking to me. My practitioner husband joked that I looked for fellow villagers everywhere. I told him that no matter where we come from in the cosmos, we were relatives of Master, which would make us closer than even fellow villagers.

A woman practiced some exercises in a community square. I gave her a Shen Yun DVD. She asked if this was Falun Gong. I could not bypass this encounter and thought that it was a good opportunity. I took a long time to explain the facts to her, and she listened intently. Later she asked me if I was a professor because she was impressed with my speaking ability. I told her that she could understand more by watching the DVD. I suddenly realized that my life experiences and accumulated knowledge had been used today to rescue a sentient being. I was born to obtain Dafa and was born to offer more people salvation.

People came with different backgrounds, knowledge and experiences. We need to clarify the truth to them using different approaches. Every Shen Yun DVD I had handed out has a story behind it. I believe that practitioners could tell many more exciting stories.