(Minghui.org) I obtained the Fa at the end of 2006. This year I am 69 years old. I would like to share with practitioners my experience of believing in Master and the Fa.

During my childhood, the influence of family traditions such as respecting heaven and one's ancestors helped me to believe in the existence of divine beings. After I retired from working several decades as a CCP (Chinese Communist Party) secretary, I visited many famous mountains and temples, but I did not find what I was looking for.

At the end of 2006, an old friend, whom I had not seen for more than 20 years, brought me the book Zhuan Falun. My friend asked me to finish reading the book all at once, and I read it in five days. I spent another four days reading it again. From then onward, I could not put down this precious book and continued to study the book every day. In the past, I traveled around and worshiped Buddhas. I wondered what was the purpose of being a human, why some people suffer while others enjoy life, and why some good people do not live a good life. Master explained these things so thoroughly in Zhuan Falun. I immediately found answers to the many questions that had puzzled me for many years.

For decades, I struggled to achieve fame and profit, and although on the surface I appeared successful, I felt empty in my heart. Several times, I dreamed about a heaven where everyone wore ancient Chinese attire. They were carefree and lived a harmonious life. I longed for this paradise, but I thought it was because I had watched too much mythical stories from TV. After I studying Zhuan Falun, I realized that it was truly a divine heaven. Only Master Li is “Genuinely Guiding People Toward High Levels” (Zhuan Falun) to help us return to our true selves. Only by continuing to cultivate ourselves in Dafa can we reach consummation. This is the Great Law that I have been searching for all my life.

Master said,

“You have been everywhere looking for a teacher and spent a fortune, yet you have found nothing.” (Zhuan Falun)

It seemed like I had obtained the Fa so easily. Such a great Fa, such a great Master, I just wished that I’d found it earlier. Even though the persecution was ongoing, and my deeply deceived family could not understand, I continued to firmly cultivate in Falun Dafa.

Respecting Master and Believing in Dafa Brought Physical and Mental Changes

I was determined to take the cultivation path arranged by Master. In my house, which is less than 60 square meters in area, I built a room of 6 square meters as my cultivation room. This room is dedicated to Master Li.

After I finished reading “The Great Consummation Way of Falun Dafa,” I watched the videotape to learn the five sets of exercises. When I first did the standing and sitting meditations, I felt very tired and was in pain. Master was concerned that I could not continue, so he opened my Celestial Eye and I saw some scenes. Less than ten days after I began the practice, once I closed my eyes and began the exercises, I would see many people in front of me, wearing silver color ancient Chinese clothes. They formed a team and were also doing the exact same exercise as I was doing. When I did the second exercise, I was so tired that I wanted to put my arms down. However, the people in the team did not move at all. I felt embarrassed, so I did not put down my arms. The team did the exercises with me every time for 10 days.

I knew that it was Master encouraging me. Since starting cultivation, I have been doing the sitting meditation every day at 4 a.m. After I send forth righteous thoughts at 6 a.m., I prepare rice for breakfast and then do the standing exercises. Over the past four years, all year around, no matter how busy I am, I always do the five sets of exercises at least once per day, and I have never skipped.

Before cultivation, I had been very poisoned by the CCP culture. I had a bad temper and thought about all that I suffered in my life and how my physical health was poor, yet I still had to take care of my grandchildren. I thought this was unfair. I constantly got angry with my husband and children, and my physical health began to deteriorate further. Soon my complex looked yellowish, and my lips looked dark. I panted even after walking for just a few steps, and it was even difficult for me to talk. Yet ten days after starting the exercises, I stopped taking medicine (because I understood the principle of cultivating xinxing and enduing the pain to eliminate karma, taught by Master). After a month, the diseases I had, such as high cholesterol, heart disease, arthritis and hyperosteogeny of the knees that had tortured me for many years, were gone. I truly experienced a healthy body free of illness. Now I could do all the housework and take care of my grandson every day, with unlimited energy. I felt as if someone was pushing me whenever I rode a bike. I am over 60 years old, and without cultivation, how could I carry such a heavy workload?

Compassionate Master helped to purify my body while I improved my xinxing, and this strengthened my physical and mental ability. It also laid a solid foundation for me to create a great cultivation environment at home.

Dafa Brought Fortune to My Family

My husband used to be a high school teacher. After he retired, he also read many qigong books. However, poisoned by the lies of the CCP, he was against my practicing Falun Dafa at the beginning. In February 2007, during the Chinese New Year holiday, he gathered our children together to try and stop me from cultivating in Dafa. I took the opportunity to tell them about my changes. I told my children about the miraculous healing effect of practicing Falun Dafa and the truth of the persecution. My daughter, son, son-in-law, and daughter-in-law, and others—a total of 7 people—made the wise choice that day to quit the CCP. My two granddaughters had already quit the CCP before then.

My husband saw our children believing me and in Dafa, but he was worried. He said, “You insist on practicing Falun Gong, but what about if something happens?” I replied with no hesitation, “Don’t worry, my practicing Falun Gong will only bring you benefit. It will never bring any trouble.” In the past, I would never have said something like this; however, I felt that it was Master hinting me to say so because he saw my firm belief in Dafa.

In August 2007, my husband developed a bump on the right side of his chin. He went to the county hospital, and the doctor suspected that it was tumor. Our children took him for surgery in the city hospital. I told him, “Do not worry, Master will save you.” At that time he said out loud many times: “Falun Dafa is Good! Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good!” Before he went into surgery, he recited these nine words continuously. The tumor turned out to be benign, and he recovered completely. After staying in the hospital for more than ten days, my husband asked me to help him quit the CCP. When he came home, he began helping with the housework so that I could have more time for cultivation.

I have one daughter and three sons. Before I started cultivation, my second son was still single, and the other children daughters. In the countryside, this made people look down on us. I was mostly worried about my second son, since he had never dated anyone although he was almost 40 years old. I was so worried that I looked for many suitable partners for him, and I also prayed for him. But he was not interested at all. After I learned Dafa, I realized that it was my attachment toward my son that was preventing from him for getting on with his life.

Master said,

“Everything has its karmic relationship. Why can human beings be human? It is because human beings have sentimentality. They live just for this sentimentality.”

“If this sentimentality is not relinquished, you will be unable to practice cultivation.”(Zhuan Falun)

From then on I followed the requirement of Master. I was not worried any more and followed the course of nature.

In December 2007, a girl from Shandong who had studied abroad for four years started to work at my son's workplace. Soon, someone introduced her to my son and they fell in love. In May 2008, my 40-year-old son finally got married. In September 2009, they had a lovely son.

My youngest son's wife used to have serious gynecological diseases, and she could not get pregnant. Less than two years after I started cultivation, she gave birth to a healthy son. Our neighbors exclaimed, “The good fortune your family received over these years must be because Dafa truly works!” I know in my heart that it is due to the mighty power of Dafa and the great compassion of Master. My whole family has benefited from my practice.

Passing a Test with Strong Belief

On February 22, 2008, my husband and I rode bicycles to the countryside for a wedding. When we made a turn, a motorcycle suddenly came from behind me and knocked me down. The bike was ruined, and I felt that I could not move. A moment later I realized I would be just fine as a cultivator. With this thought, the pain was immediately relieved.

I got up and told the young man, “I’m okay. You can leave!” The young man stared at me and dared not leave. The accident happened right next to a drug store with 5-6 villagers sitting there, all of whom were familiar with me. They saw the accident and scolded the young man. Some asked him to send me to hospital, and some asked him to pay for my bike.

I smiled and told them, “Thank you for your goodwill. I am a practitioner of Falun Gong and I will be fine. We follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance to be good people. How can I ask him to pay for my bike? What's more, he did not deliberately do it.” Then I told the young man, “I am indeed fine. Just leave. Be careful in the future when you ride your motorcycle.” The young man thanked me again and again before he finally left.

People were so amazed that they asked each other, “This is Falun Gong? This is totally different from the 'self-immolation' and 'killing' reported on TV.” I took the opportunity to tell them about the Tiananmen Square self-immolation hoax and how “mentally ill patients killing people” were lies created by the CCP to make people hate Falun Gong. A villager said, “The CCP always lies. That fake news from CCTV is not believable at all. Our village head is a Falun Gong practitioner. This practice must be good.” Then they asked me to sit down and tell them more. My husband said that we had 1.5 kilometers to travel and urged me to leave. I looked at my watch and found that it was almost 11 a.m., so I apologized, saying, “I am sorry, everyone, there is really no time today. I will come back another day and tell you more.”

My husband's bike was small and could not take two people. So we had to leave the bike in front of the store and walk together. Seeing me having a little problem walking, he said, “The bike was ruined, but I am not sure how injured you are.” I told him about the principle of karmic retribution taught by Master and the principle that practitioners should be good people wherever they go.

I realized that everything encountered by cultivators is not coincidental. It was the first time in many decades that I had an accident while riding a bicycle. Maybe I owed the young man in my previous life. It was also be possible that the old forces tried to end my life. Yet, if I were not a Falun Dafa practitioner, and without the protection of Master, it would have been very dangerous for a woman more than 60 years old to survive that accident. However, after I was back home, I was even able to do housework normally.

At around midnight on December 24, 2009, I felt like I was having a heart attack. The pain was very penetrating, and I was covered in sweat. If this had happened before I started cultivation, I would have taken medicine immediately. Now as a practitioner of Dafa, I would not accept the arrangements of the old forces, and I firmly believed in Master and Dafa. I shouted “Master help me!”

Immediately, I remembered Master's words:

“'When it’s difficult to endure, you can endure it. When it’s impossible to do, you can do it.'” (Zhuan Falun)

I recited this Fa again and again and held the firm thought: “I will recover soon. I cannot damage the image of Dafa.” So I resisted the pain, sent forth righteous thoughts at midnight, and then continued to do the sitting mediation. With the exercise music playing, the pain was gradually relieved. After finishing the mediation, I leaned on the bed, half sitting and half lying down and soon fell asleep. In a dream, I felt a big warm hand take away something from my chest. Immediately I felt very comfortable, as if a big rock had been removed. When I got up in the morning, there was no discomfort at all. Since then, the heart trouble that had tortured me for nearly ten years never bothered me again. I knew that compassionate Master had saved me again. At the same time, I realized that as long as I believe in Master and Dafa during the tests and hardships, there is no danger.

In the past several years, what I did for Dafa was not comparable to what Master gave me. I still lagged behind in doing the three things well compared to veteran practitioners and even diligent new practitioners. Especially in saving sentient beings, what I did was still very limited. Now the Fa-rectification is already approaching the end. At this critical moment, I am determined to be more diligent and always treat myself as a cultivator on a divine path. I will discipline myself with Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, do the three things well and do what Master requires of us. I will not forget the great vow I made coming to this world, to help Master during the Fa-rectification and save sentient beings, and will not forget the compassionate salvation of Master.

Master said,

“Cultivate, my disciples, ‘til no single omission is found” (“Cultivating Amidst the Delusion” in Hong Yin)

I will reach consummation and return with Master.