(Minghui.org) Recently, as part of exposing the crimes of Bo Xilai and Wang Lijun, who have persecuted Falun Gong practitioners in Chongqing, I have been asked about my experience in a forced labor camp. As soon as I mentioned that I was forced to stand still and squat down for prolonged periods of time and was not allowed to use the toilet, most practitioners stopped asking further questions. I knew what they were thinking, because even I myself think that my own experience was far from being tortured. But if we really think about it carefully, were the things I experienced torture or not? Based on the destructive ways of the old forces, which examine the progress of our practice, it is often hard to discern between brutal physical mistreatment and torture, because both can have damaging effects on one's body and mind.

Through constant Fa study and sharing with other practitioners, I have gained a new understanding on the concept of torture. I would like to share my understanding in order to expose the true face of the evil persecution and to fundamentally negate the old forces' arrangements for practitioners.

Teacher mentioned in Lecture One of Zhuan Falun,

“...a thought generated by the human brain is a substance.” (“Why Doesn’t Your Gong Increase with Your Practice?”)

When most of us think of torture, what comes to mind is the tiger bench, the death bed, brutal beatings, and being handcuffed to the ground, stabbed with nails, handcuffed and hung up in the air, and shocked with electric batons. These thoughts have created massive substances in other dimensions and have designated that only these methods are torture. This gives the evil a gap to exploit, “You Falun Dafa practitioners say that we torture you, but we merely have you stand and squat. What makes you say that we persecute you?” The evil then has an excuse to change our notion of torture. When I first arrived at a forced labor camp, the guards said the same thing to me plausibly. They claimed that they didn't torture or persecute us, they merely trained us in a military style. They even said that they also did military training, as if they were just like us. What a deceptive and confusing excuse!

To “merely have you stand and squat,” seems like an easy thing to do on the surface. However, that is overlooking “for a long time.” “Simply standing and squatting” is, in fact, “standing and squatting in a military style for a long time” and is physically unbearable, and it is not just “training.” The term “cold war” refers to a war that is not violent. However, the damage caused by a cold war between husband and wife could be far more harmful to their relationship than actual fights. The evil's saying that “training is not torture” is very similar to the analogy of “cold war is not war.”

As practitioners, we must clearly realize that the old forces don't back down when it comes to their so-called “testing practitioners.” The old forces have no compassion for practitioners and will do anything they possibly can to destroy practitioners as Fa rectification approaches its end. Long-time standing, squatting, or sitting in a fixed position and not being allowed to use the toilet are new ways of persecuting practitioners. These tricks are even more subtle, cruel, dirty, and evil.

Take the Chongqing Women 's Forced Labor Camp for example. Practitioners who refused to denounce Falun Dafa had to stand still or squat from 6:00 a.m. to 11:00 p.m., or longer. Besides being brutally beaten by collaborators if the practitioner moved a little, the pain in the legs after standing or squatting all day was excruciating. After standing or squatting for a day, many practitioners' legs were swollen. The guards forced practitioners to do the same thing every day. A day or two later, most practitioners could pass the test, but after a few weeks of this mistreatment, some practitioners began to give up. As time went by, more practitioners gave up. The evil made the practitioners suffer terribly every day without a drop of blood. Many practitioners who didn't give up their belief when they were tortured with handcuffs, vicious beatings, or shocked with electric batons went astray when they were forced to stand and squat day after day.

We must awaken and realize that the evil beings never stop persecuting us, they just adjust their methods when pressured by international opinion. Practitioners, especially those who live outside of China, should not limit their notion of torture to certain forms. We should change our notions, recognize the evil beings' tricks, and expose them to everyday people, so that we can stop the persecution.

We should be aware that changes in torture methods means doesn't mean that the evil beings feel kindly toward us and are “letting up.” On the contrary, the new ways of torture are actually more evil and subtle. We need to fundamentally negate the persecution so that we can save more people.