Investigation Lead: Tongji Hospital Carried Out 18 Heart Transplant Operations From 2011 to March 2012, Donors Unknown

It was reported in the Education, Science and Health section of the Changjiang Daily on March 2, 2012: “From 2011 till today, Tongji Hospital performed 18 heart transplants”.

On February 22, 2012 Changjiang Daily reported that on three consecutive days, February 14, 15 and 16, Tongji Hospital performed three heart transplants. It was stated that “three patients changed three hearts”.

On February 14, in less than four months, staff from Tongji Hospital's heart surgery section found a “matching heart” for 15-year-old Xiaoyi (pseudonym) from Guangshui City in Hubei Province. There was no mention of the source of the “matching heart” in the article. Wei Xiang, head of the heart surgery section, was the chief surgeon for Xiaoyi's heart transplant operation.

On February 15, Tongji Hospital's staff from the heart surgery section performed a heart transplant on 36-year-old Mr. Li. The next day, the hospital carried out a heart transplant operation on 48-year-old Mr. Wu. Once again, the source of their “matching organs” remained unidentified.

Zhu Xuehai from Tongji Hospital heart surgery section
Wei Xiang from Tongji Hospital heart surgery section
Tu Tongtao, deputy head of Tongji Hospital blood transfusion section

Chen Xiaoping, head of Tongji Hospital Organ Transplantation Institute

Investigation lead: Zhongshan Hospital Carried Out 1000 Living-Donor Liver Transplants In 10 Years

On August 1, 2011, Xuhui Newspaper published a report on page 14: From 2001 to August 1, 2011, in ten years, Zhongshan Hospital's liver surgery section performed 1000 living-donor liver transplants. The age of the patients ranged from 3 months to 83 years old. The source of the organs used in Zhongshan Hospital's liver transplants is suspicious.

It is known that the persecution of Falun Gong practitioners was most rampant in 2001. Under the regime's genocidal policy where “beating to death counts as suicide and the bodies are directly cremated without informing family members”, police and doctors nationwide were enticed to perform live organ harvesting for huge profits. As more evidence of the regime's live harvesting of organs from Falun Gong practitioners is exposed, further investigations will be conducted on each case of live organ harvesting.

Investigation lead: Beijing Fuwai Hospital Supplied Organs for Living-Donor Heart Transplant in Three Days

An August 18, 2011 article published by the Sanjindu City Newspaper, it said: “Wang Zengrong waited for only three days before Beijing Fuwai Hospital found a heart donor compatible with his blood type. A nearly 60-year-old man received the heart of a 30-year-old person.” (The address in the report was Huihua Village in Guanglin County, Shanxi Province. The patient's occupation was paper cutting and Li Min was involved) It is believed that if Beijing Fuwai Hospital can supply Wang Zengrong with a living-donor heart for transplant within three days, the hospital or hospitals in China must have a large bank of live organs as well as a corresponding database.