(Minghui.org) Recently a practitioner from Guizhou Province shared about his experience in Guiyang. We should carefully think about what he said, so I've written this article with the hope we can improve together.

The Guizhou practitioner mainly talked about this event: He and some other practitioners with their third eyes open bumped into some gods in other dimensions. When sharing among themselves, one god asked them, “Right now, who is the most magnificent being in the universe?” The practitioners thought he was hinting at something, so they didn't dare to answer. Rather, they responded by asking the god the same question. That god laughed and said, “Of course it's you Dafa disciples. You see, you have blocked your mighty, omnipotent Master.” All the practitioners fell silent, and all felt quite uneasy.

In a poem in Hong Yin III, Master says: “Neither heaven nor earth can block my road of Fa-rectification / But disciples’ human hearts can.” (“Troubles”) All the practitioners suddenly understood the meaning behind what the god said.

According to the practitioner's observations, currently, most Dafa disciples are generally not diligent. Among Dafa disciples, the human mindset is too dominant, and we are lax in doing the three things. A lot of practitioners have the attitude that everything will end in 2012. In my understanding, the old forces indeed originally planned that 2012 would be the end, but due to most practitioners' human mindsets not having been given up, the Fa-rectification process has been hindered. Master has once again postponed the end time.

According to our limited understanding of the matter, the issue that the practitioner from Guizhou raised is already very serious. If it really is such, every Dafa disciple ought to reflect and really take a good look within. We absolutely cannot obstruct Master's Fa-rectification with un-relinquished human mindsets.

Lastly, I'll touch on how to treat practitioners who have their celestial eye open, or those who have developed supernormal abilities. Those with their celestial eye open can only see part of a situation at their own level. They cannot see the whole situation. Moreover, there is interference from the dimensions that they can see with their celestial eyes. Some of the tests and interference are similar to what is encountered by practitioners who are in the state of gradual enlightenment at certain levels. In this regard, everyone should treat these matters with wisdom. Don't be attached to what is seen with anyone's celestial eye, and don't succumb to zealotry or to overly admiring others, among other human mindsets. Even if what you heard was about the manifestation of the truth, don't act strange and incomprehensibly to show off yourself. But, at the same time, also don't go to another extreme by completely rejecting what has been seen with a celestial eye, because, after all, those who are cultivating in an opened state are a portion of Dafa disciples. That is the aspect that they committed to utilize for the purpose of validating the Fa. Furthermore, a lot of things in other dimensions are manifesting more and more, so it's even easier to hear or see those things.

Those practitioners with their celestial eyes open sometimes share what they have seen in other dimensions, as long as they don't hold any attachment of showing themselves off or have any intention of validating themselves, rather to help everyone improve together. This is allowed by the Fa. This is because some sharings are really about the truth that practitioners have enlightened to at their own level, and are the specific manifestation of the Fa at that level. It's not strange and incomprehensible if the sharings are for practitioners' reference and encouragement. Even less is it undermining the Fa. It is a method of validating the Fa. If all practitioners are able to have a sensible attitude so we can combine to be a one-body, then the issue of the Fa-rectification and harmonizing with the Fa will for sure be a lot smoother.

The understanding above is just for practitioners' reference. Please correct any inadequacies.