(Minghui.org) My thirteen years of cultivating have not been smooth, because soon after I began practicing Falun Dafa the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) embarked on its path of persecuting the practice. Even so, keeping the heart of a cultivator, and firmly believing in Master and Dafa, I have walked my cultivation path to this day. I've felt that Master is always by my side, protecting and caring for me at all times. Without Master's protection I would not have been able to continue practicing Falun Gong. As a practitioner I can only strive forward and thank Master from the bottom of my heart.

1. Cultivating Dafa Eliminates Enormous Karma

Before I started on my cultivation path, my health was very poor, and I was bedridden two thirds of the time. I rarely had several days that I felt well, and I often had to go to a hospital, even on holidays. I had become a burden for my family. After I began cultivating, my body was purified. Since my karma was quite substantial I indeed suffered a lot while eliminating the karma, with the longest time being 17 days.

Before I began cultivating, I suffered a frequent urgency to urinate for many years, and often had to call for a doctor in the middle of the night. I had to urinate every few minutes but only several drops each time, and my fingertips, toes, and the roots of my hair felt numb and swollen at these times. At the same time I suffered excruciating pain or even incontinence. I was miserable beyond description. The doctor said, “These symptoms are often the precursor for uremia.” The 17 days of karma-elimination was accompanied by excruciating pain. But I decided that as long as I had a single breath, I would persevere in practicing Falun Dafa.

Because of my urination problem, I could not wear underwear while practicing the exercises. I put on a short skirt and put toilet paper on the floor. One and then a second week passed and still no improvement. My husband, who is not a practitioner, began to worry, and urged me to go to the hospital for treatment. I said, “I'm all right. Master said, 'But if you want to do true cultivation, and you’ve come here with an ailing body, then you can’t cultivate yet. So I have to purify your body.' (Zhuan Falun)” After I said this, my husband no longer suggested hospital visits.

Another week passed, but there was no change for the better. My karma-eliminating process became more intense, and I started to have blood in my urine. I sat all night on a bedpan, held on to the sides of the bed, and clenched my teeth to endure each second with difficulty. This time my husband became impatient, and I had actually reached the limit of my endurance. I said to Master silently, “Master, your disciple will withstand what she deserves and pay back what she owes, but tomorrow is market day in our township. Master, please help your disciple, otherwise my appearance will harm Dafa's public image.”

At that time I was not aware of righteous thoughts. I held on to the sides of the bed, sat on the bedpan, and fell asleep, as I had not rested well for more than ten days. I didn't wake up when my husband gently carried me up to my bed. After I woke up, I felt as if I was reborn. I was wide awake, and from that time on I never had that problem again. I knew that Master had cleansed my body. I finally felt in my heart the greatest happiness of being illness-free.

2. Overturning Motorcycle Results in Miracle

Early on the morning of February 19, 2010, we went to the prefecture management for business on our motorcycle. My husband was driving. We brought truth clarifying materials about Falun Gong with us and distributed them along the way to whomever we encountered. As we entered the prefecture, we had only a dozen flyers left. We were on a long, curvy road, when suddenly I soared from the back seat forward and spun many turns in the air. I hastily yelled, “Master, rescue me! Master, rescue me!” and I stopped immediately. When I landed on the ground, face down, I was in a daze and my face felt a burning pain as if half of my face had been rubbed off. When I could look around, I found my husband was also lying on the roadside nearby, and the motorcycle was leaking gasoline. If someone had thrown a lit cigarette, it would have been disastrous. Although there were many people and vehicles passing by, no one stopped to offer help.

My husband was trying to stand up, one hand covering his chest. As soon as he moved, his ribs made cracking sounds, and his entire chest cavity was hurting badly. At that time he had not started practicing Dafa but he already saw the magic of Dafa in me since he frequently took me to distribute Dafa materials and clarify the truth. I told him it was going to be all right since the Master was by our sides.

We were both safe and sound. My husband was in such pain that he could not get on the motorcycle after several tries. I was worried that he might not be able to withstand it, so I told him, “I'm a practitioner, and I will be all right. You can go to the hospital.” He said, “If you are all right, I will also be all right. I'm not practicing Dafa but I believe in Dafa, support Dafa, and believe in Master.” I said, “This is right! Master said that your own body was under your own control. If you say it's all right then it's all right.” We completed our business, distributed the remaining materials, and returned home without any further problem.

My husband recovered after resting for more than 20 days at home, but without taking any medicine. Although our family worried, they had seen the wonders and magnificence of Dafa.

3. Calmly Studying Dafa, Master Illuminates the Night

One must study the Fa often and study the Fa well if one wants to cultivate well. Dafa is the guiding beacon on the cultivation path. I persisted in studying the Fa frequently. Several times mysterious things happened during my Fa study. I like to study the Fa late at night because it is very quiet. Once while I was studying the Fa, I discovered that each character in the book was emitting golden light and moving. I knew that Master was encouraging me.

Also one time during the summer, it was still early after dinner, and my husband was at home minding our store. The setting sun in the western sky was shining in thousands of colorful rays. I was sitting on the upper floor platform studying the Fa. When I finishing reading, it seemed as if several hours had passed and I had studied several lectures. But why wasn't it dark out? There was a golden light shining on my book, making it as bright as day. I looked at my surroundings and realized that my next door neighbors had all gone to sleep, and it was the dead of night.

The next day my husband said to me, “You are really powerful, reading under the moonlight. Last night I tested you to see how long you could read under the moonlight, so I didn't disturb you.” I said, “It never got dark out, no matter how long I read.” He said repeatedly, “Wonderful, wonderful! I must start practicing Dafa.” After that he started practicing.

He told others, “My wife can read in the dark of night!”

4. Looking Inward, My MP3 Player Begins Working Again

My MP3 player has accompanied me for several years and became a useful tool for me to listen to Dafa songs and exercise music. When I was doing the exercises at 3:50 a.m. this January, after the first four exercises, I started the sitting exercise. Because it was cold, instead of sitting on the floor as in the past, I sat on the soft sofa, with a quilt wrapped around me and with my back against a soft cushion. It was very comfortable. Just as I sat down and prepared to start, my MP3 player fell on the ceramic tile floor. I quickly picked it up, but it did not work. Because I was in a rush to finish the exercise and get ready in time to send forth righteous thoughts at 6:00, I was very anxious. I turned it on again and again, but each time it just flashed for a moment and then quit. I tried several dozens times in vain. Then I calmed down and looked inward. Only then did I discover that I was not treating myself as a practitioner. I was afraid of enduring hardship, unable to tolerate the cold. Was I behaving like a practitioner by trying to be more comfortable?

After finding these bad thoughts, I said to the MP3 player, “It is all my fault, not yours. Both you and I are great beings that assist Master in Fa-rectification. You have also accumulated incalculable merits on my cultivation path, so you can't give up halfway. We must walk the path until the conclusion of Fa-rectification. I don't want to discard you, you will forever be my Fa instrument.”

I then turned on the MP3 player and it worked again. If it were not for Dafa's power and Master's boundless mighty power, such a miracle could never have happened.