(Minghui.org) Residents of No. 10 & 11 Farm in Tanghai County, Hebei Province, are calling for the release of Falun Gong practitioner Zheng Xiangxing, who has been arrested. Below is their letter of appeal.

Greetings to the leaders involved!

We are regular citizens from No. 10 & 11 Farm, who want to give you some small insight into Zheng Xiangxin. We apologize if this is improper and hope you will understand and perhaps advise us. We are not Falun Gong practitioners. We know Zheng Xiangxing to be a good man and have benefited a lot from knowing him, so we are writing to express our feelings.

Household appliances are found in thousands of households and are indispensable necessities for the majority of us, be it a TV, washing machine, refrigerator, cooker, or an older machine. Regardless of who owns the appliance, if there is a problem, Zheng Xiangxing will immediately stop what he is doing and repair it. If the repair will take some time, he will let people use his own machine. If someone's refrigerator, TV, or large electrical appliance breaks, simply call Zheng Xiangxing and give him the address; he begins the repair as soon as possible and charges no fee.

Some people have asked Zheng why he repairs appliances for others. Zheng Xiangxing happily answers: “We buy electrical appliances to make life easier, how can you use if it is not fixed quickly?” He says this and then does what he says, because he enthusiastically serves others.

Often, he is too busy to eat, but still can't keep up with demand. He has business integrity, deals fairly, is always enthusiastic and kind to others, and makes a good impression on his customers.

So all of us who have benefited request that the leaders of all levels allow Zheng Xiangxing to return home for the following reasons:

1. Zheng Xiangxing is indeed a good man.

2. We have many electrical appliances waiting for him to repair; let him continue to serve us better.

We hope you can see that your decision will affect many people, ask that you give our request serious consideration, and hope you support our request.

We know Xiangxing does things in good faith, especially his after-sales service, which is even more commendable. He has been in business for many years and expanded from small to large scale because of his honesty, conscience, and credibility. We local people praise him, and all say that he is a kind, good man who likes to help others. To this end, we request the release of the good man Zheng Xiangxing as soon as possible.