This article was first published in June 2001.

June 14, 2001

( My husband, Wang Ku, once had type B hepatitis. It was diagnosed in 1984, and he died in 1998 due to liver cirrhosis. Apparently, there is nothing unusual about this case. However, Jiang Zemin's criminal accomplices lied by listing him as one of the 1,400 persons who supposedly died due to practicing Falun Gong.

My husband used to work for a government agency, and he died in 1998 when he was 50. Some background information: 1) He was attacked by colleagues because of his honesty, and for speaking the truth; 2) He had a financial loss after being deceived by someone; 3) His elder brother died on August 25, 1995 due to liver cancer at 50 years old, and his younger brother died on May 9, 1997, also from liver disease at 46 years old. Because he had liver disease the same as his brother, he was very stressed.

In August 1998, we did not know what happened. The death of my husband was published in the newspaper to attack Falun Gong. My husband died of liver disease, and it had nothing to do with Falun Gong because he never practiced Falun Gong.