(Minghui.org) The night of March 23, 2012, I was doing the exercises with a young practitioner. This young practitioner saw a scene in another dimension. I wanted him to write out what he had seen. He said, "It was really so wonderful that it is hard to describe in words. It was really magnificent." Thus, I wrote down some short descriptions of what this practitioner said he had seen to share and encourage us all.

This young practitioner said, "When we were doing the exercises, our bodies in the other dimension entered into yet another dimension. A gray net covered us. As we did the exercises, the energy around us increased and the gray net instantly disintegrated. The energy around us extended very far. Our bodies in the other dimension rose up high. Many galaxies appeared in the skies. There were vast numbers of substances like black clouds floating around us.

A bright light arose from the dark substances. An energy—like fire—started to turn, and an enormous Falun appeared, which was formed by numerous galaxies. The Falun was shining bright and golden, spinning and sending out strong energy. It was like dropping a stone into the water with circular energy waves spreading out around it. It was also like the energy waves generated as a result of nuclear fission. In an instant the energy spread throughout the boundless cosmos. The black substances were dispersed. The Falun became ever larger as it spun. It was infinite.

Master's golden body appeared on top of the Falun. Master sat on a large golden lotus flower. He was emitting colorful and striking light. When Master's golden body appeared, I could not see him and I thought that Master had left.

At this time, images appeared from the truth clarification DVD of the brazen and evil Jiang as he persecuted Falun Gong practitioners on July 20, 1999. Another big substance with a black image appeared and hung in the air by a string. The Falun spun and emitted strong energy and lightning. It shattered the image of Jiang's demon and reduced it to smoke and ash. It was as if the cosmos had been washed and was clean and clear. The heavenly maidens were seen scattering flowers in the skies.

In a moment I moved very far from the Falun with unimaginable speed. I saw that the Falun was in Master's hand. I had thought that Master had left, but Master was right beside us. Master's golden body was so big that I could not see him earlier. At this time several huge golden words emerged from the Falun: "Heaven and Earth Reconstruct the New Epoch."

The above were things a young Dafa practitioner saw in other dimensions. It was only his personal experience, limited by his cultivation level.