(Clearwisdom.net) While they were distributing Shen Yun Performing Arts DVDs, Falun Gong practitioners Mr. Li Changhai and his wife, Li Shuyun, were arrested and beaten by officers from Longhua Police Department in Jilin City on February 17, 2012. The officers then ransacked their house and detained them at the Jilin Detention Center.

The couple's daughter lives in another city. She came all the way to Jilin with her family to visit her parents. When she went back to her parents' home, the first thing she saw were her brother and his daughter, who had been traumatized by the police. They were both distraught. The little girl cried all the time and would not eat anything. Her father just sat in the room and remained silent.

Mr. Li's daughter and her family went to Longhua Police Department at 8 a.m. on February 24. As soon as they entered the waiting room, they were told that the police chief was not in the office. A few minutes later, they saw officer Zhao Rui in the hallway. Zhao Rui was involved in her parents' case. They asked him where the police chief was, and Zhao told them that he was upstairs. Mr. Li's daughter went upstairs and found Chief Ai Yedong. Ai said, “Your parents violated the law, but we will release them in 15 days.” Mr. Li's daughter said, “We practice Falun Gong and just want to be good people. Believing in Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance doesn't violate any law.” Ai could not offer any explanation to justify the arrests.

Later on, two more officers went to Ai's office. One of them was Zhao Xinhua, who had arrested the couple and ransacked their house. Zhao said to Mr. Li's daughter: “I'm the one who arrested your parents. They'd better not let me see them (distributing Falun Gong materials). As soon as I see them, I will arrest them.” He repeated this threat several times.

Contact information:
Longhua Police Department: +86-432-63039367
Longtan Domestic Security Division: +86-432-63039385, +86-432-62193025, +86-432-63039658
Li Jianchao, head of Longtan Police Department: +86-432-63037105 (Office), +86-432-64568799 (Home), +86-13904415844 (Cell)
Li Maowu, political instructor of Longtan Police Department: +86-432-63034998 (Office), +86-432-62582080 (Home), +86-15843262666 (Cell)
Li Yongzhi, Longtan 610 Office: +86-13704323211 (Cell)
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