Luxury and feasting—the modern world
Fascinated by demons, dancing hysterically,
all of which leads to depravity
Indulging demonic nature, apart from the divine
After entering Hell, there's no chance of getting out”

(“Lacking All Restraint” in Hong Yin III)

Every time I read this poem, I feel that modern people have become warped to a terrible extent. People immerse themselves in emotions and desires, being joyful or anxious over them. How pitiful they are.

I am a middle school student. In the Dharma-ending Period, the demon of lust pervades the human world. This phenomenon is common and serious among students.

Master has repeatedly talked about the seriousness of lust. Thus I was so sensitive to this issue that I almost never talked about it. But the evil took advantage of this problem multiple times to interfere with me. Below I list few examples.

The boys and girls at school are quite open. My original desk mate often fiddled with my hair in class. At first I didn't pay too much attention to it, but later on when many classmates talked about it, I found things were not right. I admonished his behavior, but he said I was too “stingy.”

I realized that Dafa disciples should be gracious. However, I also knew this issue must be handled carefully. The evil took advantage of him to interfere with me and undermine a Dafa disciple's image. I would not accept it. The teacher later moved his seat to be in front of mine.

There was a period of time when wrist wrestling between boys and girls was popular. This was not simply a game. In fact, their hearts had already lost purity. One day the boy sitting in front of me insisted on wrestling wrists with me. He didn't budge and we remained deadlocked for a long time. I was a little hesitant, but at once I thought: “I am a Dafa disciple and would never do things according to everyday people's standards; I couldn't just drift with the tide.” He soon drew back his hand, his face red with a very awkward expression. I felt a little sorry, and my heart wavered a bit. But I stopped myself at once, thinking I could never give the evil a chance. I must be righteous in every thought.

The distance between the adjacent desks in my class is very small, and the boy who sits in front of me always leaned back. Every time he did so, he touched either my book or my head. Once when I was doing my homework, he stretched himself and his head touched my head. At that time I was a bit anxious, and I also blamed the teacher for not disciplining him. However, I adjusted myself in time and sent forth righteous thoughts at once to clean it up. Later I realized that the Dafa disciple was in charge of the situation. At once I asked Master to strengthen me to thoroughly negate the arrangements of the evil.

It was through these things that I realized how serious our cultivation is. We can't slack off even a little. Ordinary people may think that some behavior is normal, but Dafa disciples must hold themselves to higher standards. Many phenomena appear to be normal from the perspective of a society whose morality sliding downward. Dafa disciples didn't come for these things. We are here to help Master rectify the Fa and save sentient beings, and we must be strict with ourselves. The path we take might become a reference for beings in the future.

We can't self-impose additional tribulations on ourselves. We can't indulge in emotions and desires and be unable to disentangle ourselves from them. We can't forget our magnificent, grand vows only for a moment of exhilaration and miss this extremely rare and precious opportunity. It is because we have experienced many lifetimes of reincarnation, endured a lot of hardships, and traveled a tremendously bumpy path that we were allowed to become Fa-Rectification Period Dafa disciples. We should not disgrace our missions due to the attachment of lust.

When Dafa disciples meet with these kinds of things, we must have a strong will and righteous thoughts, believe in Master and Dafa, and spend more time studying the Fa. It is certain that we can eliminate these attachments. Currently when I interact with male students, I seldom feel nervous. On the contrary, I conduct myself as a mature and steady person, with a proper manner. Dafa disciples must do well, validate Dafa with our actions, and pay attention to our every word and deed. The most important thing is that we should realize our responsibilities and be clear about what we came for.

We should concentrate on saving sentient beings. Don't let these things disturb our hearts. Every time when I think about this, I feel holy, purely righteous, benevolent, tall, and large. By doing so we can really reach above and beyond, resist contamination, and save sentient beings better.

Some young practitioners indulge in surfing the Internet or are disturbed severely by other temptations in society. The parents of Dafa disciples also feel hard-pressed to fulfill their aspirations. In fact, it depends on whether we ourselves can cherish the opportunity of cultivation practice. I think being born into a family of Dafa disciples verifies that we have predestined relations. The parents of Dafa disciples have a responsibility to guide the young ones. I believe that nothing can block the righteous thoughts of returning to our original, true selves. We should often send forth righteous thoughts. Many notions and behaviors are substances formed over a long period. As long as we have a strong will with perseverance and steadfast righteous thoughts, then nothing can stop us.

The above is my personal understanding. Please kindly point out anything improper.