(Minghui.org) Several days ago, I intended to delete a document in my computer, but deleted an application accidentally. Afterward, I couldn't locate the application file. When I searched for solutions, I discovered that I had to reinstall the operating system. When I found a fellow practitioner to help me reinstall the system, the network adapter wouldn't work in the new system. Nothing is coincidental, so I looked inward, realizing that this must have something to do with my xinxing.


As a coordinator, I often shared with fellow practitioners. However, I often shared with them using a condescending tone. I acted as a supervisor: “You were wrong on this part,” “You were not on the Fa during such and such,” etc. I didn't consider others' feelings and, therefore, hurt others with my tone or attitude. Once I saw practitioners' shortcomings, I more or less ordered them what to do.


Sometimes I realized that it was not good, and some fellow practitioners reminded me of this as well. However, I was not able to be more considerate of others or meet the Fa's requirement regarding tone of voice and kindness in coordinating projects. I reflected some factors of the evil CCP (Chinese Communist Party) culture in my approach.


For example, Practitioner A often dozed off during Fa study or while sending forth righteous thoughts and remained in this state after many of my reminders. Therefore, I didn't like A and felt uncomfortable when I saw A. One day, A asked me, “Who have you acknowledged? Don't you think that you are better than everyone else? Do you know what strengths I have? Be honest, can you see others' strengths at all? Isn't it true that others have no strengths in your eyes, and you think you are the only one who's good?” I was speechless.


I suddenly realized that my computer problem was the result of my long-term criticizing and complaining about other practitioners. I don't know how many bad substances I have projected at fellow practitioners, or how many of them were hurt as a result.


I often coordinated the distribution of materials. Others didn't want to point out my problems, and I didn't look inward, so I just cultivated superficially. It was very dangerous. What Practitioner A told me was actually a reminder from Master. Thank you, Master and fellow practitioners!


When I studied the Fa, I often used the Fa to evaluate others and thought that the Fa was taught to correct others, not me. I then shared with the practitioner whom I thought had the problem. However, when the practitioner didn't improve according to my standards, I became restless, could not enter tranquility when meditating or exercising, and could not concentrate during Fa study.


Thus, I didn't assimilate to the Fa or cultivate myself solidly. I put myself above fellow practitioners. In simple terms, I didn't know how to cultivate. Thinking about this, I pitied myself: I was far away from the Fa. I didn't follow Master's Fa, I didn't improve, and I had no mighty virtue despite the fact that I had done a lot of things. I also may have negatively affected our group coordination and fellow practitioners' improvement.


During the final time of assisting Master in Fa-rectification, I have to learn to cultivate myself solidly, be humble, and be modest. I shouldn't think too highly of myself and shouldn't be attached to self anymore. I need to be able to see fellow practitioners' strengths and improve my own shortcomings. I know that Master is still allowing me opportunities to improve. I will for sure do well and walk my future path righteously.


In addition to sharing with fellow practitioners, the purpose of writing this article was to alert myself, encourage myself, and remind myself to do things based on the Fa and not to affect the Fa-rectification negatively.


Thank you, Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners!