(Minghui.org) May 13 is the 20th anniversary of Falun Dafa being promoted worldwide. Before the arrival of the celebration of such a sacred festival, the Minghui.org website posted a notice calling for papers in celebration of Falun Dafa being promoted to the world, which gives all practitioners a chance to coordinate with each other as one body validating Dafa and saving sentient beings. This is an honor given to us by our Master. As the main body of Dafa disciples in mainland China, fellow practitioners should cherish Master's mercy, coordinate with each other well, and let go of our own egos. Everyone should participate.

At first, fellow practitioners had some numbness towards the notice calling for papers. Some said whoever wanted to write a paper should write. Some practitioners said they did not know how to write. Some practitioners said they already wrote before and had nothing new to write about. Some practitioners showed they could not do anything for this call for papers. After communicating with each other, everyone had a clearer understanding.

1. Treating call for papers with righteous thoughts

In response to the request from the Minghui editors asking us to coordinate with each other, our first instinct should be to unconditionally work together. Thus even though there are some difficulties, it will be resolved with righteous thoughts. On the contrary, a thought of “I do not want to participate” or “I do not know how to write” will separate you from the whole body. The Minghui editors called for papers many times in the past, and the old forces and evils in this human world tried very hard to prevent and block practitioners in mainland China from submitting articles. If we block ourselves and give up the effort to participate in this event, the evil will be pleased. In fact, these negative thoughts are interference. We should eliminate them with righteous thoughts.

Once our thinking is in line with Dafa, we will have wisdom. Just like some fellow practitioners who tried to learn some technical skills, if you are blocked by acquired concepts and thinking like “I am a person who does manual labor like farming. Let those who know how to use a mouse or a computer do it.” Such a thought might make you become a person who can only do manual labor jobs forever. If you treat this with a righteous mind, you will see miracles happen: a person who has only done manual labor may learn to use a mouse or a computer. It is the same theory when treating this event of calling for papers.

2. Do not let sentient beings who have predestined relationships with you feel disappointed

Master treats each and every Dafa disciple with immeasurable compassion. Some fellow practitioner said, “Let those who know how to write submit their articles.” If others wrote their papers, they would demonstrate their own road of cultivation. The path of each Dafa disciple is different. It is unique in the universe. Maybe some people would be able to learn the truth about Dafa after reading your article and then be saved by Dafa. Therefore, fellow practitioners, you must participate in this event of calling for papers. Tell people how Master has protected you and about Dafa's mighty virtue. Do not let sentient beings who have predestined relationships with you feel disappointed.

A fellow practitioner gave an example. In the forced labor camp, a female fellow practitioner who was a business woman told the brainwashing staff member her own experience: Her client gave her a stack of cash. That fellow practitioner counted the money and noticed that her client gave her one hundred extra. She returned the extra amount to that client. Her client was touched and later the more he did business with that fellow practitioner, the more he felt that Dafa practitioners treated people with kindness and integrity, which distinguished them from others. Once, that fellow practitioner noticed that the cash that client gave her had a counterfeit bill. Later, that fellow practitioner kindly told that client. Her client told her, “If it was someone else, I would not exchange the money because normally we verify money and goods face-to-face. But since you say so, I will exchange the money, because I trust you Falun Gong people.”

When that brainwashing staff member heard that, her eyes showed some luster. This seemingly ordinary experience awakened the good side of that person. Not long after that, that person openly stood on the side of Falun Gong practitioners and no longer participated in brainwashing activities.

Many Dafa practitioners went through different versions of similar stories. Writing down our cultivation stories will play the role of clarifying the truth to people and also validating the Fa.

3. It is not difficult to participate in this call for papers

Take this call for papers as an example, the main purpose of these articles is to let ordinary people read them so they can learn the truth about Dafa and be saved. Writing an experience article is like clarifying the truth to people face-to-face. It is only that you write down what you want to say on paper. Based on people's confusion, we can either show fragments of our practice or the entire process of our cultivation.

A fellow practitioner recalled a group practice activity with 10,000 practitioners. Even though nobody organized it, it was conducted in an orderly manner. When everyone left, the entire place was clean, which amazed people in that area. When people left, a person who was selling cigarettes murmured to himself, “Today is really strange. With so many people here, how come I did not sell one box of cigarettes.” Thus, people's casual comments indicate that this is a group of people who cultivate moral values and are self-disciplined.

Here is another example. A fellow practitioner felt that he already wrote his own cultivation experience before and felt that there was nothing to write about. After he changed his mindset, especially after studying Master's new articles, he looked at his past and had a different perspective. That fellow practitioner talked about his experience in the evil den:

“A young policeman had many chances to learn about the truth of Dafa. He knew about the lies the CCP made up about the Self-immolation and knew that Falun Gong practitioners were good people. But he still did not understand “Why do you still persist in your belief after suffering persecution for so many years? What's the use?” One day, he went to a cell and a practitioner told him about several big loopholes in the theory of evolution. Finally the practitioner told him that since the theory of evolution has so many loopholes, people should seriously think about creationism. Believing in deities is not superstition. It is a real science. What we believe in is the heavenly principle and Dharma. What that practitioner said seemed to have touched him. But he remained silent and did not say anything. Other practitioners said, “We are all created from divine beings. Do you believe that you evolved from monkeys?” He smiled and whispered in a joking tone, “I evolved from a monkey. I did.” He stepped out of the cell with a smile. After that, that policeman did not ask “Why do you persist in your belief.” Once his boss asked him to persecute a fellow practitioner and he did not follow the order. He told the practitioner, “The lotus flower is not polluted even though it comes out of the mud.” Later that practitioner came out of that evil den under Master's strengthening. That policeman seemed to also see the extraordinary side of cultivation and had hopes of practicing himself. He began secretly protecting other practitioners in the labor camp. He was transferred away from this place where they persecuted Dafa practitioners.”

The above are only two ways of thinking. In fact, there are many topics that we can write about. Practitioners can exchange their understandings with each other after group Fa study, and then write more articles about how Dafa purified their bodies and resolved confusion in their lives.

4. Helping each other and working together in the call for papers

We welcome people who have learned the truth to submit their articles. Relatives and friends of Dafa practitioners have also benefited a lot from the promotion of Dafa. Not only should our Dafa practitioners actively submit articles, we should also help and encourage this group of people to submit articles. From their perspective it is validating Dafa, which is an honor in this world. Dafa is also allowing people to learn the truth.

Let's help each other and make the time to think about what we will write and finish the article. Let's cooperate with each other with righteous thoughts in the activities of validating the Fa and truth-clarification. Let's give thanks for Master's compassionate salvation.