(Minghui.org) I was born in 1992 and followed my parents to practice Falun Gong when I was two years old. One day, my parents were very surprised to see that I was practicing the fourth exercise because they did the exercises every day in a room where the door was locked. They had never taught me this exercise. When they asked me who taught me the exercises, I pointed to Master's image and said, “That uncle.”


My parents told me that I must have a predestined relationship with Dafa so that I was able to be born into a family of practitioners and in the same year when Master started to teach the Fa. Since I was small, Dafa's principles naturally stayed in my mind and practicing cultivation became part of my life.


Before I obtained the Fa, I was often sick and had to go to the hospital. I had all the illnesses that children often get, such as pertussis and bronchitis. One day, I had a very high fever and the medicine did not take effect. Then my father realized that since Master had taught me how to do the exercises, Master was already taking care of me, and was helping me purify my body. Then my father just let Master take care of me. During the day, my fever was low and high at night. I had this fever every other day. A few days later, I recovered and no longer needed medicine or trips to the hospital.


When I was seven years old, the persecution started. My father was taken away by the police for as long as four years. Although under lots of pressure, my mom still persisted in practicing cultivation with me and telling people the facts about Dafa. We went to visit my father periodically and gave him Master's new lectures.


When I was in the third grade, school officials played a video spreading slander against Falun Gong. Then the students were asked to write a review. In my review, I talked about the beauty of Dafa. My teacher and the principal said that they were going to “transform” me. Otherwise, I would be kicked out of school. Thanks to Master, who blocked part of my brain, thus I did not understand what they were talking about when they were trying to “transform” me. I just said that I would practice Dafa firmly without any fear. Other fellow practitioners sent forth righteous thoughts for me and denied any arrangements by the old forces. One fellow practitioner mailed a truth-clarification letter to the principal. Then the story came to an end. When I was in the fourth grade, no one threatened or tried to talk to me about renouncing Dafa any more, and my father was also released.


One day, I got diarrhea and had to go to the restroom every few minutes. I was not able to go to school but stayed in bed. I was very attached to my school and I thought I should not miss even one class. I was very afraid. Then fellow practitioners talked to me, saying that the tribulation was helping me to get rid of the attachment of trying to be perfect in human society. The diarrhea disappeared shortly after I realized that point.


I was admitted to a middle school near my home. When I was in the eighth grade, my teacher asked the top ten students in our class to join the Communist Youth League (an affiliate of the Chinese Communist Party). I was one of them. I told my teacher that I did not want to join it and she asked me why, but I did not dare to tell her the facts. When my classmates asked me for the reason, I told them the truth. When I was in the ninth grade, I had plenty of homework every day. I stayed up until eleven at night and then went to sleep. I spent little time studying the Fa. My mom noticed this problem and asked me to choose another time to study the Fa. I argued with her that I did not have enough time to do my homework. My mom warned me and I realized that as a practitioner, I should place my cultivation in the first place instead of waiting to study the Fa until I finished all the other minor things. After that, everything made way for my cultivation. When I got home after six every day, I did the exercises and studied the Fa before doing my homework. I still finished my homework about the same time. Moreover, I was not stuck on the homework anymore. Sometimes, the next day, I did not remember how I had solved the problem from the night before. Dafa had given me wisdom.


When I was in the seventh grade, the lamp in my bedroom was broken. My father noticed that the books on the table were not Dafa books but some other books. This occurred because I was not being diligent in practicing cultivation. My father could turn the lamp on but I could not. I realized that it was my problem. I decided to be diligent in cultivation and improve myself. Then I was able to turn the light on again. That experience taught me that everything was alive and all existed for the Fa. They were watching and waiting for me to be diligent in cultivation. I dared not slack off since then.


When I was in the twelfth grade, I was very busy with my school work. I had the notion that if I stayed up late, I would be sleepy the next morning. Thus, I only studied the Fa at night and never did the exercises. I had diarrhea for a few days and could not concentrate in class. My mom talked to me and said if I did not do the exercises, my body could not be transformed enough and would stay like that of an ordinary person. She said that I should both cultivate and practice. I noticed that it was very serious and decided to get up early to do the exercises. Two days later, my diarrhea disappeared. Moreover, I felt more energetic in the morning. I was encouraged and persisted in doing so even during the college entrance exam.


Before the college entrance exam, I was eager to get a very high score. My parents asked me to calm down and let go of the attachment. They told me not to pursue but instead take the opportunity to eliminate the attachment. On my way to the exam, I recited “Tempering the Will” and “An Upright Person” from Hong Yin. Everything went well during the exam and my final score was thirty points higher than I had expected. My score in every part of the exam was higher than my estimation. I understood that the score was given by Master. I was admitted to a good university, which was near my home.


When I was about to choose my major, I was interfered with by my human attachments again. So were my parents. They thought about which major would be better so that I could get a good job in the future. The process was not smooth. Then I realized that Master had not given me the score to help me pursue fame and profit in ordinary society, but to validate Dafa. My extraordinary performance on the exam was an example of the wonders of Dafa. How could I take this opportunity and validate myself? Then I talked to my parents and we all let go of our attachments. Master would arrange a major for me. There must be many sentient beings waiting to be saved in whatever school I was going to. I finally let go of the attachment. It really did not matter which major I would be in. Master said,

“Since human beings have sentimentality, being upset is sentimentality, so are happiness, love, hatred, enjoying doing one thing, resenting doing another thing, preferring one person to another, hobbies, and dislikes.” (Lecture Six, Zhuan Falun)


Thank you, Master for taking care of me all the way through. I still have many things to improve upon. I just want to share my experience of cultivation with fellow practitioners.