(Clearwisdom.net) Officers from the Frontier Police Station and the Police Department, along with government personnel in Jincheng Town, Laizhou City, recently harassed and persecuted local Falun Gong practitioners

The authorities broke into the home of Ms. Wu Yulan in Yuanjia Village, Jincheng Town, at around 11:00 a.m. on February 10, 2012. They took Falun Gong books, an MP3 player, and other personal belongings. They then took Ms. Wu, in her 70s, to a brainwashing center.

They then broke into the home of Ms. Lv Yuhua in Longbu Village the same day. They took Falun Gong books, an MP3 player, and other personal belongings. They also took Ms. Lv to the Jincheng Town Police Station where they pressured her to write a guarantee statement.

That same day, they also went to Ms. Wang Xianyu's home in Liujia Village, but she was not in. The same group of perpetrators came back after 10:00 a.m. on February 13. They broke out the door and windows to Ms. Wang's home. Her neighbors were disturbed and came running out.

Also on February 13, Liu Haijun from the Jincheng City government and others broke into Mr. Wang Zhongcheng's home in Wangjia Village. Mr. Wang's wife was at home. The officials searched everywhere but did not find what they wanted. They then forced Mr. Wang's wife to remove the couplets and the Chinese character “Fu,” which means being blessed, from the doors. They also went to the home of Mr. Wang's mother, Ms. Teng Chunxiang. They broke in the door and windows to enter the home but did not find Mr. Wang.

Ms. Zhang Fangting from Matang Village was also harassed, and her Falun Gong books and Shen Yun performance DVDs were taken.

Officers from Jincheng Town Police Department in Laizhou City have harassed and arrested practitioners over the past several years. Zhong Weiqing, police department head, led officers to harass and arrest many practitioners in 2008. Later, together with Laizhou 610 Office agents, the Jincheng Police Department officers arrested practitioners many times. They arrested practitioners twice in 2010: three practitioners were arrested on the morning of May 8, 2010, and Ms. Teng Chunxiang's son, Mr. Wang Zhongcheng, was arrested that same afternoon in Wangjia Village. More than 20 police officers ransacked these practitioners' homes.

Wang Qiang, Jincheng Town Political Party head in Laizhou City: +86-18653583888, +86-13573111057, +86-13706459018
Liu Haijun, town government officer: +86-13605450005
Zhong Weiqing, Jincheng Police Department: +86-13963833266

Please refer to the original Chinese article for more people and offices involved in these incidents of persecution.