(Clearwisdom.net) I am the mother of a six-year-old boy. Since I was young, my life had always been easy-going, and I had not encountered any real hardship. My son is a very nice boy and brings a lot of joy to my life. In July of 2011, I found some purple spots on his leg, so I took him to the hospital. Unbelievably, he was diagnosed with acute lymphoblastic leukemia. I was so shocked at the diagnosis that I felt that my life had come to an end.

Early the next day, my husband and I took our son to a local, well-known military hospital. Before we left the house, we took a family photo. At the hospital, the doctor comforted me by saying that this type of disease was curable. However, after doing many different tests, the doctor began to say how difficult it was to treat this disease, especially after one of the tests came back positive. They then had to start chemotherapy right away, even though a detailed study had not been finished.

My son vomited a lot after the first round of chemotherapy. My heart was really broken to see him suffering so. He stayed in the hospital for 47 days and finished two rounds of chemotherapy. I was very anxious during the entire process. The chemotherapy was very toxic, and because, as a child, his blood vessels are naturally narrow, the vessels in his hands and feet were so damaged that one of the big vessels in his left foot shrank after only one round of chemotherapy. After that they could no longer insert any needles into that foot. During this time, the doctor ordered lab tests for my son every other day.

One day, I went to check the test results and talked to the doctor for a while. She said the survival rate for someone in my son's condition was only ten percent based upon the positive prognostic test. The doctor recommended that I buy a type of imported drug, which cost 60,000 yuan. I asked her about the benefits of the drug, and I wondered if my son’s illness could be cured. She was vague in answering the questions and only said that the drug could extend his life. I refused to buy the drug because we did not have that much money. If we had purchased the drug, we would not have had enough money to continue other treatments for him. Later on, the attending physician encouraged us again to buy that same drug. However, we decided not to buy it in the end.

The morning that my son was to be discharged, the doctor ordered another lab test. The results showed that his red blood count, white blood count, and platelets were normal, but that his neutrophils (a type of white blood cell) were low. His lymphocyte (a type of white blood cell) levels reached as high as 89 percent (normal range is 20-40 percent). The attending physician told us that the results indicated that his disease had progressed. The physician asked us to let him stay in the hospital to get a bone marrow biopsy done. I almost had a nervous breakdown just hearing this. I called my husband, and he said that if the doctor asked us to do the bone marrow biopsy, to just do it. In the end, the doctor performed the bone marrow biopsy, but the results did not show anything alarming. We had to sign a consent form, saying that if we came back within 15 days, we would have to pay all the medical bills ourselves since we were choosing to leave the hospital on our own.

I was anxious about the meaning of “15 days” on the consent form, so I asked the doctor if that meant that my son only had 15 days to live. The doctor did not seem too concerned and only said that it was hard to say. The doctor had said earlier that my son could go home after two rounds of chemotherapy, my son really wanted to leave, and I was also exhausted. In the end, I decided to take my son home.

We left the hospital on September 9. I knew that I would have to put forth a 120 percent effort to take care my son at home.

On the night of September 11, one of my husband’s former colleagues came to visit my son. Through our conversation, I learned that she had been a Falun Dafa practitioner for more than ten years. She mentioned how great Dafa is and about all the miracles that took place during her practice. She also shared her own experience and personal encounters with the miraculousness of Dafa practice. I remembered that she asked my son, “Do you want to be a young Dafa practitioner?” My son was very determined and told her, “Yes!” However, I was not too sure about it, but I had the hope that my son could be cured by Falun Dafa. I agreed to study the Fa with my husband’s colleague the next night.

The next day was the Moon Festival, and my husband had a day off. In the morning, he went to visit his mother and wanted to bring our son with him, but I was worried and did not let him. Instead, my son and I read Zhuan Falun together. He would read one sentence and I would read the next one. In the afternoon, I touched his forehead and it felt warm. I took his temperature, and it was 37.6⁰C (99.6⁰F). I got worried and instantly recalled the consent form I had signed with the “15 days” reference. I asked him to keep drinking water. My husband came back that night, and I told him that our son had a minor fever. Since it was not very high, my husband did not think it was a problem. At 11 p.m., my son’s temperature had reached 38.9⁰C (102⁰F). Both my husband and I were worried, so we gave him more water to lower his temperature. We also let him drink an herbal mix, a medicine that was supposed to lower the temperature. However, nothing worked, and the whole night his temperature stayed at 38.9⁰C.

On the morning of September 13, my son’s temperature was still high. My husband went to work a little later than usual and then called me from his office. He said he had phoned his colleague (the Falun Dafa practitioner), and she said that she was going to come over soon. At that time, my son’s temperature was still 39⁰C (102.2⁰F). My husband and his colleague arrived at our home at the same time. It seemed that they had really hurried over, and she was breathing hard when she arrived. With only a few words, she and my husband sat down and started to send righteous thoughts for my son. When they were almost finished, my son seemed to be gaining some energy, and he said that he needed to use the bathroom. I took him to the restroom and he had a bowel movement. After that, he went to play by himself. Later on, I took his temperature, and it had gone down to 37.4⁰C (99.32⁰F). On this particular day, he had 13 bowel movements.

On September 14, his temperature fluctuated between 37.1⁰C (98.7⁰F) and 37.6⁰C (99.7⁰F) before becoming completely normal. Beginning at that time, we started to settle down into reading the Fa and doing the exercises. At very beginning, I read the book to cure my son, and later on I became convinced by the principles of the book and began to learn the Fa on my own. I understood so many things after continuing my Fa study. I began to feel very positive about life and also identified some strong attachments that I had for fame and profit. Quickly, I felt that Master was also purifying my body.

As I write this sharing article, six months have passed since my son was discharged from the hospital, and he is now very healthy. Thank you, Master Li Hongzhi, for giving our family a new life. I want to tell everyone who has been misled and who misunderstands Falun Dafa: “Come to learn Dafa and see how compassionate our Master is.”