Name: Li Keming (李克明)
Gender: Male
Age: unknown
Address: Dongxihu District, Wuhan City, Hubei Province
Date of Most Recent Arrest: Prior to New Year 2012
Most Recent Place of Detention: Hewan Forced Labor Camp (河湾劳教所)
Persecution Suffered:
forced labor, brainwashing, illegal sentencing, beatings, torture, forced-feeding, detention

( Some time prior to the 2012 New Year, police officers from the Xincun Police Station, Dongxihu District Branch, Wuhan City Police Bureau, called Falun Gong practitioner Mr. Li Keming, asking him to come down to the police station “for a talk.” His family hasn't heard from him since he left for the police station.

After the 2012 New Year, approximately eight police officers were seen loitering near Mr. Li Keming’s home. When neighbors asked them what was going on, an officer replied, “The Wuhan City Police Bureau and the district branch are looking for a tall, white-haired older man. We came here today on orders from Cao Bin, head of the District 610 Office.” A resident said, “That man is a very good person. You are trying to apprehend a good person. What are you doing?” The police became angry and left.

Numerous other incidents of harassment occurred before Mr. Li Keming went to the police station. Officials from the local community office often harassed Mr. Li's sons, causing his sons much grief.

Mr. Li Keming’s wife Ms. Hu Wangxiang now imprisoned in Wuhan Women’s Prison

On July 13, 2010, police officers from the Jinghe Police Station arrested Mr. Li's wife, Ms. Hu Wangxiang. At 4:00 p.m. on July 23, 2010, the policeman who was in charge of her case phoned Cao Bin, head of local 610 Office. He suggested that Ms. Hu be released upon completion of her detention period, but Cao ordered that she should be persecuted further. Soon after, the Dongxihu District Court sentenced Ms. Hu Wangxiang to three years in prison. She is currently being held in Group 3 of Wuhan Women’s Prison.

Mr. Li Keming became healthy after practicing Falun Dafa, but has been constantly persecuted over the past decade

Both Mr. Li Keming and his wife are over 50 years old. They had many physical problems before practicing Falun Dafa, but became very healthy and were able to stop taking medicine after they began the practice. At their age, they should have been able to relax and enjoy their retirement. However, over the past decade they have been constantly persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).

In mid-December 2000, Liu Gongping, deputy superintendent of the Xincun Police Station, and three other men went to Mr. Li Keming's home. They forcibly arrested him and took him to a brainwashing center. Prior to May 1, 2001, Lin Zhengxing, then head of the local 610 Office, gave an order to the brainwashing center that all practitioners should have food withheld as a means of coercing them to renounce their belief. Mr. Li Keming said, “We are not given enough food. You are violating our human rights and violating the law.” Lin Zhengxing retorted, “What can you do about it? You have no power to sue me.”

In November, 2001, Mr. Li Keming was sentenced to two years of forced labor in Hewan Forced Labor Camp. He had requested an administrative appeal, but didn’t receive any legal assistance. Mr. Li protested the persecution by going on a group hunger strike, but the guards in the labor camp brutally force-fed him. Gao Jun’an, leader of Group 2, inserted the plastic feeding tube into Mr. Li's stomach and then immediately took it out. Gao intentionally repeated this action numerous times until Mr. Li Keming’s nostrils and esophagus were injured and developed ulcers. While Mr. Li was enduring this torture, Gao would kick him in the armpits and back with full force until Mr. Li could hardly breathe.

Several days later, Mr. Li Keming became very ill and experienced pain throughout his body. His eyes were in excruciating pain, regardless of whether he kept his eyes open or closed. His hands and feet were constantly cold and he had a painful sore on his head that oozed pus. He had to support himself on the wall when he walked. His hair turned white and started falling out.

Two years later, Mr. Li Keming was released and returned home. However, in order to escape further persecution, he and his wife left home and became homeless. Over the last seven years, from 1999 to 2006, Mr. Li was able to be with his family for just two of those years. Luo Guangzhan, a policeman from the Dongxihu District 610 Office, and officers from Section 1 of the Police Bureau constantly harassed his children and relatives. They tried to get information about Mr. Li Keming’s whereabouts, and tempted his family with “big rewards” to turn him in.

In November 2004, spies hid around the home of Mr. Li Keming’s eldest son. This was discovered only after Mr. Li Keming's disappearance.

The Dongxihu District 610 Office ordered police officers from the Xingou Farm Police Station to stage an ambush around the cemetery during the Qingming Festival (Tomb Sweeping Day). They planned to arrest Mr. Li Keming as soon as they saw him at the cemetery. However, people who were sympathetic to Falun Gong told practitioners about the plan, and the officers’ arrest attempt fell through.

In mid-August 2005, police officers from the Wuhan City Dongxihu District 610 Office and the District Police Bureau attempted to arrest the homeless couple in Caidian District, West Jiangdi Jincheng Town, at a former textile factory where they believed the couple to be living. Because Mr. Li was said to be there on a daily basis and had clothes there, police officers from the local 610 Office and Section 1 of the Police Bureau arranged a stakeout. They ordered the landlord to report to them as soon as Mr. Li Keming showed up.

In late March of 2006, police officers from the Wuhan City Dongxihu District 610 Office and the District State Security Bureau conspired with officers from the Caidian District 610 Office and the District State Security Bureau to harass and threaten Mr. Li Keming’s landlord, who had leased him a house some time before August 2010. Sources sympathetic to Falun Gong said that police officers from the local State Security Bureau knew all about Mr. Li Keming's activities before they attempted to arrest him last year. After their plan to arrest him failed, they continued to wait in the same location for another two months. Local residents were said to be sick of the officers' presence.

In May 2006, police officers from the Wuhan City Caidian District 610 Office, the Dongxihu District 610 Office and various local and state security bureaus made great efforts to locate Mr. Li Keming and his wife. They pressured Mr. Li’s former landlord, who lived near the former textile factory at Mingjiazui. They located a relative of Li's who lived at Shangyou Village, Zhangwanjie. The police went there several times and threatened the relative and tried to bribe him, but they didn’t get any information from him.