(Clearwisdom.net) At about 1 p.m. on February 17, 2011, the Rongcheng City National Security Team police and armed police with the Frontier Defense arrested more than a dozen Falun Gong practitioners. In addition, several practitioners were forced into homelessness. It was said that this was in retaliation for suing Rongcheng City 610 Office police officer Xing Jiangping and others for persecuting a Falun Gong practitioner almost to death.

1. Good People Become Defendants

On December 9, 2011, Falun Gong practitioner Mrs. Ren Juling from Laiyang City was arrested by local plainclothes police at the entrance of a shopping mall in Rongcheng City for no reason. The police did not show their badges, snatched her personal belongings, and took her away by force.

In the afternoon, National Security Team 610 Office personnel deceived Mrs. Ren Juling's husband, Ren Baoxue. They claimed that Ms. Ren had collapsed at Rongcheng Plaza and asked him to come right away. After Mr. Ren Baoxue arrived at Rongcheng City Public Security Bureau, the Rongcheng National Security Team, led by Xing Jianping, forced Mr. Ren to go back home. They then proceeded to ransack his home without presenting any legal documents or following any legal procedures and took away many personal belongings. Xing Jianping ordered the police to break open the door to the home. They made a hole using a kitchen knife to break into the home, ignoring Mr. Ren's protests. He then forced Mr. Ren Baoxue to pay half a year's rent to his landlord to cover the damage. Meanwhile, Mrs. Ren Juling was sent to the detention center.

At 7 a.m. on December 22, 2011, Rongcheng City Public Security Bureau called Mr. Ren and said his wife had finished her term, asking him to bring money to get her released. After Mr. Ren arrived at the Public Security Bureau, they said he needed to go home and wait for further notice. In the afternoon he was told his wife was sent to a forced labor camp for a year and a half.

Mrs. Ren was very weak after about 15 days of persecution in the detention center. She did not pass the physical examination for Shandong Province Women's Forced Labor Camp, so the camp refused to accept her. However, the police who took her over insisted that the labor camp take her regardless of her health. After she failed the physical three times, they argued with the labor camp and threatened to sue the camp if they refused to take her. Ms. Ren was so weak that she could have died at any moment. The labor camp was afraid to take the responsibility, so they sent her back to the detention center and ultimately refused to accept her. She was released after one day of detention.

Ms. Ren Juling's husband was very angry at how terribly his wife had been treated. He used his only savings to hire a lawyer from Beijing to seek justice.

After the lawyer got involved, the Rongcheng City 610 Office set up many obstacles to avoid meeting with the lawyer. Finally Mr. Ren Baoxue sued Xing Jianping and several others. The case was successfully lodged several days later.

The Rongcheng City Public Security Bureau tried to shield Xing Jianping to avoid being sued. They found Mr. Ren's landlord, Bi Shuwei (Bi Shuwei is friends with a 610 Office agent), to forge evidence that the police broke the door with the landlord's consent. If the landlord had indeed agreed that they could break the door to get in, then why did Mr. Ren have to pay for the damage?

2. Arresting Additional Practitioners for Revenge

On February 1, 2012, Rongcheng City Court sent out a notice that the evildoers would be tried on February 10. Just as people started to gather, the Rongcheng Court judge then postponed the trial.

The Rongcheng National Security Team 610 Office personnel were angry because a trial had been scheduled at all. At about 11 p.m. on February16, they began a desperate campaign of revenge. First, they went to Laiyang City, conspired with the local 610 Office, arrested two female Falun Gong practitioners, and dispatched a dozen police cars. This struck fear into the hearts of people in the entire district. On the morning of the 17th, the police hurried back to Rongcheng.

At about 1 p.m. on February 17, 2012, Rongcheng Gong police took away several local Falun Gong practitioners: Yao Liping was arrested at work; Wang Lihua from Shidao was captured by the Shidao Police Branch; Ning Shijiang, Huang Xiao, Xiao Wu, Li Hui, Lao Sheng, Lao Long, Li Jing, and others were all arrested and their homes ransacked. The police went to Mr. Lao Huan's home, but he was not present. His home, however, was ransacked.

Also, five police officers showed up in Wuchun Village, Chengshan Town, to arrest 70-year-old practitioner Mr. Ning Shijiang and search his home. One policeman's badge number was 068810.

Officers from Rongcheng City National Security Bureau and Chengshan Town Police Branch Station arrested practitioner Mr. Hu Yongjian from his home. Mr. Hu's wife and child went to Chengshan Town Police Station and Rongcheng City Government to visit Mr. Hu, but they were not permitted to see him. The people from the Appeals Bureau deliberately avoided them. The badge numbers of the two officers involved in arresting Mr. Hu were 063102 and 063104.

Seven police officers also broke into the home of Falun Gong practitioner Wang Wen, who lives in Quge Village, Chengshan Town. They took a computer, printer, DVD burner, DVDs, mobile phones, MP3 players, Falun Gong books, and CD-ROMs. Wang Wen was subsequently arrested.

In addition, seven or eight policemen broke into the home of Ms. Wang Lihua from Shidao Town. They took her to the police station and transferred her to Rongcheng City Detention Center at 9 o'clock in the evening. The next morning, the police went to her home and deceived her family into signing the seizure and arrest documents.

We are eagerly anticipating help from the international community to rescue those good people. Together, we can stop this vicious retaliatory persecution. We can restore and uphold justice in society!

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