(Clearwisdom.net) On February 2, 2012, Falun Gong practitioners Mr. Li Chaochen and Mr. Wang Shenghua went to Qingyun County, Shandong Province for business, and their boss treated them to a meal. While at the restaurant, police officers, including Li Guangrong from the Qingyun Domestic Security Division, illegally arrested the two practitioners and took them to the Qingyun Detention Center. On February 20, without informing any of their relatives, the authorities sentenced Mr. Li and Mr. Wang to 21 months of forced labor. The forced labor camp refused to take Mr. Li since he failed to pass the health examination. Despite this, the Qingyun Police Department would not release him, and Mr. Li was taken back to the Qingyun Detention Center. Mr. Li's family demanded his release many times, but were driven away by officer Li Guangrong.

On February 7, Mr. Li and Mr. Wang's family members went to the Domestic Security Division and demanded that officer Li release the practitioners. Officer Li said there were no such detainees, but that there were two people who would not tell their names, and that they may be who the families were looking for. When the family members requested to see the practitioners in person, they were not only refused, but were forced to have their photos taken. After getting their photos taken, the family members were still not allowed to see the practitioners. They then went to the detention center and found out through inquiring that Mr. Wang was detained there, but there was no information about Mr. Li. A police officer took a photo of a detainee and showed it to the families, and the families confirmed that it was Mr. Li.

In the afternoon, the families went back to the police department and questioned officer Li as to what type of crime the practitioners had committed, and why they were being held at the detention center. Officer Li said it was due to a “Falun Gong gathering”. The families asked to see the arrest warrants, but officer Li refused.

On February 15, the families returned to the police department demanding the release of the practitioners. Officer Li pushed the family members out. During the course of events, one relative's hand bled from being scratched, and an elderly relative was pushed and fell. Officer Li dared the families to sue him.

As mentioned previously, on February 20, Mr. Li and Mr. Wang were sentenced to 21 months of forced labor. Officials did not inform their families. Mr. Li was denied admission by the forced labor camp for failing the health exam. Despite this, the Qingyun Police Department would not release him, and Mr. Li was sent back to the Qingyun Detention Center.

On February 21, family members again went to the Qingyun Police Department. Officer Li Guangrong and Liu Diangzhi, both in charge of persecuting Falun Gong practitioners, avoided seeing the families using various reasons. The police on duty did not allow the family members to go to the second floor to speak with the director of the police department. The families ran into director Chen Jingli in the lobby and described Mr. Li's situation. Director Chen said, “Isn't it just high blood pressure? Wait until he is in better health, and we will send him back to the forced labor camp.” Mr. Li's family requested to see him, but were refused. Director Chen also said that he had nothing to do with this case.

Parties responsible for the persecution of Mr. Li and Mr. Wang:
Chen Jingli, director of the Police Department: +86-13305341355 (Cell)
Liu Dianzhi, deputy director of the Police Department: +86-18953428688 (Cell)
Li Guangrong, 610 Office: +86-18953428009 (Cell)
Li Furui, 610 Office: +86-13365447619 (Cell)
Yao Wenguo, 610 Office: +86-13356272816 (Cell)
Li Yong, head of the Political and Legal Committee: +86-13573478888 (Cell)
Li Xiyan, superintendent of the Qingyun Detention Center: +86-18953428218 (Cell)