(Clearwisdom.net) There is a two-story building surrounded by fruit trees at the Wupai Water Reservoir in Feilong Town, Wusheng County, Guangan, Sichuan Province, with ten rooms to the left and ten rooms to the right of the main entrance. This is the notorious Wusheng Brainwashing Center, where Falun Gong practitioners are illegally detained. On the second floor are dormitories for the various personnel who work there, persecuting Falun Gong practitioners. The personnel include doctors from Guangan People's Hospital, food preparation employees, officers from the Guangan Procuratorate, and others. A plaque near the door of the building reads “Law Enforcement Education Center.”

In the three months from the late August to November 2011, many Falun Gong practitioners from Lingshui, Yuechi, and Guangan were arrested and detained at the Wusheng Brainwashing Center. Most of these practitioners were over 60 years old.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) in Guangan District uses the Politics and Law Committee as a central organization to direct police departments in the district to take turns each week guarding the brainwashing center grounds. The Guangan Procuratorate and Guangan Court also send officers to reside at the camp. An agent surnamed Huang, Jiang Bo, and an agent surnamed Du of the Guangan Politics and Law Committee, along with psychologist Zhang Shen, carry out manipulative and coercive methods to invert the truth, indoctrinate practitioners with lies, slander Dafa, and use vulgar language to insult Falun Gong practitioners, in an attempt to get them to renounce their beliefs.

1. Li Zhenhai Strangled by Huang and Jiang Bo

Huang and Jiang Bo used brooms to hit Dafa practitioner Mr. Li Zhenhai in the face. They lied to him and threatened him. They also took him to see the abbot of Guangan Zhaojue Temple in an attempt to sway his belief in Falun Gong. They exhausted all their tricks and were still unable to change Li Zhenhai's firm belief in Dafa.

Because Li Zhenhai refused to renounce Dafa, the amount of food he received was reduced. His meals included only one steamed bun for breakfast, 0.2 lb. of rice for lunch and 0.2 lb. for dinner. He was often beaten.

The head of the brainwashing center, Huang Guangming, an officer from the Guangan Police Department, denied having beaten or persecuted Li Zhenhai.

There is a person named Zhang Shen at the brainwashing center. People called him “Doctor Zhang.” Zhang slapped Li Zhenhai's face, beat him, and ordered him to stand for long periods of time. At the beginning, he ordered Mr. Li to stand up straight, and when Li did not comply, Zhang tied up his legs with rope. The rope was removed only when Mr. Li went to the restroom.

At one point, the secretary of the Huaying Politics and Law Committee tried to bribe Li Zhenhai in order to “transform” him, saying that if he renounced his belief he would be released the following day; otherwise, he would be shot. When Li Zhenhai chose not to be “transformed,” the secretary slapped Li's face ferociously.

Li Zhenhai used every opportunity to clarify the truth and persuade party cadres to quit the CCP and its affiliated organizations. In the end, Zhang said that Mr. Li was a person who would not give in even if beaten to death.

Li Zhenhai was detained at Wusheng Brainwashing Center for 50 days, and released unconditionally.

2. Ms. Hu Xiuchun from Guangan

Zhang Shen used vulgar language to insult Ms. Hu Xiuchun, and threatened to send her to a forced labor camp if she refused to renounce her belief.

3. Ms. Peng Qinglin Detained at a Forced Labor Camp for Two Years

Directors Wang Zhihai and Hu Lisha, of the Huaying Politics and Law Committee, sent Ms. Peng Qinglin directly from the forced labor camp to the Wusheng Brainwashing Center for further persecution. Hu recently graduated from a police academy. Peng Qinglin was forced to do things against Dafa in an effort to induce a mental collapse.

4. Mr. Peng Jianqun

Mr. Peng Jianqun was transferred from Chendu to the Wusheng Brainwashing Center by Wang Zhihai and officers from the criminal police team. Peng Jianqun is 70 years old, yet the CCP agents still subjected him to brainwashing.

5. Ms. Peng Donglian

Ms. Peng Donglian, who works at a business on Liao Street, Huaying, was taken to the brainwashing center by the Binghe East Road Residential Committee. She was forced to say that she would renounce her belief, which went against her heart.

6. Ms. Xu Xiaolian

Ms. Xu Xiaolian was arrested from her home and taken to the brainwashing center by Wang Zhihai and two police officers from the criminal police team.

Zhang Shen and Jiang Bo forced Ms. Xu to watch VCDs slandering Dafa, and to write things against Dafa. They threatened her by turning her family against her, and forced her to tear Teacher Li’s portrait, and to say that she would abandon cultivation. This resulted in Ms. Xu experiencing deep remorse.

7. Mr. Deng Qixing

Mr. Deng Qixing was taken away at midnight and brought to the brainwashing center by Wang Zhihai and others. City police officers interrogated him.

The above are recent accounts of Falun Gong practitioners being persecuted at the CCP’s Wusheng Brainwashing Center. Their families have also suffered enormous pain due to the persecution.