(Clearwisdom.net) Medical costs are now extremely high in China and people who are very sick find hospitalization quite expensive. They often must spend most of their savings to pay medical bills. Maintaining health can be expensive, but actually it is also very easy to have a healthy body. The following cases will illustrate this.

Case 1:

On December 17, 2011, the Minghui website (Chinese version of Clearwisdom.net) published an article about 59-year-old Yuan Fanghua, the trade union chairman of Yuanjiang Paper Manufacturing, in Yiyang of Hunan Province. He suffered from schistosomiasis (an infectious parasitic disease), and experienced severe fatigue. After he started practicing Falun Dafa and steadily cultivating himself based on Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, his illness soon vanished and he regained his energy. Furthermore, he was able to change his irritable mood and impetuous temper. All his friends agreed that Yuan Fanghua was a changed man!

Most people who are addicted to cigarette smoking have an extremely hard time quitting. They may quit, then start smoking again after a short time. Yuan Fanghua had this problem before he began practicing Falun Dafa. His job was stressful and he became quite addicted to cigarettes and alcohol. Yuan Fanghua successfully quit smoking and drinking alcohol very soon after he began practicing Falun Dafa. The habit never returned. Since cultivating Dafa, he has worked very diligently and behaved honestly. He was cited as a “model employee” in his manufacturing plant of over ten thousand employees. Very few people at his workplace had been so honored! As a reward, he was given first priority and consideration when a house became available at his workplace.

Case 2:

Yuan Fanghua's example is common among practitioners of Falun Dafa. For example, Jiang Xuefu, a police officer from Chenguan Police Station in Chenghui City, Jilin Province, suffered from tuberculosis. In cases of tuberculosis blood is expectorated. He experienced headaches and was overwhelmed with sorrow. All kinds of medical treatments did not cure his illness. In an attempt to recover, he tried various qigong methods, but they also didn't work. He became very tired and stressed. He started practicing Falun Dafa in 1995, and his illnesses all vanished. He then became very healthy.

Case 3:

On December 28, 2011, the Minghui website reported news concerning Li Songbiao. He resides in the Junshang district of Yueyang City, in Hunan Province. He suffered many illnesses, including a heart attack, kidney stones, nephritis, high pressure, cerebral atherosclerosis, and vertebrobasilar insufficiency. He was hospitalized in a nearby hospital in Hunan Province for eight months. The doctor advised and recommended that he not participate in any activity. Due to his health issues, he had to leave his work position so he could receive treatments at home. Li Songbiao nearly died. In March of 1999, he started practicing Falun Dafa. Amazingly, all of his illnesses disappeared! He became a very strong and energetic man and experienced how beautiful life can be for a healthy person.

Investigation Results

An investigation of Falun Dafa's ability to eliminate illness was approved by Chinese authorities in May of 1998. The Chinese State Council authorized scientific research of qigong under the control of the State Sports Bureau. As a result, the State Sports Bureau issued a series of special reports documenting their investigation of Falun Dafa. In order to assist with this investigation, the author, other doctors with different specialties, and professors of medicine, comprised an investigation group. Beginning in September 1998, 12,553 Falun Dafa practitioners were surveyed. They were asked to provide details about their physical and mental condition.

Among the surveyed practitioners, 27.9% were male and 72.1% were female; 48.4% were younger than 50 years of age and 51.6 % were older. A total of 10,475 practitioners reported having more than one illness, accounting for 83.4 % of the total number, but the majority of conditions improved greatly between 2-3 months and 2-3 years of practice. The effectiveness of healing was remarkable, with a complete recovery rate of 77.5 %. People with improved, but not yet completely-recovered health conditions, accounted for 20.4 %. Therefore, the total rate of healing and fitness improvement was found to be 97.9 %. In the same year, the State Sports Bureau organized medical specialists and professors in Beijing, Wuhan, Dalian, and Guangdong to survey approximately 35,000 practitioners. The research proved that the total rate of healing and fitness improvement was found to be up to 98%.