(Clearwisdom.net) I started to practice Falun Gong in 1997 and at that time, there were many people in my village who also practiced Falun Gong. I have experienced many cultivation states that Master mentioned.

Once when I was at a fellow practitioner's home, I saw the book Explaining the Content of Falun Dafa, and I borrowed it. There was one paragraph that said Master was giving lectures for 3 to 4 thousand practitioners. Master asked them to stretch out their right hands and he would install a Falun from top to bottom. Then Master asked if practitioners felt anything. When I read this, I also stretched out my right hand and right then I did feel a Falun spinning in the middle of my palm.

After July 20, 1999, I fell behind like other undetermined practitioners. One reason was the persecution by the evil Party. My old disease recurred and I took a lot of medicine but to no avail. So I started to do the exercises again, but when the disease disappeared, I stopped practicing again.

When I look back now, I realize that the real reason was that I couldn't eliminate my attachments to smoking, drinking wine, gambling, and more. I have wasted more than ten years. The thing I regret most is that right after I stopped cultivating Dafa, all my karma returned and it was very dangerous. I had a car accident when I was riding a motorcycle, and I got more than ten stitches on my forehead. This is the most profound lesson I have learned.

My parents are both practitioners. Although I stopped practicing, in my mind I knew Dafa was good. As long as I had time, I went to my parents' to read Dafa books. I always had a wish that I could practice again when I got older.

In November 2010, my old disease returned. My temples were very tight, my brain was stuck, and I had to walk gently because any motion caused extreme pain in my head. I was distressed, because if I had problems with my health, how could I support my elderly parents and raise my kids, who are in school. I though of Master and Dafa, and I wanted to start to practice again but at the same time I had so many things to worry about. Would Master accept me again?

On January 20, 2011, I finally made up my mind that, whether Master would accept me or not, I would practice Dafa. I did the five sets of exercises. At that moment, I deeply understood Master's mercy. After I finished the exercises, my brain disease was totally gone, and I felt cool and clear. I had never felt so comfortable. No words can express my appreciation.

Master said,

“This is because those who practice cultivation in our Falun Dafa make rapid progress, and they also make quick breakthroughs in their levels.” (Zhuan Falun)

I experienced this profoundly. In less than a month, my body and my palms always felt hot; especially when I was sending forth righteous thoughts, the feeling was stronger. The energy started from my palms, went to my belly, then to my head and surrounded my entire body. My left big toenail was black and had been totally separated from the skin for many years now. However, not long after I started practicing, the toenail came off, and a healthy new one grew attached to the flesh. Before I practiced Dafa, every winter problems with my cervical vertebra, shoulder periarthritis, and lumbago returned. However, they disappeared this winter. These miracles only happen in Dafa.

One night when we were studying the Fa together, another practitioner mentioned that a local practitioner had been persecuted to death at a detention center and I was scared. The next afternoon when I returned home after finishing my work, I took out Essentials for Further Advancement to read. I opened the book randomly and saw the page in “Huge Exposure:”

“But what were you afraid of? My disciples! Didn’t you hear me say that when a person succeeded in cultivating Arhatship, he stumbled because he developed fear in his heart? Every human attachment must be removed, no matter what it is.”

Yes, with Master, with Dafa, what could I be afraid of?

Since I returned to cultivation, one year has passed. There were always various things happening, sometimes physical difficulties and sometimes mental contradictions. I knew Master arranged these to help me repay my debts as soon as possible. I felt the time I have is really limited. Compared with other practitioners, I have fallen behind and I am always far behind the requirements of the Fa. I did little in spreading Dafa or saving people.

I want to tell those practitioners who gave up the practice and returned later that Master didn't give up on me even though I am not a qualified disciple. I have felt Master's mercy and care. He gave me a chance to practice cultivation again. I deeply felt the Buddha's boundless grace. I sincerely hope those practitioners who have left Dafa will come back again. Master won't blame us; He cherishes us more than we cherish ourselves.

When the enormous force of Fa-rectification arrives, we will be full of regret. We obtained Dafa, but because of various notions and karma, we didn't cherish Dafa. Master put a lot of effort into arranging our cultivation paths and suffered a lot to eliminate our karma, but we let Master down.

I sincerely call on those fellow practitioners to please come back to Dafa, come back to Master; board Master's Fa ship, do the three things well, and return home with Master.