(Clearwisdom.net) I remember that when I was five years old, I often cried because I was afraid of what happened to us after we died. My mother would comfort me with stories of deities in the heavens that she had heard from my grandfather, her father-in-law. I just couldn’t get enough of these stories and kept begging her to share more with me. I learned many things about my grandfather from her over the years, and I've repeated much of it below for others who might find it interesting.

Before the Japanese army set up its puppet government Manchukuo (which lasted from 1931 to 1945) in Changchun, Jilin Province, my grandmother suddenly went insane and nothing seemed to help. She was later cured by an elderly woman, a Taoist. My grandfather was so amazed that he became a disciple of this lady. With the approval of her revered Master, she ended up passing on all the Taoist secrets and techniques she had learned to my grandfather shortly before her death. Thus my grandfather became the last master of this cultivation practice and began his journey to treat patients. He also took in a lot of students and often led them in meditation.

Towards the end of the Manchukuo era, former Soviet soldiers invaded its capital city, Changchun, where my grandfather resided. One day he received a message from the “Revered Master,” warning him to not step out of the house in the next three days. By the third day, however, my grandfather just couldn’t resist the temptation to go out to buy some flour, and as he was walking down the street he got run over by a big truck driven by former Soviet soldiers, which crushed both of his legs. The pain was so intense that his face became pale and he was sweating profusely. After being carried home, he asked his students to seek assistance from the “Revered Master.” In just a short while, one student with his third eye open reported that the “Revered Master” had just sent down an old man to the rescue. The old man gave him a cup of tea to serve to my grandfather. In no time, people saw the swelling on his legs subside. Soon they heard a click and the broken legs were healed. A short while later, he got out of the bed by himself and began to walk around.

One of my grandfather’s students enlisted in the National Government Forces to fight the invading Japanese army. He once got lost during a battle and as he was wandering around, he ran into a group of Japanese troops. He had nowhere to hide, so he recited some verses to summon his supernatural capabilities and made himself invisible. The soldiers indeed didn’t see him at all, as they just walked by. Imagine what would have happened at that time if a fully armed Chinese soldier was caught by Japanese troops.

My uncle (grandfather’s oldest son) also followed his father to learn this cultivation practice. Later he became an officer in the National Government Forces. During one battle, he heard some sounds coming from his backpack. When he opened it up, he saw lots of bullets. There were holes in his backpack yet no bullets had touched his skin.

There was a strict requirement in my grandfather’s cultivation practice. No students were allowed to join the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP), which was considered a reincarnation of furry, armored animals. No matter how good a person one may be, they’d be totally ruined and headed to hell once they joined the CCP. My grandfather said, “After the evil Party took power, the celestial landscape changed. The evil Party brought in all kinds of lowly beings and monsters to the human world for the purpose of destroying human beings. Morality is declining and people can’t tell good from bad.” Once a student with his third eye open was in a meeting at his workplace when he suddenly saw that the Party secretary on stage was indeed a python, and the manager was a big fox with a long tail.

Grandfather also said that the evil CCP intended to destroy the five thousand years of Chinese history and to ruin traditional value systems. When people’s hearts went bad, they would be eventually meet with an epidemic with no cure. He warned, “You may see people collapse in the middle of their conversations and see one family die after another. There will be no living persons on the streets and you’ll see bodies piled everywhere. It’d be fortunate if only one hundred million people could be spared.”

But it’s not to say there’s no hope. Once my grandfather and his students were doing meditation when one disciple with his third eye open saw a golden ship with beaming golden lights appear in the sky over Changchun. The people aboard the ship were all very happy and they were dancing and singing. They were all wearing colorful clothes. It was a grand scene. He described what he saw to my grandfather and asked, “What kind of people can board this ship?” Grandfather let out a sigh saying, “Those who can board the Big Blessing Ship are truly the most blessed. They must be really kindhearted people. Once they board the ship, they are blessed to avoid calamity and disaster.”

One day during the late 1970s my uncle came to visit my parents and said excitedly, “I went to Heaven yesterday during my meditation and saw a Big Blessing Ship over Changchun. It was several stories tall. I saw people aboard wearing colorful clothes, singing and dancing. There were also countless people on the nearby shore, but they couldn’t reach the ship.”

Grandfather’s cultivation practice was persecuted in the 1950s, and many of his students were arrested. Grandfather was also harassed. His “Revered Master” told him that they would have to stop seeing people publicly once the CCP came to power. Grandfather followed the advice closely, not accepting any new students or treating any patients. However, he had to break his promise when the husband of a family of six begged him to treat the wife who had become insane. The family needed their mother to take care of their four children. My grandfather didn’t want to see the family suffer any longer, so he used his supernormal abilities to cure her. The family’s neighbor, however, reported Grandfather to the authorities, who subsequently imprisoned him for two years. During the Cultural Revolution, Grandfather was labeled as “counter-revolutionary.” Some of his students didn’t heed his advice to practice privately and still treated patients. As a result, some contracted critical illnesses themselves, while others were charged with “practicing superstition” and sentenced.

The “Revered Master” told my grandfather that even though his practice was now obsolete, a true Buddha Fa would appear in Changchun. So my grandfather kept waiting and waiting, and this belief carried him through the rest of his life. When he died at the age of 81, his last words to his family were, “Unfortunately I can’t wait that long, but you’ll see the day come when the true Buddha Fa is being preached.” He also told everyone, “Changchun is a treasure and be sure to stay here. Never leave this place.”

My uncle failed to heed grandfather’s advice and joined the evil CCP, as he was unable to resist the lure of money and fame. He became a CCP official and accumulated a lot of karma. His health deteriorated quickly, and he suffered from all kinds of illnesses. When he still possessed the supernatural capability of clairvoyance, he saw that he was originally destined to live to the age of 79. But due to his CCP affiliation, his life expectancy was shortened and he died at the age of 64.

Several decades passed in a blink of the eye. In May 1992, Master Li Hongzhi introduced Falun Dafa, the ultimate Buddha Fa, to the public in Changchun. Dafa cultivators follow the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, and they have benefited tremendously. My mother and I, along with some other family members, were fortunate enough to begin our cultivation of Falun Dafa in 1995. Through our cultivation we came to appreciate the preciousness of Dafa and began to understand the many mysteries my grandfather left to us. We now know that the Big Blessing Ship he mentioned is indeed the Fa ship that numerous people have boarded. The ship has embarked on its journey and traveled throughout the world. Falun Dafa has reached more than one hundred countries, and millions of people have come to cultivate this great Fa. Falun Dafa is attracting kindhearted people around the world.

I urge everyone not to miss this once-in-a-million-year opportunity. I hope more people become receptive to the truth of Falun Dafa and withdraw from the CCP and its affiliated organizations. I hope they can all be saved and board the Big Blessing Ship.