(Clearwisdom.net) My sister called me last November, wanting to send my nephew to a special school in my city, 600 miles away from where she lives, for an Internet addiction treatment. Her son was in his third year of junior high school. My nephew gradually turned into a troubled teenager after he had started junior high school. He spent all of his time in Internet cafes. He skipped school to play computer games day and night with one of his classmates. My sister had to search all of the local Internet cafes and go to the homes of his classmates to locate him. On one occasion, she pulled him out of a cabinet in that particular classmate's home. She was so angry that she nearly collapsed. She almost had a car accident on several occasions due to the stress from her son's behavior. She even thought to end her own life. His Internet addiction caused aggravation for the whole family. My nephew even threatened to kill his parents if they continued to force him to stop playing computer games and go to school. He was eventually kicked out of school.

My sister didn't want to hear about Falun Dafa, but I never gave up trying to save her and her family. I suggested that she bring her son to stay with me for a while instead of sending him to the special school, saying that maybe we could hire some good teachers or college students to tutor him. I had confidence that he would change, and my sister agreed with my suggestion.

My nephew came to my home in early December. In the first few days, he always asked me questions and placed demands wherever we went: “Is there any fighting around here? Why not?” “Is there an Internet cafe?” “Buy me some alcohol or cigarettes!” After he studied for a little over 10 minutes, he would get tired and would want to take a break or try to get online. He then revealed to me that he was a street gangster. He took money as a “protection fee” from people in school or on the street and spent it on alcohol, cigarettes, Internet cafes and girls.

During the first two months, his bad habits still remained, but little changes were happening. In addition to hiring tutors to help him, I told him some real-life and historical stories and the truth about the wicked Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Because he could differentiate good and bad, he liked what he was told and realized the extraordinarily evil nature of the CCP. I told him the facts about Dafa and had him watch Shen Yun DVDs and one of Master's Fa lectures. I took him to our group experience sharing meeting one day, and he listened to the cultivation stories quietly. He later mentioned that he had felt dizzy when he got there, but he still listened to everyone.

He had a dream that night that he fell to the ground and died, after his chest was punctured by three needles. He asked me what this dream might have meant. I said to him, “It was a good thing because it was the layer that was full of karma, inside you, that was punctured to death. It was not the real you. You would not be able to see your own death.” This dream happened two more times. He said, “I died again, I died again.” Actually, Master was saving him.

One day, my nephew happily informed me that he told his father over the phone that he had renounced the CCP. His father said, “Help me to quit, too.” He eagerly asked me, “Please help my parents quit!” At first, I only helped his father quit the CCP, but then he insisted on helping his mother quit, too. He said, “This way they both can be saved.”

I sent him back home on the day of the Chinese New Year. Before we went, he said to me meaningfully that he had cut ties with his street “friends.” I was worried that his Internet addiction may come back once he left my house, but he got online only a few times in the first few days thereafter and then completely stopped using the Internet. His parents happily told me that he no longer goes online but studies at home quietly. When scolded, he no longer argues with his parents. He has totally changed and become a new person, and the whole family is now in harmony.

His changes were completely beyond my expectation. One thing that greatly surprised me was that he got the best score in English in his class in his new school. He also did well on his math test. The parents have been very happy to see his changes and expressed their gratitude to me. It reminded me of his three dreams: It was Master who helped this young man eliminate his karma, layer by layer, and bring back his good nature. Quitting the CCP not only saved him but also his parents, and it brought about such incredible changes!