(Clearwisdom.net) I previously read three lectures of Zhuan Falun a day, but I simply pursued a large quantity of Fa study and did not absorb the Fa well, and my thoughts often sneaked away. After I discovered this problem, I decided to read only as much as I could, instead of merely trying to read a certain amount of Fa, as it would be a waste of time if I could not concentrate. As the matter stood, I found I could concentrate on Fa study.

I studied Hong Yin III yesterday. Although I used to finish reading the book in half a day, this time I only studied the “Poetry” section in the morning, but I had a deeper understanding of it than before. I went out to take a break in the afternoon and saw a DVD of “Shen Yun Chorus Concert” on the snowy pavement. I learned from some practitioners' articles that the song lyrics in the DVD were from Hong Yin III. I was just about to study that section, so it came just in time. The DVD was not in a box, so it was soaked by the snow. I dried it off and played it. I watched the first four songs and was very moved.

I finished reading the “Lyrics” section of Hong Yin III the next morning. An idea occurred to me in the afternoon while I was taking a break: it would be so great to spend my time, which I previously spent listening to popular songs, on learning the songs on the Shen Yun DVD. Before I became a practitioner, I liked to sing popular songs. My dad said my singing was the best, besides him, in the family. After I joined the practice, I gradually was not able to sing popular songs well, and my voice broke as soon as I sang, but I still liked listening to the popular songs.

I attempted to learn the Shen Yun songs with a popular song singing technique, but my voice kept breaking again. I know the performers sing very well; I can feel their compassion. I realized that I could not sing the songs with a popular song singing technique. I then tried to learn their operatic method of singing. Operatic singing is very specialized, and I had never learned it before. The Shen Yun Chorus performers sang with compassion and harmony, and it really touched me. I persisted at learning to sing with their style of operatic singing; unexpectedly, it was quite pleasant.

My dad, who did not have good hearing, came over to look at the lyrics on my computer screen. He discovered they were Dafa songs, but he did not show any opposition. Although my father had already withdrawn from the Communist Party and its affiliates, he still had deep evil Party notions. However, he did not oppose my singing Dafa songs.

The first song was “Scatter Manna.” After the performers sang one sentence, I pressed the pause key and learned one sentence. I was very sincere, and unexpectedly, my operatic singing was also pleasant. I looked over at my dad; although he was watching TV, he muted the sound and listened to my singing. I was going to sing louder so he could hear me, but once I had this attachment, he stopped listening, interrupted me, and told me about what was on TV. I immediately realized it was because my thoughts had sneaked away and an attachment had emerged. Then I did not pay any attention him; I just concentrated very hard and wholeheartedly learned the song. Dad was also moved by how pleasant I sounded. In less than 40 minutes, I learned how to sing “Scatter Manna.” I personally felt the wonder of the melody and the mercy it passed on.

I did not know operatic singing before today. I began to learn authentic operatic singing and felt my voice was beautiful; that joy was the same as enlightening to a section of the Fa. I used to explain the truth to sentient beings indirectly, with democracy and about the corruption of the evil Party, but the effect was not good. Now, while I was concentrating on learning the songs written by Teacher and on Fa study, I had actually affected dad accidentally. I realized that, in order to change the environment, I must first use righteous thoughts.

Thanks to Teacher for His salvation, and thanks to fellow practitioners.