(Minghui.org) Mr. Wang Qingsheng, a Falun Gong practitioner from Xiangtan, Hunan, was released last year after nine years in prison. In mid-September 2012, he was again followed and harassed by the Chinese Community Party (CCP). On October 17, he was taken to the so-called Legal Training Center at Changsha by police from the 610 Offices in Xiangtan City and the Xiangtan Steel Company. Since Mr. Wang appeared very sick, he was refused admission by the training center. The next morning, he was taken to the Wujia Garden Brainwashing Center and held until November 15, after the CCP's 18th National Congress had ended.

1. Most Recent Arrest

In mid-September 2012, under orders from the 610 Office in Xiangtan City, Peng Yunfei and Li Jingan, two CCP officers at the Bar Mill of the Xiangtan Steel Company, and two employees went to Wang Qingsheng's home. They talked to Mr. Wang, saying, "The factory decided to send two people to 'protect' you. For your safety, you should notify us whenever you leave home." They also broke into Mr. Wang's bedroom and took photos.

Mr. Wang responded, "If you came as colleagues, you would be welcome. However, I won't entertain you if you came for other reasons. The CCP has committed crimes against me. Please get out." Peng Yunfei then said he represented both himself and the factory. Mr. Wang replied, "I have been retired for more than 10 years. The factory never gave me a penny of my pension and almost pushed me out with nowhere to live. Now you try to deceive me and all the staff in the factory? You send people to 'protect' me? Don't you think that’s ridiculous? Don't interfere with my freedom. That's illegal. All the crimes the CCP committed will be judged in the future. You should be careful not to become its scapegoat." Although the intruders left, two young men continued to stalk, monitor, and harass Mr. Wang.

At around 8:00 a.m. on October 17, 2012, three CCP officials from the Xiangtan Steel Company, Cao Weining, Peng Yunfei and Li Jingan, broke into Mr. Wang's house. Cao Weining, the union vice-chairperson, said, “The CCP secretary of our factory wants to talk to you. We are here to pick you up.” Mr. Wang replied, “I won't go. You are planning to illegally arrest me. There are about seven officers downstairs. You people are breaking the law.” Peng Yunfei opened the door and called the police upstairs. Under the direction of Tang Yong, head of the Xiangtan 610 Office, Tang Hua, the head of the Social Stabilization Office, and several police in plainclothes broke into Mr. Wang's house, declaring, “We are following orders.”

The police took Mr. Wang to the Law Training Center in the Kaifu District in Changsha City. Mr. Wang appeared very sick during the physical exam, so the center would not accept him. The next morning, Mr. Wang was arrested again and detained at the Wujia Garden brainwashing center at Xiangtan City. Mr. Wang was released on October 15, after the CCP's 18th National Congress had ended.

The following Falun Gong practitioners were also detained at the Wujia Garden Brainwashing Center: Li Mengjun, Zhang Xinmin, Liu Heqing, Luo Xiangjiang, and Xiong Chunxia. In addition, there were a couple of other practitioners detained whose names were unknown. It was also known that practitioner Luo Yinping was taken there.

2. Mr. Wang's Diseases Were Healed

Wang Qingsheng, 61, is retired from the 2nd Bar Mill of the Xiangtan Steel Company. He suffered from many diseases before practicing Falun Gong, such as Meniere's, neurasthenia, gastritis and bleeding, duodenitis, lumbar disc hernia, chronic diarrhea, rectal prolapse, chronic pharyngitis, chronic otitis media, and chronic sinusitis. He also suffered from vertigo, which caused vomiting and trembling, and his stomach cramps resulted in massive stomach hemorrhages, both of which sometimes brought him perilously close to death. Even after medical treatment, he still felt dizzy and very weak, and was very pale. During that time, he was taken to the emergency room by ambulance almost every year.

In April 1996, Mr. Wang started practicing Falun Gong and his health improved dramatically. His weight increased and he had more energy. All his diseases disappeared. From May 1996 until his retirement, he never spent a penny on medicine and never took a sick day off. Once during work, his feet were injured by a 12-pound hammer. His feet became swollen and black. It was very painful. Co-workers said that it must be a comminuted fracture and that he had to go to the hospital immediately. He said, “I am a Falun Dafa practitioner. There won’t be a problem. We are short of workers. I cannot leave now.” So he kept on working. After a few days, his feet healed. All the co-workers and managers saw how amazing it was to practice Falun Dafa.

3. Admired for Following Falun Dafa’s Principles of Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance

At work, Mr. Wang always bore hardships without complaint. He also cared about others' safety. At that time, Mr. Wang’s group produced the most ingots per day in the company's history, and he held one of the key positions in their production. He never fought with others over benefits. When his colleagues faced danger, he always let them know in time and the danger was avoided. On occasion when a colleague fell into a trench, Mr. Wang would jump down to rescue him without hesitation. Once when a flat of ingots as hot as 1000 centigrade landed on a co-worker, he was the first to rush to get to him and help him. After pulling his co-worker out from under the ingots, Mr. Wang took off his cotton-padded coat, wrapped up his colleague’s body, and put out the flames. After the event, he did not seek any recognition for the rescue.

Mr. Wang supervised the most apprentices at that time. He always taught them one-on-one. His apprentices became the mainstays of the factory. He never asked for anything from them.

In 2001, Mr. Wang was detained in the security department of the factory. The new HR department head talked to him, saying, “Mr. Wang Qingsheng, you really have a good reputation. Everybody says you are good.” He replied, “That's because I am a Falun Dafa practitioner who follows Truthfulness-Benevolence-Forbearance.”

4. Detained Four Times

From July 1999 to February 2002, Mr. Wang was detained four times. In 2000, he went to Beijing during his vacation to appeal for Falun Gong. However, the National Appeals Office sent him to the Xiangtan Detention Center and he was detained there for a month. They also forced him to pay for the cost to have him escorted from Beijing to Xiangtan, about 5,000 yuan, and his salary was suspended for six months.

When he was detained at the Miyun Detention Center in Beijing, he was cruelly beaten for more than five hours by three strong police officers – the deputy head of the detention center, the captain of the criminal team, and a clerk. The officers pushed him down and forced his head to his feet. They then put a chair on his back and sat on the chair. Later, the police grabbed his tie and tied up his hands. They used a stick to pry his hands apart to the extreme and inserted the other side of the stick into the chair. After only a short time, Mr. Wang's hands became numb due to the extreme pain. Also, the police knew that Falun Gong practitioners did not smoke, so they lit a dozen cigarettes and inserted two into his nose. Mr. Wang could not breathe, so he had to open his mouth. The police then put several cigarettes in his mouth. The smoke almost suffocated him. The police then beat him about the head and body for several hours and pinched his face and ears. It was so painful that he almost lost consciousness. The police said, “We can beat you to death. And then we can claim you committed suicide.” The brutal interrogation lasted from 5:00 p.m. until past 10:00 p.m.

5. Twice Held in Custody

Mr. Wang was taken into custody at the Xiangtan Steel Company Hotel and kept there for three months. He was again held there in custody in early March 2001. At that time, he had been caring for his frail 78-year-old father for three months. Pan Lin, Chen Zhixiang, Li Zhanzhou, and other officers from the Xiangtan Steel Police Station and security department broke into Mr. Wang's home. Mr. Wang's father asked, “What crime has my son committed?” The police replied, “Your son was the assistant of a Falun Gong practice site. We are afraid he will go to Beijing to appeal.” Mr. Wang's father asked, “You are going to arrest him just because you are afraid that he will go to Beijing to appeal for Falun Gong? What laws do you obey? I am old and sick, and it is difficult to live by myself. I need him to stay and help me. Please do not arrest him.” The police then called their leader. The 610 Office and police station heads ordered Mr. Wang's arrest, so he was taken away.

Mr. Wang’s father then had no one to take care of him. He lived alone, in fear and worry, and passed away shortly afterwards.

Mr. Wang Qingsheng's son previously worked at the research center of the Xiangtan Steel Company. The Xiangtan 610 Office and Xiangtan Steel Company Guard Department constantly harassed, threatened, and intimidated him because of his father. To escape this interference, Mr. Wang's son resigned from the company and went to other cities to look for work. He still has no permanent position and often finds it hard to make ends meet.

6. Imprisoned for Nine Years, Transferred to Four Prisons

A fellow practitioner once told Mr. Wang what was really going on inside Baimalong Women's Forced Labor Camp at Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province, after she was released from there. Mr. Wang wrote an article about it and submitted it to the Minghui website. It was titled, “The Dark Side of Baimalong Women's Labor Camp at Zhuzhou City, Hunan Province.” It detailed the horrendous persecution of Falun Gong practitioners in the camp. As a result, on February 2, 2002, the National Security police arrested Mr. Wang and took away all his Dafa materials. They also took his motorcycle, cellphone, watches, recorders, and cash in his possession.

In January 2003, Mr. Wang was sentenced to nine years in prison. He was first kept in the 2nd Team of the 2nd Guard District of Changsha Prison. In September 2004, he was transferred to the 3rd Team of the 4th Guard District of Chishan Prison in Yiyang City. In March 2005, he was again transferred, this time to Chenzhou Prison. In March 2007, he was transferred to the 2nd Team of the 2nd Guard District of Jinshi Prison in Changde. He was released on February 9, 2011. During those nine years, he was tortured both physically and mentally by police and prisoners. After he was released, a doctor examined him and said that there was no fluid around his intestines, so they were not functioning properly.

Mr. Wang has now been arrested again, just after his nine-year prison term ended.

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