(Minghui.org) Chinese people have the custom of visiting relatives and friends around the Chinese New Year, especially in the countryside. From the second day of the year through the tenth are the peak times. In order for more people to learn the facts about Falun Gong, we put up posters with words such as “Falun Dafa is Good”, “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good”, and “Heaven abolishes the Chinese Communist Party and protects China” on utility poles on the main streets on New Year’s Eve. We estimate that we distributed truth clarification materials 62 times a year. Each time, we distributed 300 sets, making it 18,000 sets a year. In twelve years, we have distributed a total of 210,000 sets.

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Greetings, Respectful Teacher:
Greetings, Fellow practitioners:

We are taking this opportunity of the 9th China Fahui to summarize our experiences of helping Teacher rectify the Fa and save sentient beings. We wish to report the results to Teacher, and share with practitioners.

1. Obtaining and Promoting the Fa

We are veteran practitioners who learned Dafa before July 20, 1999. At that time, only a few people in the village had learned Dafa. We actively promoted it, since we had all benefited from it. Within a year, over 200 people in the village had learned Dafa. We did group exercises in the mornings and evenings, and studied the Fa. Our xinxing elevated very quickly, and our health improved a lot. Everyone felt that his or her body was relaxed and agile. New people joined us every day.

2. Stepping out of the tribulation

When Jiang Zemin initiated the persecution of Dafa and practitioners, our Fa-study and exercise environment was destroyed. Three female practitioners went to Beijing to appeal, but were arrested along the way and brought back. They were held in the police station for three days. Each was made to pay 2,000 yuan before being released.

On the evening of July 22, 1999, the party director of our village led a few agents from the police station to ransack the homes of nine practitioners. They did it three times in a night, taking away Dafa books, video tapes of Fa-lectures and exercises, a tape recorder, and exercise clothes, and extorted 500 yuan from practitioners. Since then, the nine practitioners have been targeted. They were told to report to the office every morning and evening. Each had two party members spying on them, and needed to obtain permission to leave the village. This caused them tremendous mental stress.

In the beginning, we did not know how to react, and tried to endure the persecution. One day in October, 1999, the branch office of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) told nine of us to go to the office for a meeting. After we arrived, they read materials that slandered Dafa and tried to brainwash us. We pointed out their fallacies and clarified the facts. At the end of the meeting, practitioner B said: “We are all cultivating ourselves to become better people. Why do you ask us to report to you every day, restrict our movement, and treat us like criminals?” Other practitioners also joined in and said that from then on we would not do anymore reporting. Since then, the environment has improved.

After the meeting, practitioner C suggested that we go to practitioner A’s house that night to study the Fa. Five of us went. We decided that we should have a group study environment so we started a Fa study group at practitioner A’s house, and got together every five days from then on.

3. Study the Fa Well and Elevate Together

It has been 20 years since Teacher began to teach the Fa. In order for us to elevate ourselves, Teacher has always reminded us about the importance of studying Dafa. Teacher said: “Study the Fa well and abundantly--and do so frequently--become true cultivators of Dafa, and shoulder the responsibility of helping Dafa to spread widely and save sentient beings.” (“To the First Fa Conference in India”)

We were all on time and did not talk about irrelevant things at the Fa study. We did not chat about ordinary people’s matters, and only concentrated on the Fa. Aside from the group Fa study, we studied Dafa by ourselves individually, too. After a few years, practitioner A had recited Zhuan Falun from memory seven times, practitioner B had done so five times, and some others had done it three times and recited Hong Yin over ten times.

Our Fa study has never stopped since the study group was formed. Be it hail or wind, snow or rain, or on the so called “sensitive days” for the CCP, we were not interrupted. We have developed a mechanism, and formed an indestructible unity. This has laid a good foundation for us to work on validating the Fa and saving sentient beings.

There were lots of difficulties and joys in the Fa-memorizing process. In the beginning, we were worried whenever we picked up Zhuan Falun, thinking that it was impossible to memorize such a thick book. The thoughts of being afraid of difficulties and wanting to stop kept returning and the notions kept interfering, causing us to be unable to focus. There was always a struggle between the righteous and the evil in my mind every time I memorized the Fa. When I strengthened my belief, cast off the interference, and asked Teacher for support, I was able to focus very instantly and the paragraph could be quickly memorized. Sometimes I had a shock and felt that a thick shell throughout my body was shed. I felt that my body was immeasurably relaxed, my xinxing was elevated, and the whole space had changed. The wonder cannot be described, it was just too marvelous. I enlightened that it was the layers of divine beings behind the Fa displaying the inner meaning of it to us so that we could see things that we should know at our level. Studying and memorizing the Fa and assimilating ourselves with it are just so wonderful.

4. Sending Forth Righteous Thoughts and Eliminating the Evil

Teacher said:

“Let me tell you, all those who remain and that can persecute Dafa and Dafa disciples are due to our students themselves. Students who haven't taken sending forth righteous thoughts seriously: the evil in the dimensions that you are supposed to shoulder and be responsible for has not been eliminated. That's the cause. So you must take sending forth righteous thoughts seriously. No matter whether you think you have the ability or not, you should do it. What you eliminate from your own mind are ones which have an effect within the expanse of your own body; at the same time, you need to eliminate the external ones, which are directly related to the dimensions you're in. If you don't eliminate them, then they not only persecute you and restrain you, but also persecute other students, other Dafa disciples.” (“Fa-Lecture at the Conference in Florida, U.S.A.”)

Sending forth righteous thoughts is one of the three things that Teacher asks practitioners to do and is very important. Our Fa study group thinks it is very important. Aside from participating in the global practitioners’ sending forth righteous thoughts every day, we did it at seven, eight, nine and ten o’clock every night. We also took part in the relay of sending forth righteous thoughts to rescue fellow practitioners. Everyone bought two watches and seldom missed the time.

5. Validate the Dafa and Save Sentient Beings Using Different Ways

We studied the article “Let Go of Human Attachments and Save the World's People” over ten times after Teacher published it. We all realized the importance of validating Dafa and saving sentient beings. So we used all sorts of ways to accomplish this.

5-1. The roller printer

One day in 2004, practitioner C bought a printer for 500 yuan. At the time it was considered pretty advanced. It was like switching from a shotgun to a canon compared to the carbon paper we used previously. After a few tries, we finally managed to print a few pages and everyone was delighted. Because of the attachment of being too engrossed, the evil took hold of our loopholes and the plate was damaged after it had printed about 20 pages. We spent an hour making another one, but the quality was poor. Through the process I discovered my lack of patience. The process of making the plate was also a cultivation process. After lots of effort, we distributed the materials to the neighboring village that night.

5-2. Distributing Dafa information materials

Teacher emphasized the importance of telling people the facts and saving sentient beings in every encounter. So we need to do it as well as we can.

Our village is at the center of the county. It might be also Teacher’s arrangement, so it was more convenient for us to go anywhere in the county. Our county is very populous, with over 200 villages, each with over 3,000 people. We distributed a large amount of Dafa information materials so that sentient beings could all see them. With a two-person team on a motorcycle, we distributed the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, DVDs, and some pamphlets. We distributed them at least once a week, and as many as 800 sets a night.

In the past thirteen years, no matter whether it was rainy or windy, snowy or icy, or whether it was a CCP sensitive day, we did not skip once. The Chinese New Year is an especially good time to distribute materials. We printed 2,000 pamphlets beforehand. From December 28 through January 7, we distributed materials seven times. Two of the practitioners have been distributing materials on every New Year’s Eve for the past eleven years. We usually distributed 400 sets of materials on New Year’s Eve, and posted 100 posters, so that people could see the truth-clarification materials when they visited friends and relatives on the morning of New Year’s Day. Chinese people have a custom of visiting relatives and friends around the Chinese New Year, especially in the countryside. From the second day of the year through the tenth are the busiest times. In order for more people to see the facts about Falun Gong, we put up posters with words such as “Falun Dafa is Good”, “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good”, “Heaven abolishes the Chinese Communist Party and protects China” on utility poles in main streets on New Year’s Eve. The estimation is that we distributed truth clarification materials 62 times a year. Each time we distributed 300 sets, making it 18,000 sets a year. In twelve years, we have distributed a total of 210,000 sets. Delivering these 210,000 sets of materials provided countless numbers of stories of pain, sorrow and happiness. The following are some examples:

(1) On the night of December 27 a few years ago, a male practitioner (now 71 years old) rode a motorcycle with a female practitioner (now 73) sitting in the back to a village 20 miles away to distribute Dafa information materials. When they had finished about 2/3rds of the materials, suddenly one of the tires went flat. No shops around could repair it, and they had to push the heavy motorcycle back while taking frequent rest stops. In December in northern China, the temperature was below 0 degrees, but the two sweated profusely.

After about 2 miles, they finally found a bike shop, but it was already closed. They begged the owner to help them. But after the tire was finally repaired, they found that the motorcycle would not start. They sent forth righteous thoughts for a while, but it did not help. Being so worried that they forgot to look inward at the time, they pushed the motorcycle back toward home, and in the meantime, they decided that they needed to finish distributing all the informational materials.

After another mile or so, practitioner E suggested that she and practitioner D split the materials and distribute them separately. After they finished distributing all the Dafa informational materials, they felt relaxed. While reciting Teacher’s “What is to fear?” from Hong Yin II, they walked another mile or so, when they met practitioner A, who was driving a car to come to get them. It was past midnight when they finally returned home.

(2) One night in 2010, two practitioners rode a motorcycle to a village 15 miles away to distribute Dafa informational materials. When they got close, they found the motorcycle was acting strangely. They sensed that it was the evil in other dimensions interfering. Their first thought was: “Teacher please save us,” while sending forth strong righteous thoughts. They thought that they were doing the most righteous things and no one could interfere with them. Very soon the motorcycle returned to normal.

(3) One night in July 2011, two practitioners rode a motorcycle to a village to distribute Dafa informational materials, and finished the 400 copies that they had brought with them very quickly. On their way home, suddenly it started pouring. The rain was so heavy that the water accumulated on the ground and the engine of the motorcycle stopped firing no matter how hard they tried. They had to push the motorcycle home. It took them over an hour to go about two miles. It was past midnight when they got home. Later at the group study, they felt that it was their attachment of being too engrossed that caused them trouble. They thought that distributing the Dafa informational materials had gone very smoothly and they became too engrossed.

6. Putting Up Posters

On World Falun Dafa Day (May 13), April 25, July 20, and New Year's Day every year, we use many ways to display the goodness of Dafa by putting up posters that state “Falun Dafa is good”, “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance is good”, and “Falun Dafa is a righteous way”. We put them on all the utility poles on major streets in the county and the neighboring counties. It greatly suppresses the evil and sets up a strong field of righteous thoughts.

7. Making Fact-Clarification Phone Calls

In recent years our Fa study group bought five cell phones for making fact-clarification phone calls. Every time when we went to distribute Dafa information materials, on the way there or back, the practitioner riding on the back always made phone calls or sent emails to tell people facts about Falun Gong. Two other elderly female practitioners also learned how to make phone calls to tell people the facts.

Making phone calls to tell people facts about Falun Gong is also a good way to cultivate oneself. It can remove one’s attachments. When we have fewer attachments, and have strong righteous thoughts and hold a pure and benevolent heart to save people, the person receiving the phone call will be more likely to listen and listen longer.

Once we called a political director of the CCP in a neighboring county and played the “Lawsuit against Jiang Zemin in Spain” recording. The lady repeated every sentence she heard to the people around her. After the recording was over, she asked us to play it one more time, and the practitioner did so for her. We were happy that the sentient beings were saved.

When we have lots of attachments, the other party’s response will not be good. They will hang up after only a few sentences. Cell phones will fail often, run out of charge, or lose connection. In such cases, we need to look inward to find deficiencies in our xinxing, and send forth righteous thoughts to rid ourselves of any factors that interfere with our saving sentient beings, and ask Teacher for help. Then things will go smoothly.

8. Using Bills to Tell People the Facts

Using bills with the facts printed on them is a good way to spread the facts and also to cultivate oneself. The bills we used were one-Yuan, five-Yuan, ten-Yuan, and twenty-Yuan denominations. At first, we had heavy attachments to fear. Later, with continuous Fa-studying and cultivating our minds, the attachments lessened, and we could use the bills very calmly. Some people say it is now fashionable to use bills with words on them. Sometimes we took the opportunity to tell people more and urge them to quit the CCP. The results were good.

9. Putting up posters for Shen Yun DVDs

Early this spring, fellow practitioners all said that we had done quite a bit of work, but we needed to strengthen our Fa study. So we changed from studying the Fa in a group every five days to every day. Through studying the Fa, sharing experiences, and looking inward, we have elevated our xinxing and strengthened our righteous thoughts. The coordination and cooperation among us has also improved. This has laid a solid foundation for our doing the three things. It is all thanks to Teacher’s help and arrangement.

This March, the coordinating practitioner brought back a box containing 600 pages of posters for the Shen Yun DVDs. We began posting them right away. We did it for eight nights in a row, putting up 80 posters a night, covering over 30 villages.

Putting up posters is a hard work. The practitioner who drove the motorcycle is 71 years old. The road was icy. They needed to cover three to four villages a night. The female practitioner had to finish over 80 posters in a night, and she had to mount and dismount the motorcycle for each poster. One cannot wear gloves putting up posters. With temperatures below zero, it was truly painful working with bare hands. After they finished, she told other practitioners that she did not feel cold at all. Indeed her hands were warmer than those who stayed back. Everyone was moved by the wonder.

10. Handing out Shen Yun DVDs face to face

On the first day of spring this year, our coordinator brought back a box of Shen Yun DVDs. We played one, and all felt that this is the world’s best show. We decided that we definitely needed to give them to people face to face.

We divided ourselves into teams of two. Once in a village we told the facts to a store owner. When she received the Shen Yun DVD, she said: “Marvelous. How much?” The fellow practitioner told her that it was free, and the purpose was to preserve the 5,000 years of Chinese culture. It is a world class artistic performance. The owner told the practitioner that they had about ten people in the factory and wanted to get DVDs for them. She guaranteed that they would all watch the DVD. The practitioner gave all nine DVDs that she had left to her.

Another team distributed DVDs after dinner every night. They would ask people they met on the streets to see if they have DVD players at home. If they did, they would introduce briefly the contents of the DVD and tell them that this is a world class show. Most people would gladly take it.

There were of course those who were badly poisoned by the CCP propaganda. Before you told them anything, they would reject it and say that it pertained to Falun Gong, and even threatened to call the police. Indeed there are all kinds of people in the world.

Through looking inward and sharing, we believe that it is because the practitioner forgot to first send forth righteous thoughts. We cannot blame people, because they do not know the facts. Teacher said:

“It is not the beings at the surface that are doing evil to Dafa disciples. When you have addressed the factors behind the scenes, take another look at the surface and see what happens. With no factors at work behind the scenes, a human being will do whatever you tell him to.” (“20th Anniversary Fa Teaching”)

11. Large-scale Distribution of the Nine Commentaries

Since the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party was published, fellow practitioners have worked hard to distribute the books and DVDs to people to expose the lies of the Party, so that people could see its true nature. Every year we distributed a large amount of them.

This March, the fellow practitioner in the city who was responsible for the large information center was arrested, leading to a backlog. To reduce the impact, we took six boxes of them, totaling 500 copies. We put each copy in a plastic bag, and attached a letter entitled “To predestined people”, and gave all copies to two practitioners to distribute on motorcycles in a neighboring village. Other practitioners stayed behind studying the Fa and sending forth righteous thoughts. They distributed 500 copies in two nights rather smoothly.

12. Removing the Evil Sign and Saving Sentient Beings

Recently two signs appeared on a street in our village that urged people to respect science and denounce the evil cults. Practitioners discussed ways to remove them. One practitioner suggested that since no name was mentioned, we could just ignore it. However, in recent years, because of the slandering and smearing of the CCP, people are used to connecting the term “evil cult” with Falun Gong. As Dafa practitioners, we need to save sentient beings and validate Dafa, so we had to do something to remove the signs.

When we learned who the person writing the signs was, we sent a practitioner over to his home to tell him the facts about Falun Gong, and gave him a picture book about it. After he had learned the facts, he indicated that he would not do such things in the future. Practitioners also removed the signs later.

13. Face-to-face Clarifying the Facts

After we realized the importance of telling people facts about Falun Gong and saving sentient beings, we spent as much time as possible telling people the facts face to face. First we talked to our relatives and friends, and then our neighbors, and did so on all important occasions. One elderly female practitioner talked to everyone she met. She has talked to most of the people in our village.

14. Establishing the Information Center and Resolving the Materials Supply Problem

In 2000, we enlightened through group Fa study that we cannot sit still when the Fa of our great Teacher is slandered and our fellow practitioners are being tortured. As disciples, we need to tell people the facts and expose the evil, to let the truth be known and to restore Teacher’s prestige.

In the beginning, the Dafa informational materials were scarce. One practitioner bought a piece of silk cloth. We cut it into 8”x16” pieces and wrote short poems with red pen on them, such as: “Heaven and Hell are wide open, good and bad are decided by the Divine, where to go is self-decided, keep one’s conscience to have a good future.” “Life is painful, where is the way home? Fame and interest cannot be carried away, fighting and struggles lead people astray.” “Love and hate will be over, come and go always alone, the grass will cover your tomb, everything is just a void.” “Dao’s say the world is intangible, people do not understand, Dafa is spreading here, benevolently save all beings.” “You and I are here for Dafa, we all came to China, only waiting to wake up, to learn the Fa and go back to heaven.”

We collected poems and wrote them on strips and put them into bags, or posted them on utility poles. Three practitioners worked on 7,000 strips, staying up past midnight every night.

We started with a roller printer to print Dafa informational materials in 2004, and soon bought another laser printer. This way a small information center was set up in practitioner C’s home. In another two months, a practitioner in the city gave us a laser printer, and another information center was formed in practitioner E’s home. At the same time, practitioner D’s daughter, who worked in the city, established an information center there. This way, the shortage problem of informational materials was resolved. In 2006, in order to make better materials and save more sentient beings, we bought two color printers. Practitioner C also brought over two color printers. This way, all the informational materials that we produced were in color. In the autumn of 2009, another practitioner established an information center to make color pamphlets. They had very good contents and were of high quality. This way we met Teacher’s requirement of setting up information centers everywhere, and lessened the dependence on any single individual information center.

We did encounter some difficulties as well. For example, it was difficult for a seventy-year-old farmer who had never touched a computer or printer before to begin making informational materials. But as soon as he thought of Teacher’s suffering for the sentient beings, all difficulties became unimportant. Since he learned how to make the materials, he has never felt tired or pained. All the work went smoothly.


The time went by fast. Thirteen years have passed in a flash. We are racing with time every day. We know clearly that the Fa of the cosmos is immeasurably valuable and this opportunity is the most precious. We have endured the pain of millions of years of waiting. All the riches, fame, affections in this world cannot last and will pass. Nothing can stop a truly cultivating disciple from working diligently and returning home.

At this invaluable last moment, the only thing we can do is to follow Teacher’s guidance and do the three things well, to save more people and finish our historical vows, so we can live up to Teacher's salvation, and can be worthy of the sacred title of “Fa-rectification period Dafa disciples.”

Because of my limited education and cultivation level, please point out my deficiencies.

Thank you Teacher. Thank you fellow practitioners.