(Minghui.org) After Master published the article “Stay Clearheaded,” I read it many times and memorized it. Every time I recite the article from memory, I cannot hold back my tears. For all these years, Master has always watched practitioners' every thought and every move. Whenever we have problems, Master immediately gives us warnings. When we face danger, Master steps in to protect us.

I believe that some practitioners had hoped to see an end to the evil Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the persecution, hoping that the Party’s 18th Congress would bring some positive changes. Now their hopes have turned into disappointment, and some practitioners may have slacked off in their cultivation. This mindset can cause practitioners to have more trouble down the road.

Master told us in “Stay Clearheaded”:

“Don’t harbor any false hopes about the evil CCP.”

“As long as the wicked Party still exists, its nature will never change.”

“The principles of the Fa-rectification won’t change on account of things that occur in the human world. Cultivating and saving people are Dafa disciples’ magnificent missions. I hope you will do well with the things that remain. There’s not much further to go on the path to divinity.”

Every time I read the last sentence about “the path to divinity,” I cannot hold back my tears. Words cannot describe my feeling of gratitude for Master’s compassion.

One recent morning I stayed awake until 2 a.m. All kinds of thoughts were filling my mind, so I decided to recite Master’s new article. Suddenly I recalled a scene that I had seen five years ago and began to understand its meaning for the first time.

Five years ago, I was partially paralyzed from the symptoms of a severe cerebral hemorrhage. That “illness” was actually an attack by the evil forces, which took advantage of my strong attachments to fame and money. However, I could still do the sitting meditation.

One day while meditating, I saw a scene in which I was a three-year-old child. Master held my hand as we climbed a not-too-steep mountain trail. After a while, Master disappeared, and I walked alone. Then I saw a huge temple, and in the center, Master sat on a magnificent lotus seat. He put me on his left palm and sent me forward to his left. I heard Master say: “Go ahead first. Master will come soon.” So, off I went. After a while, I was completely alone. I could not even see the trail. I was not scared, but suddenly thought: “I should follow Master from behind. How could I walk ahead of Master?” So, I turned around and came back to Master. I said: “Master, I will not go anywhere alone, but will follow you instead.” Then I happily joined the other children, who were playing around Master’s lotus seat.

When I shared this scene with other practitioners, they were happy for me and some even praised me for having righteous thoughts. But for five years, I could not figure out why Master had told me to “go ahead first.” I did not listen to his request and returned. What was my confusion? When I recently stayed awake past midnight, I finally gained a new insight.

When I returned to Master in the scene, I was not thinking about studying the Fa more, sending forth righteous thoughts, or saving more people. Instead, I began to play with the other kids and enjoyed the happy time. This was a result of my attachment to leisure and comfort. When I told Master, “I will not go anywhere without you,” the hidden attachments of fear, comfort and reliance on others were at work.

I now realize that when Master encouraged me to go ahead, he was telling me to walk my own path. Master has told us that we have no role models in cultivation and everyone has to create his or her own path. Our cultivation will serve as a reference for the future human race.

In the past five years, I relied on my family members to help me walk and received financial support from relatives. Although I always wanted to assist with clarifying the truth and save more people, I also hoped that Master would remove my sickness karma. I did not realize that my own firm belief in Master and Dafa is sufficient to defeat sickness karma. When Master told me to go ahead, he was telling me not to rely on him forever; I must improve on my own. However, I did not advance in the direction that Master had pointed to. Instead, during my ordeals in the past five years, I took the path arranged by the old forces.

I thank Master for waking me up and setting me on the correct path again. As I understand it, we are all part of the old universe and our thoughts carry the old forces’ influence. Thus, we must stay alert at all times to avoid the trap set by the old forces. We must judge our cultivation with the Fa, and study the Fa whenever we have time.

I am determined to catch up and deny the old forces’ arrangements. I will make up for my past mistakes and walk on the path to divinity.