(Minghui.org) I live in the countryside. One night in 1996, I was sitting in bed and suddenly saw a 14-inch black-and-white TV screen appear on the wall. On the screen sat a giant Buddha, which disappeared in a few seconds. I was awestruck and elated at the same time. I figured that Buddha was coming to save me, a person plagued with all kinds of illnesses.

One month later a young man I was not too familiar with unexpectedly invited me to his home to watch a Falun Gong video. As I watched Master’s Fa teaching video for the first time, my abdomen suddenly felt extremely hot, and my whole body was incredibly comfortable. As I was getting ready for bed on the following night of watching the video, an electric current suddenly ran through my entire body.

In just a few days, the stubborn illnesses that had bothered me for years, including sinusitis, cirrhosis of the liver, enteritis and gastritis, all disappeared without a trace. I often saw Falun spinning in all kinds of situations. When I rode my bike, Falun were spinning in front of me, no matter how fast I rode. One night after group Fa-study, I saw Master standing on a lotus flower and coming towards me in the sky with His kasaya floating in the breeze.

Two days later, a villager stole four date tree saplings from my yard. When I found out what happened, my wife tried to get me to seek justice from the village government and police department. I was not moved and calmly explained to her the “no loss, no gain” principle Master talked about in Zhuan Falun. Two months later, palm saplings emerged in the holes where the old date trees were removed.

After the persecution of Falun Dafa began in 1999, I firmly refused to cooperate with the local police and always said no when they tried to get me to turn in my Dafa books or stop my cultivation practice. One afternoon in 2002, the local police chief and an associate suddenly appeared at my home. They threatened to take me to the city brainwashing center if I refused to sign a prepared document. I asked what law I had broken and they couldn’t answer. I kept sending forth righteous thoughts and ordered them to wait for me while I went out for an errand. They indeed sat down on the couch as I walked out the door with Master’s protection.

After sending forth righteous thoughts for an additional time at the edge of my farm field, I went to a relative’s home. The next day my son told me that the police chief waited for one hour before dispatching him to look for me. Later, I learned from some fellow villagers that the police chief couldn’t believe what happened and couldn’t come to terms with why he let me walk out the door while he waited obediently at my home. Only then did I realize the profound effect my righteous thoughts had. My words simply froze the two officers.

One spring day in 2002, the police ransacked my home and confiscated a copy of Zhuan Falun. Fortunately I was not home at the time and went out of town soon afterwards to avoid arrest. The police wanted to get my relatives to disclose my whereabouts, but this gave me an opportunity to further clarify the facts to them. In the meantime, I decided to write an open letter of protest to the Domestic Security Office and police department.

As I was drafting the letter, wherever my pen landed on the paper, a spinning Falun followed. With Master’s strengthening, my thoughts then flowed smoothly. After I sent out the letter, I had a dream that night in which heavenly maidens tossed flowers, and a giant Falun was spinning in the sky.

I heard from insiders that the police handed over my letter to the county and city Political and Legal Affairs Committee and dispatched people to look everywhere for me. I was able to stay safe thanks to Master’s protection. One relative told me that the police admitted my letter was well written and they seemed to have understood the truth.

In 2004, the police and the village government demanded I take down a couplet on my door professing praise for Dafa, but I refused. They then reported me to the police chief, who paid me a visit the next night. When he saw me, he pressed his hands together in front of his chest to greet me. He never mentioned the couplet or Dafa during our conversation. He asked to be friends with me and left his cell phone and office phone numbers. When he left, he again pressed his hands to say goodbye.

Walking a Righteous Path and Clarifying the Facts to Help Save Sentient Beings

When one of my relatives started a joint business venture with his friends in 2004, he asked me to work as a logistics manager and inspector. I used this as an opportunity to talk to people about Falun Gong. A few other managers came to know the truth this way. After witnessing how hard I worked, they took the initiative to protect me. They called the village and city governments and demanded that I not be harassed. My overall situation got better and better.

In 2005, a businessman from the south came to our village to open a factory. He had trouble finding a good inventory manager and eventually one of my relatives recommended me. It was a tremendous amount of work setting up the factory, and I encountered workers from various places. With one firm thought to save them, I did my best to clarify the facts.

At the end of each month, I generated an inventory report to my supervisors, and they were very satisfied with my work. I made it no secret that I practiced Falun Dafa. There was also another fellow practitioner employed there, and the two of us joined efforts talking to people about Falun Gong. Everyone soon knew we were cultivators. When the factory was ready to be up and running, the two of us decided to quit our jobs so we could help save people elsewhere. The manager insisted we stay, saying he couldn’t find qualified replacements. We politely declined and he eventually found people to take our place. While bidding farewell, the manager admitted to us, “It’s not because I couldn’t find replacements, I just really didn’t want you guys to leave.”

Thanks to Master’s Protection, a Scare Turns into a Miracle

I worked as a repairman in a factory in 2009. One day I was installing a steel gutter on the conveyor belt at the bottom of a 10-meter-tall industrial lift when someone suddenly turned on the switch of the lift. With the 7,500-volt motor on, the conveyor belt immediately began to spin rapidly. Miraculously, my head and hands instantly withdrew from the protection box I was working on. The moment my head and hands recoiled, the spinning belt spit-out all the bolts that were still yet to be tightened. Had my hands and head been in contact with the flying bolts or spinning belt, I would have been critically injured. I was perfectly fine, however, without suffering any injury. Even non-practitioners that witnessed this incident said admirably, “You have your Master’s protection; otherwise it’d be a total disaster.”

Words can never fully express my appreciation for Dafa’s miraculous wonders and Master’s endless compassion. Without Master’s protection and compassion, I wouldn’t have been able to come this far in my ten-plus years of cultivation.