(Minghui.org) Greetings Dear Master, Greetings fellow practitioners.

I participated in the Internet experience sharing conference for the past two years. This year, I would like to share my story of using my cell phone to clarify the truth.

1. Encouraged by Fellow Practitioners to Use New Technology and Improve Xinxing

After reading a Minghui article in 2010 about using cell phones to clarify the truth, I began to seriously think about doing this. Learning a special technique is a good opportunity to improve xinxing. Had I not begun cultivation, I would never have learned to use a computer. But I had to learn new advanced technology in order to clarify the truth. I felt somewhat nervous, but a fellow practitioner told me: “Just follow the procedure, and it will not be that hard. We, as Dafa practitioners, have supernormal capabilities and Master to support us.” I felt much more confident.

I downloaded the software and tech notes from the Minghui website and began to learn. I took detailed notes every day, eventually filling an entire notebook.

Sometimes, I spent half a day in front of the computer, but could not make it work. I felt frustrated; but also reminded myself to be patient. I turned off the computer and began to study the Fa, send forth-righteous thoughts and meditate. After several hours, I returned to the computer and it began to work again. I now realized I could always succeed. Sometimes, when the task was too difficult, I asked Master to provide support.

Now I have learned to use an Android cell phone to send anonymous messages. I even began to teach other practitioners. A non-practitioner friend was amazed to see my computer skills: “I am surprised that you are doing more advanced stuff than I know. ”

2. Cultivating Xinxing While Saving People

When I first started, my calling card account was quickly blocked. Some people used profanity when they replied to my message, while others sent back intimidating responses. Not a single person agreed to withdraw from his Communist Party affiliations. I then adjusted my tactics by using the blocked calling card to send voice mails that clarified the truth. But I bought the wrong kind of cell phone, and it was not very helpful. I got stuck at this point and felt frustrated. I tried to share my frustration with fellow practitioners, but my attempts were frequently interrupted. Finally a practitioner told me: “You have a problem with your xinxing.” That feedback hurt my feelings. But after a while, I realized that as a Dafa practitioner, I should look inward for my own shortcomings. I found that I did not have enough compassion and also had some fear. Some of my messages to police officers were lacking compassion and contained elements of hatred. When no one responded, I felt anxious. When some people hung up, I also felt resentment. On the other hand, when someone listened to the entire message, I felt a sense of accomplishment. Before making phone calls, I would calculate how much time was left on the card. After making a call, I liked to summarize my achievement, but was not paying attention to how many people were being saved from hearing the voice mail. I later realized that the mindset I had was no different from everyday people. I did not have the righteous thoughts of a Dafa practitioner.

I needed to change my thinking. After reading many Minghui articles on using phone messages to clarify the truth, I gained resolve in sending righteous thoughts. I also corrected a technical issue with my cell phone. As a result, most people could now listen to the entire message.

Every time I left home to make calls, I studied the Fa for 30 to 60 minutes and asked Master to support me. Once outside, I began to send forth-righteous thoughts until I arrived at my destination. I sent the phone messages while walking. Before each person picked up the phone, I sent forth-righteous thoughts to encourage them to listen to the message. The effect was much better.

I often changed the voice mail’s content according to the Minghui instruction packets. Under Master’s guidance, I learned how to use voice conversion software to combine several pieces into a 20 minute-long voice mail. Many people were able to listen to most of it and got a more complete picture of the persecution of Falun Gong.

Making phone calls is a good opportunity to relinquish attachments. It is also a good reflection of my cultivation state. When more people listened to the message, I had to watch my mentality of zealotry. I reminded myself that all accomplishments were achieved under Master’s guidance. Sometimes, I did not study the Fa well, or forgot to ask for Master’s protection and also failed to send forth righteous thoughts with an earnest attitude. Then the effect of the voice mail would not be good. One day, I became engrossed by my child’s job search, and as a result, not a single person listened to the entire message. I immediately realized my problem. After returning home, I focused on sending forth-righteous thoughts and corrected my state of the mind. I then achieved a much better result.

The phone calls are also a process of enduring hardship and eliminating my desire for comfort. Under the hot summer sun, I had to endure heat and thirst. During rainy days, I had to protect my cell phone from the rain with an umbrella. In the winter, it was difficult to dial the numbers. It was a hard task from an everyday person’s perspective; however, I am saving people and chose to do this. The hardship is nothing.

I also always carried some DVD’s and flyers with me to hand out on the street. I made these materials at home, so I could meet my own demand.

3. Listeners’ Feedback

One day I played the voice message to a man who told others: “It’s Falun Gong. Falun Gong practitioners are still around!” I felt very sorry for him because the Fa rectification is coming to an end and many people remain clueless about Falun Gong. I felt a burden on my shoulders.

One day, a man listened for a couple of seconds and yelled angrily: “Falun Gong” before hanging up. Another man said: “You are an anti-revolutionary, and you should go to jail.”

Another person told others while listening: “I got a call from someone accusing the Communist Party of terrible things.” Another person said: “Why are they calling me?” The listener turned on his speaker phone so everyone could hear the message. I could hear someone commenting.

Making phone calls is different from face-to-face conversations to persuade people to withdraw from the Communist Party and its affiliated organizations. I did not know the immediate results. But I knew that saving a person often involves many steps: A phone call, a flyer, a poster, etc. After the person has seen and heard enough, a practitioner can then convince him to quit the Party. We are all doing our best without becoming attached to the end result.

One Typical Day of My Life

Now each day is full of activities. I do the exercises in the morning and read one chapter of Zhuan Falun. During the day, I usually connect to Minghui to read articles and download materials. I am then busy making phone calls and doing other Dafa related projects. I also find time to do house chores. When I go grocery shopping, I often jog to save time. In the evening, I typically send voice mails while walking outside.

My husband works out of town, so most of the time I am home alone. Sometimes, I skip meals. I shop for groceries once a week. When my friends call and ask if I feel lonely, I laugh: “How could I have time to feel lonely? I have to squeeze my busy schedule to find time to sleep. Every day is a busy and happy day for me.”

I would like to express my sincere gratitude to Master!