(Minghui.org) When I began to attentively study Zhuan Falun, a door opened, and I felt that I had entered the microscopic world that Master has talked about. During subsequent days, whenever I read the book, the inner meanings of different Fa principles manifested in the form of points, lines, and planes. I was reluctant to put the book down. Even when I was sleepy and read late in the evening, the Fa principles were still shown to me. This phenomenon was temporary, similar to those practitioners who had their celestial eyes opened by Master. My experience was not as strong afterwards, but my state of mind during Fa study improved.

During those days, I reread Master's overseas lectures before 1999. Master said,

“I’ve often said that I have incorporated into this Fa everything that can allow you to cultivate and advance, and everything that you can attain through cultivation. Although you are in different realms, none of you can truly understand the weight of my words. You will obtain everything so long as you cultivate. But do you know how many things of mine are incorporated into what you obtain?” (Teaching the Fa at the Conference in Switzerland)

With these words in my mind, my heart ached, and I cried whenever I thought about it. Master offered us a book from heaven. How much care and effort has Master incorporated into the book? Over the years I would feel sleepy when I read the book, or had the intention of pursuit when I studied the Fa. How much was I able to assimilate to the Fa? I felt ashamed and unworthy of Master and Dafa.

Experiencing the Mysterious Effects of the Fa

This spring, I felt that not being able to study the Fa attentively was a big test on my path of years of cultivation. Therefore, I adjusted my attitude and let go of the desire of wanting to pursue something, and read Zhuan Falun with my heart. I was surprised at what happened. It was as if I had never read the book before. Although I was familiar with the surface meaning of the words, the pages seemed blank to me. It was like going to school: although it was time to take the college entrance examination, I still didn't understand the elementary school material. Even though my level was not very high, I was attached to the moment when the Fa-rectification would begin! The more I read, the more questions I had, and felt that I understood so little.

As I kept reading, every word and punctuation mark was alive and had energy. I was covered by a large energy field, and my thoughts stopped. My eyes could only focus on one word at a time, and I didn't have any distracting thoughts. I realized this was a state of calmness.

I kept reading, and all of a sudden, one of the sentences flashed in my mind. Although I was familiar with the surface meaning of the sentence, the inner meaning suddenly changed. I thought my vision had been momentarily blurred. I looked at the sentence again and noticed the words were the same, but I had enlightened to another meaning of it.

One day I read Zhuan Falun after I sent forth righteous thoughts at six in the morning. One of the paragraphs was a story that Master told. I was familiar with it and had understood the surface meaning of the paragraph. But I suddenly realized the paragraph was describing something else, something different from and completely unrelated to the surface meaning. The words didn't change, but the meaning was completely different. Moreover, before I read the paragraph I had already understood the general meaning of it, and following what I just understood I was able to enlighten to another Fa principle. This really surprised me and I was afraid to read more. Because the meaning came directly to my mind, it was not something that I had thought about or gradually enlightened to. I knew I was not able to come up with meanings like that. I was not sure where those thoughts came from. Were they given to me by the Buddhas, Daos, and gods in the book, or were they messages from elsewhere? Because it happened so quickly, my mind couldn't withstand it. It was sort of like being in a “qigong state,” a state of mind that Master mentioned in the book. I think the story Master relayed played a guiding role for me. We may not think that things mentioned in the book have anything to do with us, but when the time comes, they play different guiding roles at certain states.

Something else happened. It felt as if my mind was being gradually cracked open, and I understood strings of Fa principles. Every few seconds a string of Fa principles came to my mind. For example, when I thought about how to do something, and whether it was based on the Fa, the Fa principles came to my mind in the form of sentences, and they were all original words from Zhuan Falun. These Fa principles could all guide me to accomplish the task. When I thought about one of the Fa principles, on the other hand, it could guide me to accomplish many tasks.

I recall that when I was writing an experience sharing article about May 13, I saw Master smiling at me. At the time I was so concentrated on writing that I didn't pay much attention. A moment later, I remembered seeing Master. But where was Master? He was on my right side, wearing gold clothing and smiling at me. I had read an article previously about a practitioner seeing Master in similar ways, so I knew I really saw Master. I realized that Master was encouraging me. Because I truly wanted to study the Fa, my state of mind conformed to the requirements of the Fa at a certain level, and Master allowed me to experience different states of mind.

The Fa Opened My Wisdom

Since then, I have felt that a portion of my brain has been opened. The gong that helped me enlighten to the Fa was stronger, my thoughts were more active, and my mind was broader. The concepts reflected in my mind—from the words, phrases, events, and to the things in the book—were no longer flat and isolated but multi-dimensional. One single thought extended in different directions, and I was able to think about it and reflect upon it from different angles and points of view. My thought process was transformed.

The Fa Rectifies All Abnormal States

In the following months, I settled down to study like an elementary school student, to study the Fa solidly, and to become enlightened. In time, I was no longer sleepy when I studied the Fa and entered a calm state as soon as I erected my palm to send forth righteous thoughts. I often experienced the state of “not knowing where my body was and only my mind was present.”

Previously, I would either raise my head or slouch when I did the sitting meditation, or place my right hand in front of my face when I sent forth righteous thoughts. One day, I inadvertently discovered that my exercise postures were correct. My gaze and facial expression were becoming more Buddha-like. Master talked about “Looking down at the human world” (“Holding the Wheel,” Hong Yin III), and my understanding of “looking down” is done with the demeanor of a Buddha, even though I didn't intentionally act that way.

Previously, I had to suppress many of my human attachments that I couldn't eliminate, but they kept coming up. After I studied the Fa with my whole heart, the attachments gradually faded away. It was also easier to find some of my hidden attachments and remove them. Before and after finishing a task, I would evaluate myself. For example, after I clarified the truth and saved someone, I would be happy about the sentient being obtaining salvation. I thought that was a normal way of thinking. One day I noticed that my mind was devoid of such thoughts after I finished a task. I felt something was missing and was not used to this state of mind. I realized that what was missing was the part where I would be happy and become self-indulgent or self-infatuated after accomplishing a task. These are all human attachments that come from emotion and should be removed. After further thinking, I realized that my thought process had changed. The emotion that comes after we accomplish something is a human notion. They are extra things that are attached to our normal thought structure, which means that some of the human notions were being eliminated from my thought process.

As I continue to cultivate in Dafa, I have gradually experienced more wonderful things. After I studied the Fa calmly, I noticed that my wishes were being fulfilled. For example, if I wanted to read something, I would inadvertently find an online article that I was looking for. At first I thought it was a coincidence and was surprised. Later, things like this kept happening and made me realize that there is no coincidence in cultivation. As long as one is in the Fa, one's wish will be fulfilled. It's truly inconceivable. Dafa is constantly breaking down my human notions. As Master said,

“If human beings are able to take a fresh look at themselves as well as the universe and change their rigid mentalities, humankind will make a leap forward.” (Zhuan Falun)

Everything Is Given By Master

I also understand that there are things we need to enlighten to within the Fa. When I wish to understand something, an opportunity is created. It is as if I wish to climb higher on a ladder, but if I cannot reach higher, a step would be custom made for me to step on to help me elevate. At first, I would be happy (an attachment) when I got hold of the step and wondered why I could catch it.

“Cultivation depends on one’s own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one’s master. It is good enough if you have this wish. It is the master who actually does this, as you are simply unable to do it.” (Zhuan Falun)

I realized everything is given by Master. Master created the 5,000 years of Chinese culture to pave the way for us to return to heaven.

Once I understood these Fa principles, I was ashamed of my wanting to take credit for the success of others. Through those 5,000 years, I deeply appreciate Master's arduous efforts in rectifying the cosmos and the enormous undertaking of Fa-rectification. I also feel the significant responsibility of Dafa disciples.

Studying the Fa Well Guarantees the Elevation of Our Level

Some practitioners say that no matter how they study the book, the meanings are the same. I think this is because they have remained at a certain level for too long. If we study the Fa wholeheartedly, we will discover that there are many things in the book that we don't understand. And once we reach an understanding, our level is also elevated. Once our level is elevated, our state of mind is better when we send forth righteous thoughts, and the effect of our truth clarification is also improved. When our understanding of the Fa is raised, our realm is elevated, and the capacity of our heart is enlarged. When we are stronger, the tribulations we encounter becomes smaller, and we can hop over them in one leap. It is also easier to let go of various attachments, and easier to find hidden attachments.

I realize that the process of elevating in the Fa is also the process of raising our understanding of Master and the Fa from a perceptual to a rational mode of thinking. As I raise my level, I feel that I'm closer to Master and my understanding of the Fa is more rational. I think that cultivating ourselves well is what Master wants of us, and it is the best way to repay Master for what He has done for us.

Above are some of my experiences from studying the Fa wholeheartedly during the past six months. Please kindly point out anything inappropriate.