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In our family there are two adults and three children. Our children were attending school in 2005 and we were very poor. I was quite sick then with rheumatoid arthritis and heart disease. I had been very weak for more than ten years. I spent a lot of money seeing doctors, but I didn't get any better. I was very frustrated and cried every day. I didn't know how to make things better.

I happened to meet a lady in 2005 who told me her story of recovering from her illness after practicing Falun Gong when she saw me so weak and so very concerned. I listened to her attentively and liked her very much. About half an hour later, my heart felt better and it seemed it was back to normal. I felt it was miraculous and beyond my comprehension. Falun Gong is so special and so good. I wanted to learn straightaway without any hesitation.

The next day I borrowed a copy of Zhuan Falun from her. As I read it, I felt my original cold body become hot and tears kept rolling down my cheeks. I kept dozing off. I shared this with practitioners and realized that Master was already taking care of me and helping me to dissolve karma. I spent a lot of time reading Zhuan Falun every day and regretted that I didn't find it sooner. In less than a month, I recovered completely, and I was happy every day. The rheumatoid arthritis, gynecological problems, and pain in my eyes disappeared. Falun Dafa is wonderful and is a more advanced than any of today's science. So I started to practice Falun Gong and walked on the path of returning to my original self.

By studying the Fa a lot, I came to understand that Master asks us to become good people and look within when in a conflict, to become righteous people that only do righteous things. In order to save us, Master has pulled us out of hell, purified us, and awakened us. He painstakingly guides us on our cultivation paths. He teaches how to treat other people kindly and to be tolerant. He takes good care of us and makes sure that we are walking righteously on the cultivation path.

1. A Family Test

My husband is kind and honest, but he had a bad temper and didn't listen to anyone. My daughter and husband didn't support me in practicing Falun Gong, because they were influenced by the media propaganda. They tried to stop me from practicing several times. But I was very determined and nobody could change my heart for cultivation. I was determined to cultivate until completion.

One day my husband lost his temper over a trivial thing and burned all of my Falun Dafa books and the MP3 player in our home when I was not there. I was so hurt, I didn't want to live when I found out. The Falun Dafa books and Fa lecture recordings are more precious than my life. I didn't know what to do. I started to reflect on my behavior and thoughts. Because I had fear, I didn't clarify the facts to him. I had put the Falun Dafa books underneath the sofa. I didn't respect Master and the Fa. I didn't do things with righteous thoughts and righteous actions. That was the painful lesson. Cultivation is a serious matter, and carelessness is not tolerated. I was wrong.

Soon my husband fell sick because of his wrongdoing. It was serious, and the doctors could not help him. Because I was not able to clarify the facts to him, I asked fellow practitioners to come to help me. One practitioner told him that Falun Dafa is a great Fa with great virtue, that it teaches people to be good, that belief is not a crime, and that if one person cultivates Falun Dafa, the whole family will benefit. The practitioner explained things to him very patiently, and finally he understood. My husband began to support Falun Dafa after that. He spent paper currency with Falun Gong messages on it. When I clarified the truth, he would also say a few things like, “This is true. Please withdraw from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP).” He knew the truth and behaved better and better. He wrote a “Statement of Remorse” and decided to become a changed person. One day he said to his colleagues, “If anyone wants to say anything bad about Dafa, I will object.” His words were heartfelt. He has benefited a lot from Falun Dafa. He has recovered from kidney pain and leg pain as well as from stomach disease.

2. My Whole Family Benefits from Me Practicing Falun Gong

We have three daughters. Our youngest changed her attitude towards Falun Dafa when she saw my physical and psychological improvements after I began to practice. She now recognizes that Falun Dafa is good. She was one of the top students at the university. Honest and kind, she was popular among her classmates. Every year she got scholarships. After graduation, she got a job and her boss is very good to her. Her colleagues respect her very much. Every year she gets a salary increase, and her year-end bonus is always higher than her colleagues. She has been overseas as well. She gets what people with our family background do not usually get. Our other two daughters support Falun Dafa now. Everyone in our family has withdrawn from the CCP.

One day my second oldest daughter saw more than 20 Udumbara flowers on the door of her car. Master is also taking care of ordinary people and opening a door for them.

3. Get Rid of Resentment

I had conflicts with my father-in-law. He always found fault with me, and I really resented him. My in-laws lived by themselves and were in good health, but one day my father-in-law suddenly had a very serious stroke. Master's poem repeatedly appeared in my mind:

“Compassion can harmonize Heaven and Earth, ushering in spring
Righteous thoughts can save the people in this world” (“The Fa Rectifies the Cosmos” from Hong Yin II)

Now that I studied Falun Dafa, I remembered that Master requires us to be good, better than ordinary heroes or model workers. We should consider others first in everything we do. I had to regard myself as a practitioner and do things according to a cultivator's criteria. Since we were part of one family, we must have had a deep, pre-destined relationship. We might have told each other that, when we descended into this world, we had to awaken whoever was lost in this wicked world.

So I went to see my father-in-law straightaway. I told him how good and miraculous Falun Dafa is and its amazing health benefits. I asked him to recite “Falun Dafa is good” and “Truth-Compassion-Forbearance” is good. I brought a copy of Zhuan Falun and Master's lectures in MP3 to him. He listened and became better day by day.

4. Master Hinted to Me and I Was More Determined

On the path of cultivation, I am sometimes diligent and sometimes slack. Some days I would press the snooze button and go back to sleep. One day when I was sleeping I heard a voice say, “You are dragging on and on. But the mechanism around your body has to be maintained.” One day when I was in sitting meditation, my legs were very stiff and I was in sharp pain. I put my legs down in less than half an hour. Suddenly this poem came into my mind:

“If your will is not firm,
The hurdles are like mountains.
How will you transcend this mortal life?”

(Hong Yin II)

I realized what my problem was.

From that day on, no matter how much my legs hurt, I stayed in the lotus position until the music stopped. In the morning I did the five exercises and then studied the Fa for half an hour or an hour.

5. Get Rid of Fear and Validate the Fa

One day the local practitioners wanted to adopt a new method to clarify the truth, but I was hesitant because my human heart came up and I thought it was hard and didn't want to step forward. They pointed out to me, “You just want to take and not give back.” I was struck straight on the heart. I was ashamed of myself. I felt I was not worthy of Master's saving and of sentient beings putting endless hope in me. My heart was not firm whenever anything happened. Master hinted me that

“Neither heaven nor earth can
block my road of Fa-rectification
But disciples' human hearts can”
(“Troubles” from Hong Yin III )

I knew that I had poor enlightenment quality and caused Master to worry about me. Master has hinted to me many times and solved a lot of puzzles for me. Master has pushed me forward every step of the way.

I said to myself, “We are Falun Dafa disciples in the Fa-rectification period and assume a huge responsibility and mission. We are here to save sentient beings. If any factor or deviated being dares to hinder us from this task, we should destroy it instantly. We have boundless powers because we have Master and the Fa.” I shared a lot with fellow practitioners and sent forth righteous thoughts. I looked within and got rid of fear. I walked righteously with righteous thoughts. Fellow practitioners and I are doing the three things.

6. Believe in Master and the Fa and Miracles Happen

One day in the sitting meditation, I heard a company name and three other names that I was familiar with. I realized that Master was leading me to save them. That same day I went to clarify the truth to the three of them. They withdrew from the CCP. Master has already paved the way for us and we only use our mouths and legs to do it while Master leaves the virtue for us.

Another day in the sitting meditation I heard two loud noises in my back, and my back became straight.

I opened a fruit shop, and many people came in and out of my shop every day. In recent years Udumbara flowers have appeared on many types of fruit such as grapes, watermelons, and mangoes and on glasses and PVC boards. The Udumbara flowers have been in the PVC board of the roof for half a year and they are still blossoming. I use this miraculous opportunity to clarify the truth to my clients. Most of them have withdrawn from the CCP. I know the blossoming of Udumbara flowers is an encouragement from Master. I shall become worthy of Master's compassionate saving.

7. Clarify the Truth and Persuade People to Withdraw from the CCP

I read Master's lectures and articles one by one and came to know that cultivation is not just for self salvation but to save sentient beings. First and foremost we have to save sentient beings. So I take every opportunity to clarify the truth. The process of clarifying the truth is also a process of cultivating my heart. When I clarified the truth, sometimes I was afraid. Then I studied the Fa more and reinforced my righteous thoughts.

Master said in “What's to Fear” from Hong Yin II:

Should you have fear,
it will seize upon you
If thoughts are righteous,
evil will collapse
The cultivator’s mind
is loaded with Fa
Send righteous thoughts,
and rotten demons explode
Gods walk the earth,
validating the Fa

We should study the Fa well and set right our basic viewpoints, take hardship as joy, save sentient beings as our main goal, and clarify the truth well to the sentient beings to open up their minds. Only when sentient beings really know the truth can they be saved.

One day I clarified the truth to a university student. She accepted Falun Dafa and said that her parents believed in Christianity. I said, “I'd like to tell you one very important thing. You don't need to spend any money or time, but you will be safe when calamities come. You know the moral standard in society is sliding down a thousand miles a day. Corruption is everywhere. Every government official is corrupt, and everybody is mercenary. The CCP has killed 80 million innocent people since it came into power. It also persecutes good people who cultivate Truth-Compassion-Forbearance. For profit, it harvests their organs while they are still alive. Won't Heaven eliminate the CCP? If you are a Party member or a member of the Youth League or Young Pioneers and swore to its flag, saying that you would devote your life to it, when Heaven eliminates the Party, you will be buried with it because you are a member of it. As long as you withdraw from any of its organizations, you will have nothing to do with it, and Buddhas and Gods will protect you and you will be free from any calamities and your life will be saved. You are still young. I wish you safety and happiness and hope that joy accompanies you all the time.” Finally I said, “Give yourself a pseudonym and withdraw from the CCP.” She said,“Right, let's do it. Can I give you a hug?” We hugged, and I was so excited that tears rolled down on my face. Sentient beings are waiting eagerly to be saved. I felt my responsibility and mission.

One day I clarified the truth to one of my neighbors. The man retired and had a stroke. I bought some fruit and went to see him. The couple greeted me warmly. Their daughter was at home as well. I asked about his situation and said to him, “You see my health is very good now, and I have recovered from every illness. I believe 'Falun Dafa is good' and 'Truth-Compassion-Forbearance is good' from the bottom of my heart. I cultivate myself and try to be kind and good. I recovered from rheumatoid arthritis and heart disease. I don't even have a single grey hair. Every day I am full of energy. I haven't been on any medication since I started to practice Falun Gong. How good Dafa is! I have brought you magazines to tell you some facts about Falun Gong and some Shen Yun DVDs. Shen Yun presents the essence of Chinese traditional culture. If you watch it, you will benefit a lot.” Then I clarified the truth to them: “Nowadays there are calamities and disasters everywhere. For example, last year there was a big flood in Jilin Province. Whole villages were washed away. Only those who believe that Falun Dafa is good and Truth-Compassion-Forbearance is good were left alive. People came to Dafa practitioners' home with their animals. Flood waters turned away from practitioners' homes, and people and animals were saved.” Then I told them about the stone in Pingtang County, Guizhou Province. “That stone is 270 millions years old. It cracked open five hundred years ago. On the fractured surface appeared six Chinese characters that say, “Chinese Communist Party Perishes.” Many experts have investigated it and attest that it was naturally made. This is Heaven's will, and nobody can violate Heaven's will. Because you swore under its flag when you joined the Party, Youth League, or Young Pioneers and said that you would devote your whole life to the Party until death, you've belonged to it ever since, and it controls you. You must denounce it and separate yourself from it so that you will be spared calamities and Buddhas and Gods will protect you. You don't need to give up anything, you just have to change your notion and have the thought from your heart that you have withdrawn from the CCP and you will be protected. Buddhas and Gods look at your heart. If you agree, I will give you a pseudonym and help you to withdraw from the CCP.” He agreed, I gave him a name, and he withdrew. At that moment my compassionate heart prevailed and tears rolled down my cheeks. I was happy for sentient beings that had learned the truth and thus been saved and now have a bright future.

We are now on the last lag of the Fa-rectification period. We must know the purpose and significance of cultivation. We should study the Fa more, study the Fa well, have righteous thoughts and righteous actions, save sentient beings so as to complete our pre-historic vows, and return home with Master.

Please point out anything inappropriate.

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