(Minghui.org) When I read the book Dissolving the Party Culture, I was shocked by the following passage:

“Those selfish, indifferent, and debauched people's brains are filled with non-essential information, thus they are unable to make rational decisions. They are easily controlled by the CCP, in order to maintain its autocratic rule.”

As everyone knows, people use language to remember things, exchange information, pass on experiences, and educate the younger generation. Thus, language is a part of every culture and can assist in furthering one's culture, too.

When I began to realize how the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) uses language to trick people into becoming distracted by all sorts of online news reports, gossip columns, fashion trend articles, and opinion columns, I had to look within to see how I, too, was allowing the CCP to control me.

Although I have been cultivating Falun Dafa for many years, I have not completely eradicated the elements of the Party's culture from my immediate environment. After I spent a couple of hours surfing the Internet for articles on fashion trends, children's education, and online shopping, I felt drowsy and confused all day.

Actually, the evil spirit of the CCP took advantage of my loopholes and deposited a lot of dirty things into my field, especially the substances contained in some of those awful pop-up windows.

After surfing the Internet, I found that I had an aversion to studying the Fa and visiting the Minghui website. In addition, I suddenly had the urge to relax and take it easy.

I realized that this was not a trivial matter for a practitioner. If we do not discipline ourselves and instead allow the Party's culture to pollute our fields—without restraint—we will inevitably be controlled by the Party's evil spirits.

In addition, if we do not take this matter seriously, we will unwittingly weaken our will to cultivate. This will, in turn, strengthen our many human attachments, making it easy for the old forces to take advantage of our loopholes. Not only would many of our dimensions become impure, but also our immediate environment. How horrible!

I sincerely hope that practitioners with similar attachments will pay more attention to this issue, including practitioners who prefer watching TV or movies, instead of the Internet. As practitioners, we should know that all of these things are distractions orchestrated by the CCP to destroy the Chinese people.