(Minghui.org) Once when I sent forth righteous thoughts, I saw a golden ring that slowly rose and rotated along my lotus flower hand gesture. When I emitted supernormal power from my body and used both hands to strengthen it, I saw that all bad materials in my body had exploded. The debris flew into the sky and disappeared in the blue cosmos.

I sat in the center of my universe, peaceful and calm. Birds stopped singing, butterflies stopped flying, children stopped playing, and old people stopped rowing their boats. All living beings sat in trance along with me. Countless lily flowers flew down from the sky like snowflakes, comforting and quiet. I gradually entered into trance. My mind was light and full of benevolence, as if all the struggles and dirty things in the human world no longer existed. I controlled my universe, and my benevolence and purity covered everything.

In that beautiful world, no human nature, secular fights, punishment, coldness, hunger, illness, or torture existed. It was spring all the time.

Another time when I sent forth righteous thoughts, I saw that the old forces had arranged a strange bird, which looked like an owl, in our dimension. Its beak was long and hard. Its eyes were big and round, and radiated a gloomy green light. It stared at us every moment. Whenever we had a gap in our cultivation, it flew over and pecked at us.

A senior cultivator used to be the assistant of the practice site in our village. She started cultivating very early and had cultivated for many years. Later, she slowed down in her cultivation due to having too much housework. She handed over her coordination work to a young practitioner. The heart of this senior practitioner gradually became more human, and she attended our Fa study less and less. When we shared our understanding, she appeared as if she didn't care or didn't agree with us. Finally, this big bird grabbed her attachment to jealousy. I saw the bird pecking her stomach open, and then pecked her intestine. The next day, she had acute appendicitis and couldn't bear the pain. Her family took her to the hospital.

A few days later, I saw that, as the Fa-rectification proceeded, the old forces sent a more vicious monster, which looked like a crocodile, to our field. It had a long, thin beard. When it opened its mouth, its teeth were of different lengths. Once it bit one's human heart, it would bite it to death.

A fellow practitioner in a village next to ours, who was in his 50s, was single. But he had an attachment to lust. He made mistakes concerning sex but hadn't fixed it for a long time. Recently, his fingers and toes started to rot, and it expanded to his whole body. He is now in critical condition.

Another senior female practitioner had a strong attachment to fear. She complied with the police when they came to her. Thereafter, she stayed at home to do Dafa work. Recently, she passed away due to the illness the evil had imposed on her.

There are many lessons such as these. Fellow practitioners, any human attachment is a mountain that has been put in our cultivation path. Fa-rectification is advancing, and the old forces also keep changing their “tests” for us. Cultivation is serious. At the very end, we are facing even harder tests.

Another time when I sent forth righteous thoughts, I saw a long, magnificent, shining history book like a brocade slowly unfolding. It lit up the whole universe. The names of all Dafa disciples and their cultivation scores were engraved in this book. I saw I had only 26 (out of 100) and didn't believe it. I opened my eyes and looked at it again. It was still 26. Practitioners close to me had 30, 36, 38, 78, and 90. A practitioner who was not able to pass the illness test had been seized by the old forces. Her score was zero.

I also saw that the lowest heavenly gate was open. Nobody had entered it yet. I stood outside and looked in: the divine world was so warm and nice.

On another day, I saw a divine being in yellow armor, carrying nine arrows on his back. He shot the first arrow at Diaoyu Island, the second one at Sun Moon Lake in Taiwan, the third one at Fengtai in Beijing, the fourth one at Tibet, and the fifth one at Hong Kong. He had the sixth arrow on his bow and was ready to shoot. Wherever the arrow landed, there would be war or chaos. Everything was controlled.

About four days ago when I sent forth righteous thoughts, I saw that Teacher had arrived near the horizon. Teacher stepped out of his chariot. Holding back his tears, Teacher stood in the light of the sunset, solemn and dignified. The sun was almost gone beneath the horizon. Today (October 26, 2012) when I sent forth righteous thoughts, I saw the sun was touching the horizon. Teacher wore a golden cassock, his blue hair was curled, and his golden Buddha body was enormous. I also saw a pair of beautiful peacocks with colorful feathers. Their necks were long and thin. They stayed together. Their eyes were pure and kind, waiting quietly in a dimension. I knew Teacher gave one to me. Then who was the other one for? I asked Teacher and he told me it was for a fellow female practitioner in my village. She was our coordinator. She and I used to be the two precious proteges of Teacher: the golden boy and jade girl.

At 9 p.m. on October 27, when we started sending forth righteous thoughts, I saw the sun had gone down and hidden behind the mountains. Only half of the sun was visible. The peacocks for the female practitioner and me opened their feathers, showing that they would take us home soon.

Teacher said in “What is a Dafa Disciple:”

“Since the groups of lives behind those who you save are indeed so large, then what should the future bring for Dafa disciples? This will give rise to a being of an even higher level and greater caliber—a god of even greater caliber, of even greater magnificence.”

Fellow practitioners, please be more diligent. I've realized that the big play is about to end. At the last moment, how fortunate it is for us to be a Fa-rectification period Dafa disciple! Teacher has given us the crowning glory and mighty virtue.

Above were what I saw at my level. Please point out my gaps. Heshi.