(Minghui.org) I started to cultivate Falun Dafa in 1997 and greatly benefited from the practice. Since July 20, 1999, when the CCP started to persecute Falun Dafa, I went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa, was arrested by the local police, and my ID card was illegally seized. After I was released, I could not find a job since I did not have an ID card, so I stayed at home for a few years. Later my sister (also a practitioner) found a company I could work for, which was away from my hometown. The family of a colleague of my sister opened the company, and they needed an accountant. I asked my sister if she told them about my situation. She said, “Yes, I did. My colleague said she can easily determine what kind of person you are just by looking at you. She knows that Falun Gong is good and she is not against it.” I didn't want to hide the truth that I cultivate Falun Gong and I wanted to validate Dafa.

The company had a good environment and the workload was not too heavy. They only had a manager, an apprentice and me, the accountant. The company sells computer accessories, targeting some railway departments. At work, I am strict with myself following Dafa's requirements. The people who work at the computer mall can always play some tricks to earn some extra cash, but I cultivate Dafa and do not do things like that. The manager soon acknowledged that Dafa is good and trusted me very much. He did not come to the company often, and spent most of his time doing business while I handled all the things in the company. Every day I had time to study the Fa after finishing the work. Later, due to the business requirement, I also met a lot of people. I started to clarify the truth to them and many of them acknowledged Dafa's goodness.

After getting along with the people from other companies for a while, some said, “You Falun Gong practitioners are different from others. Your manager often does not come but you can follow the schedule, be responsible to the company and not play tricks to get extra cash. If we want to hire people, we want to hire Falun Gong practitioners too. You are really trustworthy and do not need to be managed.”

One day while I was studying the Fa, a person from another company passed by and asked what I was reading. I replied that I was reading Zhuan Falun. She asked why I did not do something good. I was quite surprised and she walked away before I had time to respond. I had worked at the computer mall for a while, and no one had ever said this kind of thing before. Her mind was deeply poisoned by the CCP's lies and false propaganda, and I needed to find an opportunity to clarify the truth to her. It happened one day when I went to her company and she was alone. I started to clarify the truth to her and told her about the greatness of Dafa and how I benefited from Dafa physically and mentally. I told her that the “Tiananmen Square Self-Immolation” incident was directed by the CCP and how the CCP always creates lies. She did not refute me and listened to all that I said. When I persuaded her to withdraw from the CCP and its related organizations, she agreed.

Later my company closed since the departments of the railway merged together and we lost clients. The manager found other work for me at another place. I thanked him, but I did not go. I felt there were a lot of people in the computer mall and it was a convenient place to clarify the truth, so I switched to another company. We already knew each other, and they were familiar with me and my work. The company was started by a couple and they often went to other areas for projects. I managed everything and they trusted me very much. When they left for other projects, they let me handle all the checks and cash. However, I had to quit after half a year since the couple did not get along well with each other and I could not lie for them since I am a practitioner. They felt very sorry about the situation. Although I left their company and they hired other people, when they had projects that involved finances, they always called me for help and we got along very well.

Later, I was hired by another company with which I was already acquainted. I learned a lot there. One day the accountant from headquarters came for reconciliation and I clarified the truth to her. She said, “Our former inventory manager is a Dafa practitioner too. Do you want to meet her?” I said, “That sounds great!” She assured me, “She will come to visit with you.”

I was very excited. After working at the computer mall for over a year, I had never met another practitioner. The next day she really did come to my workplace to visit me. We were like old relatives seeing each other after a long time. She is older than me, so I called her “practitioner sister.” She also worked in finance. We shared our experiences together and after we visited for a while, she introduced me to quite a few practitioners in the computer mall. Some worked for companies and some had opened companies themselves. In the computer mall, it is easy for practitioners to find a job.

I shared experiences with the practitioner regarding how to clarify the truth. I met with many people at work and they usually accepted the truth and withdrew from the CCP. I also provided help to the practitioners who wanted to purchase computers. Since I could often share my experiences with practitioners, I did not feel lonely. I got along very well with the people around me and I often told them about the greatness of Dafa. One day I persuaded an older woman who is a janitor to quit the CCP. She said that she knew a lot of people who believe in Buddhism and Christianity, but they were all very selfish. She said she would rather not believe in those religions and did not have a good impression of them. She said that after she met me, she truly felt that practitioners are people who have true belief. She saw the selflessness of the practitioners through me. She then said that practitioners are the best people since they think of others first and do not care about personal gain or loss. She said, “Although I am a janitor, I walked around and I could see what kind of people were in each company. There are very few people who pay attention to the janitors.” Her words made me feel the responsibility that we practitioners have. We must do things well in order to validate Dafa.

One year, the branch I worked at was to be closed after the New Year. I told the boss in another company about it and she said that I could come to work at her company. I said, “I cannot work for you now because my company is still running. In addition, I don't want to work before the New Year, as I have to go to my sister's home for the New Year.” She said, “Then you can come to work on March 1st.” I then went to work for this company after the New year. The manager was very happy. I worked as diligently as before and did everything I was supposed to do.

Once the manager asked me to handle some transactions at the bank, but I did not have an ID card. The manager asked where my ID card was. I told him it was confiscated by the police department. He did not say anything and went to the bank by himself. I worked at this company as an accountant, cashier and inventory manager. The manager then said, “I would never dare to let any other people handle all three jobs like this. I trust you Falun Gong practitioners. As long as you do the work well, I don't care if you do other things or do Dafa related things.”

Later on my father was sick and I asked to leave work for a while. After my father passed away, I did not go to work and wanted to spend more time validating the Fa. During Beijing's Olympic Games, I was arrested while clarifying the truth with fellow practitioners. When the police interrogated me, I told them about my workplace. I thought that if they went to my workplace, my manager would only say good words about me, and they could find out how good practitioners are in society. They really did go to my workplace. After they came back, they told me that the manager spoke highly of me and that he trusted me very much.

I was then illegally sentenced to one year of forced labor. After I was released, fellow practitioners asked why I told the police about my workplace, which would bring trouble to everyday people. I had an immediate realization. I looked inward and found that I had the attachment of showing-off. I went to the company to apologize to the manager. The manager was very happy to see me again, and he said it was OK and did not care about the police. Just then his wife came back and she was very surprised to see me. She said, “It is great you came back. Can you start work tomorrow?” I was surprised that they were not afraid of hiring me. My boss then said, “We just want you. We are not afraid of the police. Since you worked at my company, we could not hire other people because we could not find anyone as good as you.”

Practitioners who truly cultivate Dafa will always be strict with themselves following the principles of Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance, and will be acknowledged by society. Falun Dafa has already been introduced to over 100 countries around the world. Only the evil CCP persecutes Falun Gong. I truly hope that all people come to understand Dafa and treat Dafa with respect.