(Minghui.org) “I really don't want to let you go. I have so much to say to you.” She had tears in her eyes, tightly held my hands, and didn't want to let me go. Seeing her sincerity, I was touched and didn't know what to say. Passersby turned around to look at us, their eyes curious. We had just met a few hours before.

Several days ago, I suggested to my husband, a practitioner, that we use the Mid-Autumn Festival holiday to visit his distant relatives and tell them about quitting the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and its affiliated organizations. On the morning of departure, I did the exercises, burned three incense sticks for Teacher, and did a heshi to Teacher. I silently said to Teacher, “Your disciple is going to visit relatives and ask them to withdraw from the CCP. Teacher please strengthen me. Please also let me meet people with a predestined relationships along the way.”

That morning, when my husband and I were sitting on the bus, a young man sitting in front of us opened the window really wide, and the wind blowing on me made me feel uncomfortable. I patted him on the shoulder, and asked him to close the window a bit. He said he was hot and didn't want to close the window. I thought, “I am a Falun Dafa practitioner, and I should consider others first.” Perhaps I could swap seats with him. My husband said, “What for?” About a minute later the young man stood up and said, “Let's change seats.” I replied, “Ok, thank you.” After we changed seats, I learned that the lady I was sitting beside was the young man's mother. I was a bit embarrassed, and asked if she would like to change seats with my husband so that she could sit with her son. She said, “Let the two men sit behind, and we'll sit here.”

When I began reading Hong Yin III, the mother (I'll call her Lotus) asked me, “Are you reading a Buddhist book? Do you believe in Buddha? Let me see your book.” As I did not know her, I closed the book, put it into my bag, and said, “What I believe is not Buddhism, it's Falun Buddha Law.” Her eyes opened with surprise as she asked, “Falun? What does a Falun look like?” I replied, “Red, orange, yellow, green, sky-blue, blue, and purple, it can be any color.” She impatiently told me that she had a dream on May 19, “I clearly saw a bronze colored Falun spinning above the clouds, so I shouted Falun, Falun, quickly come look! Then I woke up. I felt truly lost, and wondered what a Falun was. Several days later, I went to the temple with my question, and told my dream to an older sister. She said to me, 'It's probably related to Falun Gong. It is banned, you can't talk about it.'” She then very solemnly said to me, “You can only tell one person. I wondered why she said that and what she meant. However, I remembered her words, 'only tell one person'. A few months have passed, and I have finally found that person today. That is you, right?”

I told her she was predestined and asked what she was practicing. She said she had practiced Pure Land for two years. Before she became a Buddhist devotee, she saw in a dream a yellow flag with the word “Zen” and her name beneath it. So she converted to Buddhism. I said, “High level cultivation belongs to the universal principles of Dafa, Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance.” Lotus said, “Can you tell me about Falun Gong? It is banned, and I feel something is not right with the ban. I have never objected to Falun Gong.” Looking in her eyes I saw that she was eager to know the truth. I told her how I began practicing, why I continue to learn even after being illegally detained, why there are over 100 million practitioners nationwide, about "April 25," "July 20," and the "Tiananmen Self-immolation," about how Dafa has spread in over 100 countries, and why she should quit the CCP. As I kept talking, she listened quietly.

When I finished talking, I took out a Shen Yun DVD from my bag, and said, “I would like to give you a DVD of the world-class Shen Yun Performing Arts. Please watch it carefully.” I also gave her three brochures and some other truth-clarification materials. She said, “I believe what you said. I will withdraw from the Communist Youth League and the Young Pioneers right now. Thank you.” I said, “No need to thank me, it is your destiny. My Teacher let me rescue you and awaken you. You are so lucky. Do you want to use the name Lotus for the withdrawal?”

When the bus arrived at Lotus' destination, she held my hands, and asked me to get off with her, “Can you stay? My home is nearby. Come to my home for a good talk, and let my son listen too.” My husband agreed, “For saving people, OK!” In fact we were a few stops away from the home of one of our relatives. We got off and went to Lotus' home. They showed us warm hospitality. Although we are not related, we felt even closer than relatives.

She and her son asked about the situation for Falun Gong inside and outside of China, and asked if the CCP was good or bad. I told them, “The Communist Party is atheistic, destroyed temples during the Cultural Revolution, sent the monks and Taoists away. It was responsible for the Three anti-campaign, the Five anti-campaign, the Cultural Revolution, and the Tiananmen massacre on June 4. It persecutes Falun Gong, and has killed 80 million Chinese compatriots. Is that good or bad? I gave you a DVD of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party. Please watch it carefully and you will know the answer to your question.” Her son understood and said, “I want to withdraw from the Youth League using my real name.” I also asked them to show the truth-clarification materials to their friends and relatives, which will help save them and accumulate merit. Lotus asked, “If they agree to quit, how can I tell you the names?” So we exchanged contact information.

Lotus also drew the Falun that she saw in her dream to show us. Seeing the earnest, honest, and eager look on her face, I was so moved. I felt I clarified the truth very well with Teacher's help that day. My tone was full of compassion, and the entire space was a very peaceful field.

Finally I said, “Can we go now?” She said, “I really can't let you go. I want to buy you lunch.” We didn't want to go to lunch, but Lotus and her son persisted. My husband whispered to me, “We can pay the bill!” So we had lunch in a restaurant like a family, and afterward they walked us to the bus stop. While waiting, Lotus held my hands, kept asking us not to forget them, and invited us to visit her again.

This was the scene presented at the beginning of the article.

For several days after we got home, Lotus' sincere expression came into my mind from time to time.

I realized that Teacher arranged this miracle to urge me to quickly save people and to save more people. Many sentient beings have eager eyes like Lotus, and are waiting for us to save them! We should not slack off. We must strive forward, save more people, complete our vows, and return home with Teacher.