(Minghui.org) I asked my doctor for the third time in a row, “Will I make it? Will I make it back to China to see my parents?” The doctor smiled and said, “There’s no problem. I did all the necessary tests and scans, and the result of each one was negative.”

However, I was still very afraid, but I couldn’t express it clearly enough for my doctor to understand. I said once more, “I don’t think I can go back.” I thought that I wouldn't be able to see my parents again. The doctor finally granted my request and prescribed me enough sedatives to last the entire trip. I then boarded a flight to China. This was in the second half of 1996.

By then, I had lived outside of China for six years, but I was in a constant mental agony due to a painful illness. From the outside, I looked normal. However, a wave of terror and a loss of self-control affected me all day, every day. For example, if I was walking down the street, the cars passing by would terrify me. I thought that I would end up under a car, and that made me think to myself, “I’d better not end up under a car.” The same thing happened to me with windows. When I was in a building and walked close to a window, I had the fear of jumping out of the window and the fear of what would happen to me if I jumped out. These are just some examples of my illness. No one knew what I was going through in my mind.

When I was young, I always had to take injections and medication, and was a regular at the hospital. I nearly died once when I contracted meningitis, and went into a coma for several days. But after recovering from meningitis, I had a constant headache, insomnia, and was unable to concentrate.

I had taken trips to China during the rise of qigong several years back, hoping to get my illness cured. A friend of mine found a famous qigong master for me, but the classes were very expensive. My health didn’t improve after the classes, and actually worsened. After I returned from China I couldn’t even afford to buy makeup or shop for clothes because I had spent so much money on the qigong classes.

It was during this time that my parents sent me a copy of the book Zhuan Falun. Due to my condition, I didn’t read the book, but kept it in good condition.

In late September 1996, I found the courage to take enough sedatives and fly back to China to see my parents. Because of the terrible color in my face, they thought that I was tired. The next morning, I told my parents about my condition and about how I was at a loss as to what to do. I could only say that I was extremely happy to see them, as I thought that I may never see them again.

My mother and sister had been practicing Falun Gong for about six months. They told me not to worry and that my illness couldn’t be cured by any high-tech medical equipment or Chinese medicine. Only Falun Dafa could save me.

I grew up under the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) atheist education. I had no idea how to cultivate, but I knew in my heart that Falun Dafa could save me.

At that point, I became a practitioner and started listening to Master’s lectures. Master’s voice sounded very familiar and warming, and I felt a sense of belonging and safety. My sleep was usually no more than half an hour at a time, but after I listened to Master's lecture for the first time, I slept soundly for a long time. When I woke up at midnight, I was covered in sweat. I felt a strong beam of heat running from my head to my toes. I later learned that it was to purify my body.

On the morning of the third day of my cultivation, I held my sedatives for the day in my hand, but I hesitated to take them. My little sister said, “If you really believe in Dafa, then you don’t need to take them.” I still hesitated. If I didn't take the pills, the pain in my psyche would be too much to endure. My sister said that I could take them, as new practitioners needed some time to learn and understand the Fa. I decided to take only half a pill. After I did, my stomach felt as if it were churning over and over. I then realized that the medication was of no use to me. From that moment on, I didn’t take any more medication.

My mind and body recovered by the day, and on the fifth day, I went to the practice site that my mother and sister went to. The volunteer there was patient with me as I learned the exercises. When I did the second exercise for the first time, I saw something coming closer to me carrying a thick chain. Then the chain dropped to the floor. I heard it very clearly. I told the volunteer what I saw, and the volunteer told me not to worry about it.

When we did the second exercise again the next day, the thing came closer to me, and the sound was still clear. I fought with my fear of this thing. By the seventh day, the thing couldn’t come close to me, and in a fit of rage, it cried out something in a language that I didn’t know. After that, I never saw it again.

After that thing was completely destroyed, I saw myself as majestic, standing on the peak of a mountain. Under my feet, the grass and trees were lush, and clouds surrounded me when I did the second exercise. I knew that Master had saved me.

As I didn’t plan to stay in China, I had bought round-trip tickets. As it turned out, I couldn’t abandon the sacred land where I obtained the Fa, and so decided to stay in China and cultivate.