(Minghui.org) I know a factory boss in China who has friends and relatives who practice Falun Dafa, so she knows that Falun Dafa is good and that it is being unjustly persecuted by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Whenever she hears of practitioners looking for a job, she hires them. She once said, “Since I started hiring practitioners, not a single needle has turned up missing.”

Whenever the police or security personnel show up at her factory to harass the practitioners working there, she tells them, “I don't care if they practice Falun Dafa or not. I only know that they are good people and that they work very hard.”

When I was looking for work in 2009, a fellow practitioner introduced me to this factory boss. When I said to her, “I am willing to do any kind of work, even if it is very tiring and dirty,” she was visibly moved. She told the head of human resources, “We should hire more people like her!”

After working at her factory for nine months, I had to leave my job for personal reasons. Before I left, my boss told me, “Treat this place as your second home. If you want to come back, the door will always be open for you.” She later organized a going-away party for me.

In 2010, I was illegally imprisoned for one year for clarifying the truth about Falun Dafa. When my boss heard about my situation, she was very upset. She told the manager that she would use the factory's funds to bail me out. The manager replied, “The prison guards are not going to be able to "transform" him (referring to me) into one of them, so the money you spend on him will have been wasted. Besides, he wouldn't let you use the company's funds to bail him out.”

The boss sent the head of human resources, along with my sister, on a 372-mile journey to see me. Before they returned home, they handed me 1,000 yuan to spend while I was incarcerated.

After I completed my prison term, the boss sent numerous emails to my sister, asking her how I was doing. A month later, I started working at the factory again. The boss was very friendly towards me and seemed very concerned about my health. She was just like a mother to me, asking me if it was too cold, too hot, etc. She also invited me to sit down and talk with her about anything that was troubling me.

One day, my boss, along with a few of her directors, took me and two other practitioners to a restaurant. While we were eating, the boss encouraged all of us to do even better and to serve as leaders for the rest of the workers. Of course she stood to benefit from taking the lead in her factory, but it was also a good opportunity for practitioners to show how wonderful Falun Dafa is. The boss said that she still had many things that she wanted to accomplish, but promised that one day she, too, would become a practitioner.

The CCP held two large meetings in my city in March 2012. The local Political and Legal Committee, along with the police and the village secretary, went to my sister's home to look for me. When I saw them, I told them that both Wang Lijun and Bo Xilai's careers met with tragic ends due to their insistence on persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners. I advised them not to make the same mistake that they did. They smiled and walked away.

When my boss heard about this incident, she was very worried for me. She then arranged to have a few employees look after me, which made me feel more at ease whenever I left my sister's home. My boss asked me, “Why didn't you tell me that the police were harassing you? They're arresting people everywhere. If they harass you, just tell them to talk to me. The company has your back covered, so I don't think they'll do anything foolish.” Her supportive words instantly warmed my heart.