(Minghui.org) Because my Tianmu (Celestial Eye) is open, I often see many scenes from other dimensions. Fellow practitioners have asked me to share it online. When I was sending forth righteous thoughts several days ago, through my Tianmu I saw a Heavenly God wearing gold armor standing in the sky. On his back was a quiver with nine arrows. He took one out and shot it at Diaoyu Island. Instantly Diaoyu Island was on fire. He then took out another arrow and shot it toward Eryue Tan. Eryue Tan also caught fire. Soon after I saw that, the Diaoyu Island incident [China-Japan territory dispute] took place. I realized that everything happens in this human world for a reason. They were all arranged by the Gods. If the Gods want chaos in the human world, the human world will certainly be in chaos. On the other hand, if the Gods don’t want that to happen, there will be order in the human world. What human beings say counts for nothing. Likewise, no single political party, organization, or individual can dictate the direction of anything.

On another occasion, when I was sending forth righteous thoughts, I saw a huge hand in the sky send energy toward the sun. As a result, the sun crashed and shattered. Instantly, the earth was in complete darkness. At that moment, Dafa disciples arose from the earth to the sky like bright lamps. Teacher threw each practitioner a boat from high above and Dafa practitioners threw the boats to the earth. Those human beings who had withdrawn from the Party organizations or believed in the goodness of Falun Dafa were able to board the boats. Each practitioner’s boat was for those whom he or she had convinced to withdraw from the Party organizations. Each boat was filled with beings that each practitioner saved. It appeared random but everything happened in order.

At another time, I was sending forth righteous thoughts for a fellow practitioner who was suffering from disease karma. This practitioner was only 50 years old and it appeared that she had the disease called the “Shrinking Bone Syndrome.” The symptoms usually include excruciating pain and the shrinkage of body mass. One’s body becomes smaller and smaller till it contracts and curls up. In my Tianmu, I saw a big python coil around her body from her head to her toes. The python’s head stuck out very far. When the python contracted, the fellow practitioner would groan in pain. I told the python, “Please don’t torture her. She is a Dafa disciple in the Fa rectification period. She has lots of responsibilities. If she reaches consummation in the future, she will return whatever she owes you. Dafa can resolve the resentment between you and her. However, if she is unable to save sentient beings because of you, your future will be much worse off and you will be held accountable for her loss.” The python said, “She has so many attachments and cultivates so poorly, how can she reach consummation? How can she have a future? She needs to repay what she owes me. It is a heavenly principle.”

Seeing that the python didn’t take my advice, I sent forth my energy, which cut off its head. However, many of his small scales were already deeply embedded into the practitioner’s bones and it was hard to take them all out. Several practitioners from the village and I sent forth righteous thoughts for her. We helped her to find her attachments and to eliminate them. However, this practitioner had many attachments. She owned a small shop. Whenever she was not in pain, she absentmindedly told us, “World Falun Dafa Day is approaching. Each of you should buy some apples from my store as an offering to Teacher. We are disciples and we should show our respect to Teacher.” All she was thinking of was selling her products and making more money. We told her, “We already bought the offerings. You need to cultivate your heart, not just emphasize the superficial formality. If you truly cultivate your heart, Teacher will be happy.” She said, “I know. I know.” But she didn't appear very happy.

In the past, whenever her leg bothered her, she would treat it as a disease and stay in bed. Meanwhile her husband had to do all the housework including laundry, cooking, and working in the store. He even put the meals and utensils in her hand.When fellow practitioners pointed this out, she would argue with them. Because she had gone to high school and had read the Fa a lot, she was good at arguing. However, she formed many human notions and was very canny. In the presence of other practitioners, she told her husband, “I will take care of the dishes later. You can just leave them.” However, she rarely did any housework. She always regarded herself as a patient and needed others to take care of her. She rarely did the exercises. Later her condition deteriorated and she truly could not get out of bed. The pain was so severe that she couldn't straighten up. I don’t know how to help her and only hope that she will keep righteous thoughts at the last moment of her life. I also hope that she won’t recognize the arrangement of the old forces and keep up with the pace of Fa rectification.

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