(Minghui.org) Greetings, Master! Greetings, fellow practitioners!

I’m a young Dafa practitioner in Toronto. I’m nine years old. I would like to share my experiences on elevating my xinxing and clarifying the truth. If there is anything inappropriate, please kindly point it out.

Looking Inward and Upgrading Xinxing

I started to cultivate in Dafa when I was three years old. I studied the Fa with my mother at that time. She mainly read the Fa and played Master’s Fa lecture audiotapes. Sometimes I practiced the exercises with her, too. When I was five, I studied one lecture every day with my mom and sometimes studied Master’s new lectures or recited Hong Yin. When my mom repeated sentences from Zhuan Falun, I could pick up where she left off and recite the next few sentences.

At the beginning of my cultivation, I experienced tests of illness karma. I was not a healthy child: I used to suffer from fevers and asthma, as well as heart disease. One day, I had a fever and hurt all over. My mom helped me to send righteous thoughts and played Master’s Fa audiotapes and “Pu Du” music. But two days passed, and still I had a fever and became delirious. I felt that I couldn’t bear anymore pain. I cried, “I can't take it anymore.” My mom was nervous, too. She asked me, “Doudou, do you think it is eliminating karma, or are you just sick?” I replied firmly, “It’s eliminating karma.” My mom felt confident with my answer and continued to send righteous thoughts. My fever was gone that same night. After that, I had similar situations several times, but the illness was weaker each time. My asthma vanished. I know our benevolent Master helped me get rid of bad things.

I still remember that when I was five years old, I had a high fever the night before a parade. My mom kept sending righteous thoughts. The fever was gone the next morning, but I was still weak. The parade route was quite long. My father worried whether I could complete the whole parade. When he offered to carry me after the halfway point, I told him not to and said, “It’s not a good image if everyday people see a younger practitioner being carried during a parade.” I insisted on walking the whole parade.

Recently, I was not diligent in cultivation. There were always some bad thoughts in my mind. I felt it was too difficult to cultivate: I often could not have good food, buy anything I wanted, or casually use the computer like other children did. My parents incessantly nagged me, “Doudou, it’s time to study the Fa...Doudou, it’s time to do the exercises...Doudou, it’s time to send righteous thoughts…” I hesitated. On the surface, I studied the Fa, practiced the exercises, and sent righteous thoughts. However, I thought about other things. Before when I focused on sending righteous thoughts, I saw myself using supernatural powers to eliminate the evil factors. I could also see beautiful scenes. During that time, however, I was unable to see such things.

Later, I shared this with my mom. She found my problem and also looked inside and realized that she should not push me with her own understanding. She then changed her attitude and didn’t force me at all. Instead, she shared with me based on the Fa. She cared for me and encouraged me to study the Fa. Also, she found an old version of the “four famous novels” television program and suggested I watch it if I had time. She took me to the library and borrowed some books on ancient virtue, which she read to me before I went to bed. Gradually, I changed myself. I recalled my mission. If I don’t cultivate diligently, after I return, my world will not be complete. Lots of sentient beings in my world would be eliminated. I would be extremely regretful and depressed. For them, I should hurry up and cultivate diligently.

This year, I attended the Canada Minghui summer camp for the first time. It was a great help. I could study the Fa and practice the exercises every day. Normally, I could not finish the five exercises on my own, but it was easy in a group. Sometimes I didn't focus on what I was doing. In the future, I will try my best to correct it. During Fa study, Teacher helped to answer my questions and I read some other practitioners’ experience sharing articles. Additionally, I did some handiwork and drawing and was involved in other interesting programs. We had some conflicts in our group of young practitioners. When I didn't do well, Teacher would remind me. I looked inside. This was a good chance to improve myself. I hope I can go to the Minghui summer camp next year, too.

Clarifying the Truth and Saving Sentient Beings

When I was very little, I understood clearly that I was a Falun Dafa practitioner and should clarify the truth no matter where I was: in mainland China, Korea, or Canada. I actively participate in clarifying the truth.

When we were in mainland China, my father was sent to prison after he appealed for Dafa in Beijing. My mom then developed an attachment to fear and hesitated to clarify the truth to my relatives. One day when my mom called my aunt, I shouted on the phone, “Falun Dafa is great!” They were both surprised. Later, my mom did not allow me to clarify the facts about Falun Gong to other people, but I still clarified the truth to my nanny and classmates in my kindergarten. My mom realized her attachment. Instead of finding fault with me, she praised me.

When I was five, we went to Korea, where I had more opportunities to clarify the truth. I followed my parents to participate in all kinds of parades. It was very tough when we went to other places for parades: sometimes, I had to get up at four in the morning. Since my parents are Divine Land Marching Band members, I had to be with other practitioners for parades. One day, there was heavy rain during a band performance. Only one other child and I followed behind the band. He was the same age as me. Our umbrellas broke in the strong wind, so we were soaked and freezing. I hated wet shoes when I was little, so I really looked forward to going home as soon as possible. But we stayed with the parade until the end.

Once I learned Korean, I clarified the truth to other children and gave them Shen Yun fliers and small lotus flowers. One day we had a New Year’s party in school. Since I was the only Chinese child there, my teacher wanted me to sing “Sweet Honey” in Chinese. Koreans are familiar with that song. I told my teacher that I didn’t know how to sing that song, but I knew how to sing “Lotus Flower.” After my mom printed out the song lyrics, I showed them to my teacher, who agreed. I had never sung it before, so I was very nervous on stage. My mom sent righteous thoughts for me, and I got rid of my fear. In the end, I performed very well.

After I came to Canada, I started working on the RTC platform for withdrawing from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). My mom used to make phone calls, and I played beside her quietly. I sometimes sent righteous thoughts, but I always listened to what my mom was saying. Last year, I told her that I wanted to call to persuade people to withdraw from the CCP. She said I was too little to phone.

At the beginning of this year, we heard that some North American young practitioners had been clarifying the truth through RTC. My parents believed this was a great opportunity for me. Finally, I could call people and clarify the truth.

The first person who picked up my call was a belligerent, unfriendly man. I didn’t have a script to follow, so I clarified the truth based on my own understandings. My mom then talked to him. Afterwards she remarked that she didn't realize I could talk that much.

I later got a script from another practitioner. It works well for me. I could answer some basic questions. Lots of people withdrew from the CCP and its affiliated organizations.

Recently, an 11-year-old practitioner made his first call to clarify the truth. After he completed his script, he was asked some questions. Because he didn’t know how to answer, he hung up. Then I called that same person. The listener asked me how old I was. I told him I was nine. He said I was younger than the first caller. At first, he did not take me seriously and asked me some impolite questions. But I knew I should not let him upset me. I told him the reason I had called him was because the Internet was restricted in mainland China, and he couldn't read much truthful news. He asked me what kind of news. I told him about the staged “Tiananmen self-immolation” incident, including how the man named Wang Jindong was not a Falun Gong practitioner: His meditation position was not correct. He was supposedly burned, but his hair was unaffected. The girl named Liu Siying was a fake as well, because she could still sing even though her windpipe had supposedly been cut open. She was wrapped in bandages for her burns, which is contrary to current medical treatment for burn victims. It was all a lie used by the CCP to deceive people.

He asked me many questions, like why I didn’t play with other children but made phone calls instead. I replied based on my understanding of the Fa and told him that the three withdrawals would protect him. Not being serious, he said, “Okay, withdraw me from it. Isn’t that what you want by saying so much to me?” Then he went on to other unrelated topics. Other young practitioners sent me messages and said I didn’t need to continue talking to him as long as he agreed to quit the CCP. My understanding was that he still wasn’t clear on the truth and was not serious about quitting. Thus, I answered his questions simply and asked him, “Are you genuinely quitting the CCP? You must quit the CCP with a true heart to be protected. Gods see a man’s heart.” I also gave him other information about Falun Dafa. His attitude changed tremendously. He paid attention and repeated, “Gods see a man’s heart” and “Falun Dafa is great.” I made sure he understood the truth and was saved before saying bye to him and writing down his QQ [translator’s note: an online chat service] number. He asked me to send him materials about the “Tiananmen self-immolation.” I gave his QQ number to my mom and asked her to send the materials to him. Based on his attitude and choice of words, he sounded like a CCP cadre. This call took more than 50 minutes.

Several older practitioners encouraged me and said I should pay attention to certain issues, including security. I noted them all.

Since I have joined the RTC group with other North American young practitioners, I have improved greatly. I study the Fa with them and make phone calls to clarify the truth with them. We encourage each other and challenge each other in cultivation. I found my own attachments like fear, sensitivity to my reputation, and others. While clarifying the truth through phone calls, I have gradually eliminated those attachments. Actually, it’s not difficult to make calls. There are scripts, and older practitioners help. As long as we have the heart to save people, that’s enough. I hope more young practitioners can pick up the phone.

Now I'm learning Chinese classical dance and preparing to learn to play the flute. I spend most of my spare time making phone calls. Because we are young practitioners during Fa rectification, we should also save people.

Lastly, I would like to share with you from Master’s lecture, “What is a Dafa Disciple:”

“Indeed, do you realize something? You are Dafa disciples, and countless beings above, beings simply limitless in number, envy you. If today I were to offer any high-level god, no matter his greatness, the chance to come and be a Dafa disciple, he would leap at the opportunity in a split second—the instant my words reached him he would come. He would be simply elated, for everyone who is aware knows that this way he could not only save himself, but also the countless sentient beings of his world. That is simply the most extraordinary thing in the future cosmos.”

Thank you, Master! Thank you, fellow practitioners!