(Minghui.org) From October 12 to 23 Falun Gong practitioners in Poland held a signature drive at the subway plaza in downtown Warsaw, focusing on the Chinese Communist Party (CCP)-condoned live organ harvesting in its 13-year-long persecution of Falun Gong. There was often a long line of people waiting to sign their names to support the cause. The petition appealed to the United Nations to investigate live organ harvesting in China and stop this outrage immediately.


Member of Parliament Mr. Dariusz Jonski signing the petition


Member of Parliament Mr. Kazimierz Kutz signing the petition


Display boards detailed the truth of the persecution of Falun Gong in China and the CCP's live organ harvesting


One signer shook a practitioner's hand and said, “You are doing the right thing! Don't give up. I support you.”

Before the event, practitioners went as usual to the city administration office to apply for a permit. But the policy has been changed recently. According to the new policy, an application must be submitted two weeks ahead of time and there is no longer any free-to-use public land. When the city official saw the practitioners' application and heard the facts about the persecution and the live organ harvesting, the administrator immediately approved the application and agreed to provide the land free of charge. He also told the practitioners that they could set up tables and didn't need to be inspected by any other city departments.

With the support from the city government, the practitioners quickly laid out long display boards on the ground and set up an instruction board at the bustling subway plaza in downtown. Passersby slowed their pace to read the displays. Many of them shivered at what they read and could hardly believe there was such evil in the world. After signing their names, many expressed their support: “You are doing the right thing, don't give up, I support you!” “Bless you. You will win in the end.”

People from all walks of life eagerly signed the petition form, calling for an end to this horrible crime and appealing to the United Nations to investigate the matter independently.

One young couple was heading toward the train station. The girl read the display and wanted to sign the petition. But when she turned around, her companion was gone. She hesitated for a while and ran toward the station. But she and the young man returned in a few minutes. The man said, “What is so important? The train is about to leave.” The girl pointed to the display board and said, “Look, read for yourself. There is another train in two hours.” The couple read through the display boards and went on to sign their names. They waved good-bye to the practitioners and ran to the train. The practitioner watched them hurry away and saw them board the train just in time. The practitioner was moved and sincerely wished them a safe trip.

A middle-aged man signed the petition and then took out a ZIELONE WIADOMOŚCI (Green News) newspaper. He said, “I am the chief editor of this newspaper. You can submit your story to my paper and we will publish it for free. I have heard about China's rapid economic development for a long time. But in July, I read a story that a big storm in Beijing exposed the truth of the development. I read through your display boards. This evidence supports my thinking. If Communist Party can harvest organs to make money, it is easy to imagine there are more evils hidden behind the economic boom. I hope the United Nations will take action and severely punish the Chinese Communist Party. ”

The petition was widely supported. Dariusz Jonski, who is the spokesperson of the SLD party and a Member of Parliament, and Mr. Kazimierz Kutz, who is a member of the PO party, a famous Polish culture scholar, a movie director, and a Member of Parliament, mailed or faxed their signed petition forms to the Falun Dafa Association of Poland, as did other celebrities. They believe that justice will prevail and the United Nations will take the lead.

In nearly two weeks, over 4,000 people signed the petition forms.