(Minghui.org) I was not active at the beginning of the signature-collection to "Stop forced live organ harvesting in China," thinking it was merely an activity that I should passively participate in. I therefore only thought about asking for signatures from customers in my store.

One day, a practitioner who did not speak English told me she was going out to collect signatures on the street. I was curious and asked her how she could do it since she didn't speak English. The practitioner said, “I don't need to say anything. When I show people the signature-collection form, many people sign it without asking any questions.” The next day, when I called another practitioner, I heard a story from her, “There is one elderly practitioner who doesn't speak English, and yet she has collected 130 signatures in half-a-day. In addition, she collected signatures when she was on the bus, and from the mail delivery person.” I was very touched upon hearing this. From the gap between myself and these practitioners, I saw my attachment to comfort.

With this thought, I realized that I could do more. So I walked along the business street and collected signatures from one store after another. I made twenty photocopies of the signature form and one customer in the photocopy shop became the first person who signed it. I went out six times over several days and collected a total of more than 120 signatures. It went more smoothly than I thought. Due to my poor English, I didn't say much, other than, “Please stop forced live organ harvesting in China.” The people who saw the form usually signed it.

During this process, from what I heard and what I saw, I deeply understood that things had already been arranged by Master and we just needed to do the work. Plus, saving sentient beings is a systematic process that requires collaboration, hard work, and sacrifice.

I have been delivering The Epoch Times newspaper on this street for the past few years. Many people know me and they came to know the truth through the newspaper. This signature collection was an opportunity given by Master for them to select wonderful futures for themselves. Upon looking back, I realized that had I not come out for signature-collection this time due to laziness, these one hundred-plus people would have lost this opportunity.

Here are three examples. I visited a car-repair shop twice, and the shop was closed both times. After going there the third time, however, I found the door open. I went in and the store owner told me they closed late that day because they had been watching a sports game. The game had ended just several minutes earlier. He and his one employee signed the form, and then closed the shop. It was as if they had been waiting for me.

I began delivering the Chinese Epoch Times to a small food store about six months ago. When I asked the store owner, who was from Hong Kong, to sign the form, he happily did so. He also said he knew that the Chinese Communist Party had also committed bad deeds like these in the past. When I asked him how he knew this, he said read about it in the newspaper I gave him. From this conversation, I learned that saving sentient beings was a systematic process that relied on help from all of us. Taking the newspaper as an example, from news collection, news writing, editing, and proofreading, to printing and shipping, many practitioners were involved.

One evening, on my way home after collecting signatures, I saw a friend talking with someone else on the roadside. I went up and told him about the petition. He signed it happily and asked more about Falun Gong. I did my best to answer his questions (even though my English was not very good). I knew Master had given me this opportunity.

These are some of my experiences. Please point out anything inappropriate.