(Minghui.org) A fellow practitioner asked me to polish a paper that she wanted to submit to the Fahui, a conference of Falun Dafa practitioners. I thought that this wouldn't take too much time and readily agreed. A few days later she faxed me an 8 page document. I read it and felt the article content was not meaningful. I felt that she wasn't being responsible to the Fahui by submitting such a meaningless paper. I thought it was very strange and asked her, “What were your thoughts when you wrote this?” She said, “My thoughts were based on studying the Fa.”

Her words stopped me in my tracks. I realized I wasn't righteous and felt sorry for the negative thoughts I had towards her. I had attachments to being opinionated and critical. She truly didn't know how to write a paper for the Fahui. Her heart was unselfish and she was trying to harmonize and meet the needs of the Fahui by submitting a paper. I told her how to write a paper and that it wasn't difficult. I told her to think about and then write down her experiences and the stories of her cultivation process and validating the Fa. This would touch practitioners' hearts. I told her not to mention the Fa principles just in words superficially.

A few days later she faxed me her paper again. I felt that it was a little better but far from being able to express what she had learned in the process of cultivating. I could clearly see her effort to learn how to write an experience sharing paper.

There wasn't enough time to have her rewrite the paper again, so I gave her a phone call to inquire about her various cultivation experiences. I have an ability to express myself in written language that she was lacking. It was no accident that she found me. I wanted to help her realize her aspiration to submit a paper to the Fahui. I first needed to put aside my work validating the Fa for a couple of days. I tried my best to supplement where she was lacking in skill. With my assistance, she was able to submit her paper on time.

I merely acted in accordance with Master's teachings, for practitioners to be of one mind, and coordinate and cooperate well together. This just involved two practitioners, but if the whole body can be of one mind and harmonize well, whether regarding large or small projects to validate the Fa, I think Master would be very happy.

Through the process of helping her to submit a Fahui paper, I realized that I approached another practitioner's inadequacies from my own perspective, and had bad thoughts and an impure heart. It was good for me to recognize that my cultivation was not solid. I enlightened that I can supplement where others need assistance when working to validate the Fa. It doesn't matter how practitioners are able accomplish a task, and we shouldn't regard whether others are responsible or not, or whether their attitude is positive or negative.

I am thankful to this practitioner for giving me this opportunity to be of assistance as it enabled me to elevate my xinxing. I was touched by her courage to break through obstacles blocking her from submitting a paper to the Fahui. The purity of her heart to contribute to the Fahui and make it harmonious and successful was precious and shined brightly. I was inspired to study the Fa more diligently, and to prepare well the work that needed to be done in order to validate the Fa. This way I'm better equipped to truly save sentient beings and to save more people. Thus, I can truly fulfill my prehistoric vows.

Thank you Master for your great mercy.

Thank you fellow practitioners for your support.

Fellow practitioners please compassionately point out where my understanding is limited and where I fall short.