(Minghui.org) I was deeply moved after reading a fellow practitioner’s experience sharing paper. Actually, I wrote a few articles for the Minghui website when the persecution began, sharing my understanding of how to look inward in a dangerous environment, how to cultivate and eliminate attachments, how to keep strong righteous thoughts, how to validate Dafa with wisdom, and so on. Later, I went overseas and didn’t write any more articles. I sometimes shared things with fellow practitioners, mainly how to sell tickets for the Shen Yun Performing Arts show and how to get things done.

One day, I suddenly realized that Teacher had mentioned several times in recent lectures that he was still waiting for some practitioners to step forward to validate the Fa. I thought that I should write about my experiences to share them, with the hope of helping other practitioners.

I think that it is very helpful to memorize Teacher’s lectures. I can relate to the practitioner who wrote the paper entitled “Looking at Unity From the Outside” He pointed out that he would like to have a good cultivation environment, suggesting that whenever there were tribulations, practitioners should help each other. But, we shouldn’t be attached to this thought.

Teacher said, "A cultivator has no role models. The path each person is to take is different ...” (“Path”)

The following is my personal experience that I would like to share with you.

Efforts to Reform a Falun Dafa Practitioner Influences Fa Understanding

I went to Beijing and held up a Falun Dafa banner at Tiananmen Square in 2000. I was illegally arrested and taken back to the local detention center where I was held for more than a month. After I was released, my husband and some police officers made an effort to have me renounce the practice. They showed me a letter from a practitioner who had been "reformed."

I read a letter that spoke of some practitioners that had renounced the practice due to a "transformation" session at a brainwashing center. I felt that something was not quite right after reading that letter and occasionally questioned myself. I thought that maybe we had enlightened in different ways.

Around that time, practitioners sent me teacher’s new lecture. Teacher said,

“As for the people who have been "reformed," it was arranged in history that they would persecute the Fa this way. No matter how well they acted when arrested or beaten, all of that was setting the stage for their leaping out today to persecute the Fa and confuse students.” (“Suffocate the Evil”)

It was strange that after reading Teacher's words, I couldn't understand or feel anything. I used to understand Teacher's lectures immediately and could memorize them after reading them a few times.

I read the lecture "Suffocate the Evil" over and over again, but still had no clue what Teacher was saying. I had never experienced anything like that. So I was afraid, and didn’t know what had gone wrong. At that time, my husband was coming home unexpectedly from time to time to see if I was at home. He was afraid I would go to Beijing again. He even took me with him on a business trip to prevent me from contacting practitioners.

I thought it should be easy to memorize a short lecture, but there seemed to be a powerful force stopping me from doing it. I had to make a breakthrough. Of course the process was not easy. It was very troublesome. Eventually I could recite every word. Then suddenly an idea appeared in my mind that "transformation is wrong." I was a bit shocked, but my fear was gone. I spent four hours memorizing a lecture of about 200 words.

Saved from Being Taken to a "Transformation" Session

A few days later, my husband gave permission for me to visit our son who lived with my in-laws. He had been with them since I was detained. I later learned that the local police were planning to take me to a "transformation" session. The plan failed because I was out of town visiting my son. I then went to see my parents. The former Falun Dafa coordinator in my hometown tried to "transform" me, but I refused. A fellow practitioner heard about this, and worried about my safety urged me to leave because the former coordinator could report me to the police. I said, "I will be alright. They have no reason to arrest me.” But, after a day or two my father suddenly got mad at me, saying that he did not wish to see me, so I had to leave. My father later told me that after I left, the former coordinator and a few people were looking for me. They wanted to take me to a "transformation" session. Fortunately they didn’t find me.

I later had a chance to share my experiences with an elderly practitioner whose third eye was open. I asked her why Teacher had helped me escape from the "transformation" session twice, while others had not been so fortunate. Why were so many fellow practitioners sent to "transformation" sessions? Didn’t you think there were some differences in our treatment? The elderly practitioner said “No.” She said that Teacher takes care of every practitioner. At the crucial moment, Teacher observes what we choose. She said, “You knew. You recited Teacher’s lectures sentence by sentence, and the process was powerful enough to eliminate the evil in other dimensions who attempted to 'transform' you. When you were finally able to recite the lecture, the evil from other dimensions was utterly destroyed. Evil no longer existed, so no one could take you to the 'transformation' session."

The elderly practitioner said to me that I should not have read the "transformation" letter, and that I was affected because of that. That was the reason why I didn’t understand Teacher’s lecture "Suffocate the Evil." She said, "Fortunately, your righteous thoughts were strong, and no matter what, you were determined to recite the Fa. Teacher saw it and helped you to eliminate the old force's arrangement."

Memorizing the Fa Despite Difficulties

As soon as I wrote this sharing paper, I realized that some practitioners didn’t step forward in validating the Fa due to a lack of understanding of the Fa-rectification, or they didn’t know how to eliminate the old forces' arrangements, so they encountered tribulations and then lost the will to continue practicing.

Fa-rectification cultivation is unprecedented, and different from purely personal cultivation. Teacher’s lecture in 2006 said clearly that we should study the Fa and recite as much as possible. Every practitioner has a different situation. Some understand the Fa very well, and others are just the opposite. It is best to memorize the Fa if we have trouble understanding it, even though we may have to make a great effort.

I would suggest to reciting Teacher’s lectures, particularly for the practitioners who have certain strong attachments and have been unable let go of them for a long time. Actually, Teacher’s lectures are not that long and it should not be hard to memorize them. If certain lectures are difficult to recite, this may show the attachments we have and may show that we need to make more effort to eliminate them.