(Minghui.org) For a long period of time I didn't pay much attention to or had a shallow understanding of certain Fa principles that Teacher taught us in Zhuan Falun. I thought that Teacher had stated those Fa principles casually. For instance, Teacher said,

“My fashen will protect you until you are able to protect yourself.” (Lecture 3, Zhuan Falun)

Now I realize that the word “until” in this sentence is not just a word. It's true. When we've developed our divine powers through cultivation and can protect ourselves, can we still rely on Teacher? Even a child has to be independent when he/she grows up, let alone us, who are Dafa practitioners.

Prior to the persecution, Teacher had already raised veteran practitioners to their positions, so we can definitely protect ourselves. If we do not take the initiative to eliminate evil beings and save sentient beings by using our divine powers and righteous thoughts, the old forces will seize any opportunity and take advantage of our loopholes. There are too many such hard lessons. Too many fellow practitioners were persecuted to death and lost their physical bodies. It's because we didn't understand the Fa principles well! Now it's time that we protect ourselves independently. Unless we encounter tribulations that we can't deal with, we have to ask Teacher for help immediately, otherwise, Teacher's fashen can't offer help so easily due to the Fa principles.

The above is my personal sharing for this time period. If you find anything inappropriate, please correct it compassionately.