I No Longer Feel Embarrassed Practicing Cultivation, As It Is the Greatest Thing

By Li Shaner

Greetings Great Master!

Greetings Fellow Practitioners!

My name is Li Shaner, and I am a second-year student at the Yuxi Middle School in Gumi City. I am very honored, but nervous, to share my cultivation experiences at this conference.

I started practicing Falun Gong on the advice of my mother in December 2008. I was in the fourth year of elementary school, and it was one month after my mother started cultivation. Not long after that I became a Dafa practitioner, and a human-shaped gleaming light that I had never seen before, appeared next to the TV screen while I was watching a video of a Fa lecture, but I didn't give it a thought. The gleaming light appeared again the next day right before I was ready to watch the video. It was clearer this time. Although I couldn't clearly see it because it was dazzling, I was sure that it was Master, and I realized that it was Master's law body.

After that Master's law body was always with me wherever I went. He watched my behavior, and he would look at me seriously when I was angry with my friends. He would smile at me with satisfaction when I behaved righteously or did good deeds. Since then, I always carefully behaved righteously. On one occasion, I studied the Fa with my mother and two younger brothers. One brother studied the Fa seriously and earnestly while the youngest brother was mischievous. I saw Master's law body behind my younger brother smiling and the one behind my youngest brother looking serious.

My mother explained to us the importance of Fa study after I told her what I saw. We have solemnly studied the Fa since then.

I studied the Fa and did the exercises with my mother. I did not know anything in the beginning. When I did the second exercise, my arms were trembling and sore. I was childish and couldn't understand why I had to do such a difficult exercise. Besides, I was worried that I would be embarrassed to be seen doing exercises in the park by someone I knew. After we had done the exercises persistently, this worry suddenly vanished one day, and I felt that I was doing the greatest deed in the whole world. On another day, I was happy and relaxed to go home after the exercises. I went to sleep after Fa study and dreamed that I stood inside a white house. When I looked around, I saw Master walking to me and patting my head. He told me to study the Fa and do the exercises diligently. After the dream, I was determined to practice cultivation steadfastly.

The pandemic swine flu (H1N1 flu) broke out in November 2009 when I was in the fifth grade. Every student except my brothers and I received the flu vaccination. One day, I had a headache and high fever. My head felt like being poked by needles and my face was as red as a fireball. My teacher thought that I was infected with the swine flu and called my mother to take me home. I started doing the exercises with my mother immediately after we came home despite my tiredness and intolerable pain. Miraculously, my headache was gone and the fever disappeared. Prior to my cultivation, I used to go to the hospital when I was sick. After I became a practitioner, I understood that sickness and physical pains were a process to eliminate karma, and I no longer went to the hospital. My physical health and inner moral standard have since improved substantially.

I used to have a very strong desire to be better and more outstanding than other students. I was so eager to win every competition that my brain became blocked and I couldn't find inspiration to write good articles. After I began practicing cultivation, I could find out my attachments and eliminate them. I also became more considerate. I no longer had any thoughts of winning, and just fulfilled my responsibilities sincerely. Spontaneously, I not only would win competitions, but also improved my academic performance. Some of my friends said to me: “Your kindness is beyond that of other young people in this society.” I used to think of myself first and blame others for conflicts. I now consider others first. When something happens, I understand that nothing happens without a reason and I look inside first.

Thank you, Master, for your greatness. I will cultivate harder and introduce the Fa to my friends and teachers. I will advise them to watch Shen Yun performances and try to let them all be saved.

Thank you!

After looking Inward I No Longer Resent My Mother

By Li Chengyun

Greetings Master!

Greetings Fellow Practitioners!

My name is Li Chengyun, and I am 13 years old. I am a freshman at Yuxi Middle School in Gumi City. Li Shaner is my older sister.

In October 2008 when I was a third grader at an elementary school, I went to the Daegu Metro Gallery with my mother to see the “Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance” Art Exhibition. We came across Dr. Han who is the Dean at the hospital my mother often visited. He gave us the book Zhuan Falun as a gift. My mother read the book after we got home and then began practicing cultivation. I also became a practitioner one month later.

At the beginning of my cultivation, I dreamed of seeing Master. He let me sit on the Law Wheel and he pushed it to the edge of the universe so that I could travel around the whole universe, and I saw the Milky Way. Master then pushed the wheel one more time to bring me back.

Three months after I started practicing Falun Gong, my mother said that we would establish a group exercise site since there was none existing in Gumi City. My mother and three of us thus brought a Falun Gong banner and started doing exercises in a nearby park. My mother felt a little embarrassed in the beginning and wanted to go home. I suddenly shouted out without thinking: “Falun Dafa is good.” Maybe she was encouraged by my courage, as we started doing exercises in the park the next day.

One day after our group exercises, I fell off my bike on my way home and broke my arm. I went to the hospital for a cast, but I did not take any medicine and continued to do the group exercises in the park. Although my arm was painful, I endured the pain and continued doing the exercises. My arm healed very rapidly.

On one occasion, I threw away a plastic bag which contained potatoes and carrots. I mistakenly thought it was garbage. A few hours later, I was lectured by my mother when she found out what I did. I felt very frustrated and resented her. Every night, I finished my dinner hurriedly and went to my room to study, but I couldn't focus at all.

I would lay in bed thinking: “Even though It was my fault to throw away the food without checking, I didn't deserve to be so severely scolded. I did it because I thought it was garbage. I should be appreciated instead....” I continued looking outward and resented her.

Suddenly, I remembered Chapter 4 in Zhuan Falun in which Master discussed the principle of “not striking back when hit, not talking back when cursed at," I realized that I did wrong first and it was wrong to blame my mother. Although I did not express my feelings, my resentment toward my mother was gone quickly like melting snow.

My whole family took part in the Daegu Moonlight Stroll. In order to introduce Dafa to the public, we all wore a yellow t-shirt with the message “Falun Dafa is good.” We walked for more than 10 kilometers without wearing socks. It hurt my toes and my legs, but I bore the pain once I thought it could validate Dafa.

On the way back from the stroll, one person looked at my t-shirt and asked: “What is Falun Gong?” I replied: “It is a Chinese qigong cultivation, and it is very good.” I felt very gratified that I could validate the Fa to people even though I was exhausted after the walk. I was determined that I would work harder on my cultivation path with my family and spread the Fa more extensively.

Finally, I would like to express a wish. My family has five members and my father is the only non-practitioner. Although he reads Zhuan Falun, and knows Falun Gong is good and supports our cultivation, he does not practice cultivation formally like we do. I will work harder in my cultivation, hoping he can also become a practitioner after seeing my improvements.

Many thanks.

I Correct My Mistakes When Found

By Li Chengmin

Greetings Master!

Greetings Fellow Practitioners!

My name is Li Chengmin, and I am an 11-year-old young Dafa practitioner. I am in fourth grade. I practice Dafa cultivation with my mother, sister and older brother.

I started practicing Falun Gong before I began elementary school. My older brother received a copy of Zhuan Falun from the dean of a hospital. After a period of time, my brother and I started practicing Falun Gong with my mother. In the beginning, it was painful in my arms and legs, and my whole body was itchy. I wanted to go to the restroom as soon as I started doing the exercises and felt sleepy during Fa study. I became healthier and hardly caught a cold after I persisted to study the Fa and do the exercises. When an illness symptom developed, I treated it as karma elimination, and did not go to the hospital. When I felt sleepy during Fa study, I eliminated the interference from demons. I steadfastly studied the Fa and did the exercises.

I made some friends in my first school year. My mother advised me to teach them the exercises. I felt very cheerful when I taught them Dafa principles and exercises.

On one occasion in my second school year, I found 1000 won (approx. US$ 0.90) on the playground. I used the money to buy ice cream. I felt guilty that night. I cried and told my mom of this incident. I also said to her that I was willing to accept punishment. She assured me that I was forgiven this time since I realized my wrongdoing. I had a dream that night that I saw angels praising me and evil screaming at me in pain and hatred. I enlightened from this incident that I can't live against my conscience.

I have done exercises at Kingo Hill every Saturday since spring. I was not very happy about it in the beginning, but I was gradually more eager to go after my mom frequently reminded us to think of the most important thing to a Dafa young practitioner. Ants often climbed on our hands and legs when we did the exercises on the hill. One time while doing the exercises, I moved my body around because of itchiness and pain. My mom told me to watch my behavior. Since then, I was determined not to move, even in tears, and fortunately I didn't.

Master's law body appeared in front of me for three consecutive days when I was doing exercises at the group exercise site. I followed Master's movements. After the exercises, Mom praised me that my exercises were more accurate than they used to be. I thought that Master came to teach me because he had seen my inaccurate exercise movements.

My mom also said that many Buddhas and Gods are watching when you do the exercises at the exercise site, and ordinary people are watching too. Since we were validating Dafa, I tried to do well in my exercises movements.

When I was in third grade, my grades were not very good because I didn't study well and I felt shameful. This year, I worked hard in my academic study, and steadfastly studied the Fa and did the exercises. From now on, I will firmly work harder with fellow practitioners to return to our original and true selves.

Thank you fellow practitioners!

From: 2012 Korea Falun Dafa Cultivation Experience Sharing Conference