(Clearwisdom.net) My thought karma was particularly severe a few days ago, manifesting itself in the form of remembering things that had gone badly in the past. At first, I only felt upset, somewhat annoyed, and blamed myself for still having this thought karma. I started to realize a couple of days later that my thinking on the issue was wrong. I should have immediately sent forth righteous thoughts to eliminate the thought karma.

While sending forth righteous thoughts, I saw that my thought karma was a black, tall building made of concrete and steel. Every word from my mouth was gold-colored, revealing a soft sheen, and every word blew up a story of the black building.

Even before I had finished the righteous thoughts, the black tall building was blown up. After it was in pieces, a Chinese style laced gift box appeared, containing a CD-Rom, but the box's color wasn't pretty. I thought that it was all done after the building was blown up, but when I saw this box, I was confused by its meaning. I thought that I should continue sending righteous thoughts. If the box was a bad thing, it should be eliminated, and if it was good, it would naturally be okay. The box was split into two halves and from one of them emerged an elegant porcelain container, and it was a whitish color mixed with gray. I still continued sending forth righteous thoughts. The porcelain container was split, and a few pure gold, hollow ingots emerged. The ingots looked like small containers.

I did not know what they were, but after sending forth righteous thoughts, I realized that since childhood I was instilled with bad things, causing me to have a black tall building in other dimensions. The gift box with the CD-Rom was like a self-protective container, with a selfish purpose, impure and ugly-looking. The CD-Rom was recorded with acquired habits, filled with ways of protecting the me that is not real.

The white, smooth porcelain container was like those thoughts, notions, and ideas that are not assimilated to Dafa. White color mixed with gray meant impurity, but I didn't realize that my thoughts and notions were stained and unfit for real works of art, practically useless. Those pure gold ingots were the real me assimilating with Dafa. Each ingot was hollow, just like a small container, hinting to me that I needed to expand my capacity, because I have been behind in my Fa study lately.

During this period of time, I had been somewhat depressed, unable to cheer myself up. It seemed that I lacked solid belief in Teacher and the Fa. I had not seriously looked inward for reasons. I couldn't understand why I had insufficient dedication towards the Fa, causing me to be afraid and try to avoid doing Dafa projects. Through sending righteous thoughts to eliminate thought karma, I found that my lack of Fa study caused the bad substance to come to the surface and shake my righteous belief in Teacher and the Fa. I thought of Teacher's Fa:

“Let me draw a most simple analogy: If a piece of sawdust drops into a furnace of molten steel, it will vanish in a twinkling. It would be effortless for an immense Fa such as ours to assimilate a person like you, to eliminate your karma, to remove your improper thoughts, and so forth.” (Lecture at the First Conference in North America, March 29-30, 1998, New York)

Suddenly my heart became so bright and spacious that I gained a real breakthrough on a technical part of the projects that I was working on.