(Clearwisdom.net) Ms. Liu Fenglan from Fushun, Liaoning Province was recently arrested by CCP personnel on unwarranted charges. Her family went to the Dongzhou District Procuratorate of Fushun to inquire about her situation on December 27, 2011. Wang Zhi from the Public Prosecution Section told her family by phone: “She was sentenced earlier.” The family asked when the sentence was handed down, on what charges and for how many years, and they were told, “Go ask the court.”

On that day, Ms. Liu Fenglan's family went to the Dongzhou District Court. The judge answered by phone: “The four-year sentence was rendered in October 2011.” Ms. Liu's family asked: “Why did you not inform the family about the court session? Why did you not inform the family about the sentence?” The judge said: “It was not necessary.”

Ms. Liu Fenglan's family went to the detention center to visit her on December 28, 2011. They thought they should be able to visit her since the sentence was already handed down. When they arrived, they were told that she had been sent to Liaoning Provincial Prison.

Question: “When was she sent to the prison?” Answer: “December 27”

Question: “Why did you not inform the family?” Answer: “That is the court's business, not our business.”

However, Ms. Liu's family went to the court on December 27, 2011, and the court did not notify them then either. They secretly opened the session, secretly decided the sentence and secretly sent Ms. Liu to prison.

On March 14, 2011, Ms. Liu Fenglan and her husband were arrested at Station 502 of Liushan by Geng Dan and other agents from the Fushun Domestic Security Division. The agents did not have any identification and did not follow legal procedures. The elderly couple did not commit any crime. The same day, this group of agents went to Ms. Liu's home and ransacked it. They took away a large amount of property and extorted 10,000 yuan from the family.

Fushun Domestic Security Division: +86-24-52787390, +86-24-52787389
Geng Dan: +86-13504130110(Cell)
Wang Zhi, Public Prosecutor from the Dongzhou District Procuratorates: +86-24-54628028
Judge of the Criminal Court of the Dongzhou District Court: 86-24-57567434

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